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    Martin gardner

    Since it’s been years since James Taylor last had a live album I think he should open an option via his merchandise on his site where full shows are avaliable to download.
    Wouldn’t anyone agree?
    I attended seven times so I’d definitely buy the shows I attended (August 2005, August 2006, May 2010, November 2014, May 2016, July 2017 and June 2018) + from many years up to 2005 and also especially in the huge gaps (2006-10 and 2010-14)
    For example I attended on August 30, 2005 so I’d buy that one and in addition to it ones from other venues where I saw concerts: Holmdel (Saw Jonas Brothers there in 2010) and Hollywood Bowl. I then attended on August 8, 2006 so I’d buy that one, Syracuse (Never been but be cool to have a show from a State Fair) same with Allentown. I attended on May 25, 2010 as well so I’d do that one + Hollywood Bowl, Washington DC (saw Shania Twain in that arena), Madison Square Garden (I’ve been near it but not actually in), TD Garden Boston (Seen it from the water – It’d be good quality anyway (Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion)), Chicago (Saw Michael Buble there, was in Chicago just before him + it’d HAVE to be good quality (Bruce Springsteen)), Attending on November 2, 2014 I would throw a few summer shows in but as far as fall goes I’d do 11/2/14 + Nashville, Conneticut (Never been), Madison Square Garden.
    For 2016: Halifax, Mankato where I attended, Duluth (Saw him there ten years earlier), Fargo (Saw Jim Gaffigan there), Austin, Wrigley Field (I attended the next year), Boise when Carole King surprised the audience, Sioux Falls, Fenway Park.
    For 2017: Nashville, DC (know someone who was there – same with Pittsburgh), Chicago (I was there sitting in a mid section of the stadium), San Francisco, Cleveland, Fenway Park.
    For 2018: Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, Hollywood Bowl, Portland, St. Paul (I was there), Green Bay, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Tanglewood, Hyde Park.

    I believe it should happen especially given that the same full band 2 CD set of live material has been around for TWENTY FIVE years.
    What would anyone here do if this happened? What shows would be everyone’s mix of shows?

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