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Arnold McCuller Chat at James Taylor Online
23 September 1999

Joel - The plan is for approximately 30 minutes of moderated QandA, then I'll open up the gates and you'll be able to log in and talk to Arnold yourself.
Joel - In the meantime, be sure to try the "Hear It" link above.
Joel - We'll start the chat in a little over 15 minutes.
arno logged on. - Thu Sep 23 8:45pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Mac_PPC)
arno - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 8:46pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Mac_PPC)
arnold logged on. - Thu Sep 23 8:48pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Mac_PPC)
Joel - We'll start the chat in 10 minutes, folks.
Joel - Hi, Arnold. Almost ready to go?
Joel - While we're waiting for the top of the hour, be sure to click on "Hear It" at the top of your screen, folks. You'll get to hear Arnold's entire CD, "You Can't Go Back."
Joel - For those who're just arriving, in a few minutes we'll be starting our moderated chat with Arnold McCuller.
Joel - The first 30 minutes or so will be moderated, but after that you'll have an opportunity to log in and chat with Arnold yourself.
Joel - 5 minutes to go, folks.
arnold - ok, why can't I hear it?
arnold - I'm ready if you are
Joel - You may not have a recent version of RealPlayer installed. It requires the latest, which is the one called G2.
Joel - Okay. Just one announcement before we get started:
Joel - Our next big chat event will be on Monday, October 4 with Ian Halperin, author of the upcoming JT biography "Fire And Rain: The James Taylor Story."
Joel - Let's get started, Arnold.
Joel - We know you've been busy. How about giving us the run-down of what you've been doing all year in terms of touring.
arnold - can i install real audio now or is it too time consuming
Joel - I think that's probably a little too time-consuming for now, but I'll be happy to talk you through it later.
arnold - I mean realplayer
Joel - Arnold is a Mac user, folks. I know Mac-heads like to stick together.
arnold - am i on
Joel - Yep. I was hoping you'd tell us about all the touring you'd done this year.
arnold - I've been with JT in Europe and Lyle lovett (who lost his dad
Joel - We know that originally you weren't even going to be included in the European tour with JT. How'd that come about?
Joel - And what was it like singing backup for JT without the other singers?
arnold - I just talked James into it since we were both keen on doing two voices.
Joel - Do you think he liked how it went -- just your two voices on stage?
arnold - It's good without the others because I have more freedom, below and above james' voice
arnold - He's was thrilled. We're planning some others for the states.
Joel - How does singing with James differ from singing with Lyle Lovett, which you also did immediately after JT's tour?
arnold - James is a little less demanding, after 23 years. Lyle likes singing with me but is still not completely trusting
Joel - What's your favorite song to sing with James? With Lyle?
arnold - There is a feeling of wonderment that i can't explain with LL
arnold - I love doing the duet of Funny how Time slips away with Lyle, and I love Close your eyes with JT
Joel - Arnold's Official Web site is here, folks -
arnold - plug it baby
Joel - Have you been selling a lot of copies of You Can't Go Back at these shows?
Joel - You know it. ;)
arnold - Isn't he the best folks? Don't answer yet.
Joel laughs
arnold - I've been through about 3000 pieces. As they say.
Joel - You Can't Go Back is getting increasing airplay, I hear. How's that going?
Joel - And what should folks do if they want to hear it on their local stations?
arnold - Oh at the shows. Yea I sell well with JT when there is an intermission, and I always do well at my solo shows
Joel - Arnold has 4 solo shows coming up in the L.A. area, folks. You'll find details at his web site.
arnold - Thaey should let me know the call letters and I'll pass it on to the promo team. We're going for urban radio, right now. That's black music radio folks. Sorry it is that way in the States.
Joel - Does it work differently elsewhere? How about European radio?
arnold - Europe sees this record as strictly Jazz.
Joel - Is that a positive thing?
Joel - Folks often ask me what it would take to get you to do a live show in their area, Arnold. What's do you tell them?
arnold - They use a different cover and cd label. It's fine as long as they like it. In england that is who my audience is
arnold - to work outside the area I need lots of dough!!
Joel - I'll pass that on ;) Do you think you might be able to do more extensive solo touring eventually?
arnold - Band, flights hotels and the simple five star hotels.
arnold - If the record's airplay dictate it. Yes.
