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    Family Man

    Just found out Bonnie Raitt will not be part of the James Taylor show at Scott Trade in St. Louis this month.
    I was looking forward to see Raitt, and while I would have bought tickets for JT no matter what, I think the ticket price reflected a double headliner show. Ticket buyers deserve a partial refund or a suitable replacement for Raitt, such as Jackson Browne.



    James is also pleased to announce that Sheryl Crow is scheduled to join him as a Special Guest in Phoenix, AZ on May 29 and for two nights at the Hollywood Bowl on May 31 and June 1.

    For those ticket buyers who would like to request a refund to a show affected by this announcement, please do so at your original point of purchase. If you purchased via presale at please contact




    Bonnie Raitt will be back for the 2nd leg of tour. We’ll miss her too. Heal fast and well beautiful talented woman! In response to Family Man – on the nights that Bonnie or Sheryl Crow isn’t performing with James Taylor – he and his band will play two sets making up for the missing first set when he doesn’t have someone else doing it. So for us fans, that really is a bonus to get James and his band for the whole evening in both sets. I don’t see any difference in prices from past JT shows – his performances are worth every penny. My two bits…



    I agree,Tee. I was just looking at Jimmy Buffet tickets,as he’ll be at the Sprint Center,too, only this coming wknd. Tix are @ $149!! James’s were only around $100. NOT unreasonable, not to see James!

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