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Thanks to Ross Piazza, Tina Schumann, Keith, Tesa Brenneman, and Kaz Herbert for contributing questions. Photo by Vito Antonacci.

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1. What is JT's middle name?

2. Who did JT write "Your Smiling Face" for?
Carly Simon
His Daughter Sally
His Son Ben
Joni Mitchell

3. The "flying machines in pieces on the ground" from "Fire And Rain" refer to:
a plane that crashed
JT's drug addiction
the breakup of JT's band
the death of a friend

4. What 1970s JT song was inspired by the Watergate scandal?
Let It All Fall Down
Fire And Rain
Line 'Em Up
Secret 'O Life

5. What Was the album "One Man Dog" originally going to be called?
Nobody But You
Walking Man
One Man Parade

6. Who wrote "Machine Gun Kelly" and "(I've Got To) Stop Thinkin' 'Bout That?"
Carole King
Peter Asher
Danny Kortchmar

7. Where did JT graduate from high school?
while recording in London
while living in Chapel Hill, NC
in a psychiatric hospital in Massachusetts
he didn't graduate

8. What country was the inspiration for "Yello And Rose?"

9. JT shared a studio with the Beatles while they were recording which album?
The White Album
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
Hard Day's Night

10. What's the origin of the word "Bokanon" as used by JT in his lyrics?
The Bible
"Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut
"James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl
He made it up

11. "Millworker" and Brother Trucker" were written for which Broadway musical:
The Millworker

12. What is JT writing in the photo on the back cover of the "JT" album?
A song
A letter
A shopping list
Bowling scores

13. What other JT song does "Gaia" make a musical and lyrical reference to?
"Golden Moments"
"Secret 'O Life"
"Fire And Rain"
"Nobody But You"

14. What's the name of the Martha's Vineyard bed and breakfast owned by JT's brother Hugh?
The Dew Drop Inn
The Otter Inn
The Outermost Inn
The Taylor Inn

15. How many Grammys has JT won?

16. In what movie did JT's second wife Kathryn Walker play John Belushi's wife?
"The Blues Brothers"
"Animal House"

17. To which family member does JT attribute the phrase "smooth as a gravy sandwich?"
His father
His mother

18. What was the name of JT's high school band with his brothers?
The Bugs
The Taylor Brothers
The Corsairs
The Rednecks

19. What incident sidelined JT's musical career for several months in 1969?
A motorcycle accident
His label dropped him
He contracted mono
The birth of his son

20. What kind of car did JT drive in "Two Lane Blacktop?"
'48 Packard
'71 Corvette
'69 Valiant
'55 Chevy

21. Which of JT's backup singers has been with him since "In the Pocket?"
Arnold McCuller
Valerie Carter
David Lasley
Kate Markowitz

22. Who was "Sweet Baby James" written for?
JT's nephew James
JT's son Ben
Carly Simon
JT's brother Alex

23. Who was not part of the MUSE "No Nukes" concerts?
Carly Simon
Bonnie Raitt
Joni Mitchell
Nicolette Larson

24. Who first had a hit with "Everyday?"
Chuck Berry
Buddy Holly
Carole King
The Doobie Brothers

25. What was the first song JT ever wrote?
Fire and Rain
Carolina In My Mind
Roll River Roll

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