Joel - What markets are already playing your CD?
Joel - Also, if any of you would like to get notification of Arnold news and tour dates, be sure to sign up for the mailing list. There's more info at Arnold's site.
arnold - Milwalkee, some cities in Georgia, Phenoix, and mobile. Savannah too and maybe more I don't know them all by heart
Joel - We know you're not going to be involved in JT's upcoming symphonic tour, but you'll be at the much-anticipated New Year's show in North Carolina, right?
arnold - I expect to be doing it but I haven't been given any details yet. What do you guys know?
Joel - JT's management is notoriously tight-lipped, folks. Sometimes we find out about tour dates before Arnold and the other band members do.
Joel - Do you think you'll continue to sing and tour with JT in the future?
arnold - I am so sore! I've been training so hard. I get in better shape sometimes on the road. With all that unconstucted time.
Joel - Here's the link directly to info about Arnold's four upcoming Los Angeles-area shows:
Joel - Do you find yourself struggling to occupy your time when you're not on the road?
arnold - I plan to tour in the summer of 2000 for sure. I think he's got big plans for next year. With some big breaks but touring straight through the fall
Joel - A normal U.S. summer tour, you think?
Joel - The summer tour schedule was sorely missed by many folks, I think.
arnold - I have my solo work. Some sessions. Not as many as the old days. But enough, and I'm really committed to my relationship. Which as we all know takes time
Joel - Sounds like a song. ;)
arnold - Normal touring is relative with old Jamo!
Joel - Did you hear about his nomination for the Hall of Fame? Folks here were glad to hear about it. Maybe you'll be accompanying him to Cleveland next year.
arnold - Sounds like a particular song?
Joel - All of the ones about love. :)
arnold - No I haven't but I proud to. I know and feel in my heart that he deserves that and much more.
Joel - I think everyone here would agree with you about that.
Joel - And on that note, why don't we open up the floodgates.
Joel - Thanks so much for coming yet again and talking to us. We really do appreciate all you do for us fans, Arnold.
arnold - Speaking of love songs. What should I sing at a wedding ceremony Saturday. Accapella and simple.
Joel - In just a minute you'll be able to click "reload" or "refresh" and log in normally, folks.
Joel - I'll leave that open to the whole group. Let's see what they say. My vote would be There We Are.
Joel - I'm opening it up now. Thanks again, Arnold.
fatfree! logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/3.0 (Win16; I) willow logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) Joel - The door's open, folks. What song should Arnold sing?
Tee logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (WinNT; I) willow - hello Arnold!!!!
Darby logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98) helen - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 95; CNETHomeBuild03171999) Kasa logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.03 [en] (Win95; U) Shelli logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.51 [en] (Win95; I) Zot - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 (Macintosh; I; PPC) willow - I would go for I Will Follow
Thing logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win95; I) helen - Close to Heaven?
rider - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.5 [en] (Win98; I) Darby - Hey Arnold......!!........WELCOME.....!!
mark logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) Kasa - Hey Arnold! Love your CD!
RobinB logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/4.06 [en] (Win95; U) brandi - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:31pm ET - Mozilla/3.04 (Win95; I; 16bit) bw logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95) corrie logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) Tee - We love you Arnold....oh yes we do...Hello from me and Justine in Oregon and Sabine in Germany.
SuperDmacuser logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.04 (Macintosh; I; 68K, Nav) Sabi,Germany logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.51 [de] (Win98; I) LadyAron logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en]C-NECCK (Win98; U) RobinB - Yipeee, Arnold! Thanks for joining us again!
lorraine - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) Shelli - Tell us more about you and James touring together.
rider - Arnold! HI! Wedding song??? "Always" is just perfect.... Tony Bennett sings it!
ELVIS The KING!!!!!! logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98) helen - ((((((((((Arnold)))))))))) it was so great having you in Europe this spring/summer
SuperDmacuser - Yes, Arnold, Joel is the best. thanks keeper!
brandi - Hello Arnold !! I have to agree with Joel.... There We Are would be a great choice !
lorraine - arnold we wanta see a solo show in the midwest : )
willow - the closing encore of Close Your Eyes in London was magical arnold
corrie - Hi! Arnold, greetings from Nashville
mark - Greetings from Chicago, Arnold!
flatfrog - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win95; I) ELVIS The KING!!!!!! - WELCOME ARNOLD................
