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Note: This page contains both present and past band members. Scroll down for band members with their own sub-pages.

Walt Fowler: horns
Steve Gadd: drums
Andrew Gold: keyboards
John Guiliton: keyboards
Abigale “Gail” Haness: vocals
Buzz Heat: electric guitar
John Jarvis: keyboards
Steve Jordan: drums
Ed Kolakowski: keyboards
Daniel “Kootch” Kortchmar: electric guitar
Russel Kunkel: drums
Michael Landau: electric guitar
Charles Larkey: bass
Tony Levin: bass
Bob Mann: electric guitar
Lou Marini: horns
Rick Marotta: drums
Harvey Mason: drums
Clarence McDonald: keyboards
Edgar Meyer: double bass
Andy Muson: bass
Joel Bishop O’Brien: drums
Mark O’Connor: fiddle
Billy Payne: keyboards
David Sanborn: saxophone
Rick Schlosser: drums
Ralph Schuckett: keyboards
David Spinozza: guitar
Waddy Wachtel: electric guitar
Willie Weeks: bass
Zachary Wiesner: bass