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    You gave JT a presence online long before most performers were here. The days of the chat room were great fun! Thanks for all these years!



    Congratulations Joel! 25 years online is a long time! 🙂

    (crazy to think my website has been online for ten years already …)



    Thanks for everything you’ve done, keeping this going. I’ve met SO many wonderful people along the way,and it’s all because of YOU.

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    Many congratulations on this special JTO anniversary, Joel. This site has been a wonderful way of bringing together people from around the globe who love James Taylor’s music. I clearly remember my delight and excitement when I discovered there was a web site dedicated to all things JT! We’ve shared information, laughter and tears with one another in the chat room and forums over the years, and many a lasting and valued friendship has been formed. Thank you!



    yes, congrats Joel!



    (((((((JOEL)))))))) I will love you forever too. Thank you a million times over and CONGRATULATIONS for the creation and staying power of this site that has brought so much joy and much needed info of our beloved JT into our once sorry lives. (speaking for myself!)
    Gosh, I was there in those first days you went public, looking at those messages – in funny looking type on black, trying to learn from our IT special person who found the site for me, how to use and read your site from my huge now lumbersome computer. And oh JOY when you refined and refined and more people showed up. Remember our first face to face meeting at your place in Santa Monica – PICO street? It was our first online party – you hooked up a camera tied it into your site and we visited with others across the globe sharing JT stories! WOW… I remember then, thinking what an amazing thing!
    This site has been truly special over the 25 years and it has brought great happiness and healing to many, along with all the needed info on everything JT. Even through all the nasty troll activities and nasty hacks…JTO prevailed! THANK YOU, again and again.

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