Sabi,Germany - streeetch, mornin' all, hi Arnold!
RobinB - How about singing "Nobody Knows Me" by Lyle for the wedding?
Darby - Arnold.......I was wondering what you guys do on the road to pass the time...........??
LadyAron - Hello Arnold!! Thanks for coming!!
Ro logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) arnold - Always is perfect thanks!
PCDave logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98) Zot - Hi, Arnold, from Australia.
Thing - Hello Arnold. Thanks for doing the chat!!! My vote is for Shower the People.
Ro - I second Willow's idea of I WILL FOLLOW
corrie - Hi! Arnold, greetings from Nashville
arnold - Chicago do you know the folks at upstaging?
rider - You're very welcome Arnold. Next chat here, let us know what you decide on... :o)
helen - Arnold, love You Can't Go Back -- can you tell us anything about Love is Healing?
fatfree! - hey aronld, where did JT learn how to play guitar, does he take lessons?? and did you study music??
mark - I also vote for I Will Follow.
Tee - Good to see you at all the different shows in Europe Arnold..Made a tremendous difference to the show. When are you coming to Portland, and how much dough do you need???
PCDave - I'm listening to the realaudio it.
Sabi,Germany - yeah, I will follow would be great!
SuperDmacuser - I want Arnold to cover JT's HIGHWAY SONG from Mud Slide Slim
corrie - actually Murfreesboro, but close enough
arnold - I don't know the Lyle tune by heart, and it is rather intricate. I said simple
ELVIS The KING!!!!!! - ((((((((((((DARBY))))))))))) Where ya been hiding ???????????????????
lorraine - ditto on I will follow
helen - Arnold, listening to you and Beth sing Emily at Tatton Park was magic!
Darby - lol Big E......later....!!
Joel - For those who're having trouble getting the sound clip to play, here's a link to download the latest free version of RealPlayer:,home&hp=yes
LadyAron - The CD sounds great!! Great idea, Joel!!!
helen - The Water is Wide???? That's simple
Joel - If that link doesn't work, you can navigate there from
corrie - Love hearing you on I Will Follow. I got to see you with both Phil Collins and JT, think you are the best. great voice !!
arnold - I will follow might work. Thanks again. You guys are really thinking.
bw - Arnold, when you sing with JT, do the vocalists learn the parts from charts or by ear?
fatfree! - I saw you in Vancouver canada a few years back, did you like our city arnold
PCDave - Arnold, would this wedding be more characterized as religious or secular?
mark - Arnold, I've been a fan of yours since about '84, when I saw you with Lorraine Feather and Charlotte Crossley as part of Full Swing. Are you still in touch with any of those folks?
Sabi,Germany - wow, I see folks here I haven't seen in a while, hi Joel, Tee, Sup. Helen Arnold: LOVE IS HEALING is my fave from your CD too, can you tell us anything about it?
Ro - good choice helen, but so sad at the end of that song.... : (
arnold - Simple but too country
rider - Joel, by the way... a sense of humor is very becoming in you :o) (Mr. President)
Ro - joel, how long will that take to dowload, don't wanna miss the chat
helen - And Little Rose -- what's that about, Arnold -- you wrote that one.
willow - hey ((((((((((((sabi))))))))))))
Joel - If you're on a regular modem, Ro, you'll probably want to wait until after the chat.
LadyAron - you have a "wish list" of people you would like to sing with?? Who are they??
rider - wait a second??? wedding???? Is it James' wedding? *sniff*
arnold - Thanks for liking Lve is healing. I got a call about it this morning.
ellie logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:36pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win98; U) Pamela logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:36pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; MSN 2.6; Windows 98) corrie - Enjoyed the CD !!!
Joel - You all need to hear Arnold perform solo. You won't be disappointed.
Pamela - hello everyone :)
willow - arnold, when are you going to come up the state to Lake Tahoe?
helen - Can you tell us anything about it, Arnold?
corrie - Very much would love to see you solo live !! Any Nashville plans ?
Joel - Consider it a good excuse to visit Los Angeles
Sabi,Germany - The percussion on Love is Healing is excellent!
arnold - Little rose is about a little girl Tia, adopted by my friend Michael Kearns. She's black and he"s white and gay!
