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    I saw JT (and his son) at the Des Moines Civic Center some years ago. I was lucky enough to get seats in the second row and it was a fantastic experience. The Civic Center seats about 2700. I saw JT one other time in one of the larger 17,000+ seat arenas and to say the least, it is something I wouldn’t do again. I understand the economics of it, but where you see him perform makes a huge difference. If I never get to see him perform again, I will still remember how nice it was that one time.

    I hope the 2018 dates go well.



    I can’t remember where I saw James with Ben in Des Moines,but I was back in like the 13th row,and still felt up close. Sound,seating was great.

    I feel the same about Starlight Theatre here in Kansas City.Something about the starry skies, the coziness, you can’t get that feeling in the huge arenas,no matter how well the sound system is.

    But I’ll take what I can get. Many of my 1970s favorites are either long retired,gone, or sitting on a beach drinking tequilas,and not putting their aging bodies through the tough regimen of a road tour.

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