Kasa - How about coming to the "Big Apple" Arnold?
Zot - I'd like to, Joel. When are you coming to Australia, Arnold? :)
Tee - I totally agree with must hear Arnold solo it is awesome
rider - would love to Joel, except he doesn't come to Boston area :o( Arnold? *sigh*
Joel - The site again:
helen - I'd LOVE to hear Arnold perform solo -- when are you doing a gig in London, Arnold?
Jenn - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:38pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98) Ro - arnold, I am sure you have heard this, and I know I speak for many others gathered here tonight, but your voice has moved me to tears, honestly, the first time I heard you sing with JT in Shower the People, just had to tell you.
arnold - Love is healing includes Carlos I hope you know.
Zot grins at helen
mark - I second what Joel said about hearing and seeing Arnold perform live. It's a musical experience not to be missed!
Kasa - Hey Jenn!
LadyAron - I would love to see Arnold in a solo show......coming to Louisiana anytime soon, Arnold??
fatfree! - ever listen to christy moore, the irish singer ARNOLD??
helen - I adore Little Rose, Arnold. It's a great track!
Tee - You're late Jenn...
arnold - I want to work all over but I have to be discovered first.
RobinB - Arnold - the Ironhorse in Northampton is waiting for you! Please?
rider - oh my gosh, Jenn is never late.... something wrong? :o)
SuperDmacuser - Carols....gone before his time (sigh)
corrie - I know you are being bombarded with questions, more than anything, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your work and your talent.
Joel - You're pretty well known here at JTO, Arnold. ;)
Tee - So let's get more Radio air time for you to do that?
lorraine - or St. Louis ????? would be a great place for a show
rider - Good choice Robin, that's close by for me too!
arnold - christry moore, hum no I haven't
Sabi,Germany - yes, I know that Arnold, I just thought that is was really cleverly made, thanks for doing Europe this summer, we had lots of fun watching and listening to you guys!!
SuperDmacuser - ...and yes, Arnold...Joel is the best. Thanks again, Joel
Ro - whom do you like to listen to arnold?
Thing - So true, Supe.
helen - Arnold -- Lyle is playing the Albert Hall in a few weeks -- will you be there?
Jenn - I wasnt going to log on because I feared I will just embarrass myself by telling Arnold how buff he was when we met him over the summer ;)
rider - LOL@Jenn!
Zot - /laughs
corrie - If you leave it up to us Arnold we'll have you back on tour in no time. I'm sure you're thinking NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!
Thing - LOL@Jenn.
SuperDmacuser - Was glad to be seated on the side closest to you in CHICAGO a year ago, put on your own little show when you back up JT
willow - you managed to do it anyway Jenn
Joel - Arnold is the Hans and Franz of the music world -- without the accent. He's built like a brick studio.
brandi - LOL@willow !
helen - Eggs-actly!!!! Arnold if you come to London, we can fill a room!
arnold - Lyle cancelled the European tour because he just lost his father. A very good man. He toured with us and I spent some good times with him. He'll be missed
rider - good point SuperD!
RobinB - Arnold, I like your picture on the "Lyle Lovett Live in Texas" CD. I wish you were touring with him in Nov.!
Jenn - LOL@ Joel
fatfree! - he,s great and huge in Ireland check it out!!
rider - Studio? idontthinksooooo, brick house, brick warehouse! woooo
corrie - Please send condolensces to the Lovetts. Gosh, don't know them but the loss of a loved one is painful and hard
arnold - I hate that picture. But I must say James liked it too.
helen - Sorry to hear that, Arnold.
Joel - Just one more reminder that we'll have Ian Halperin the JT biographer here in the chat room on October 4 at the same time.
Jenn - actually, I think its brick sh@thouse.....
Ro - I know you are being slammed by ?s, but I am too curious, what artist(s) do you spend time listening to?
helen - Arnold, did you have fun at Tatton Park?
rider - LOL@Jenn (again)
fatfree! - has music made you a zillionair ARNOLD??
Sabi,Germany - It was funny, the gal from the newspaper totally missunderstood JT's and Arnold's stage banter, she thought Arnold was really mad at JT when he made some not so nice comment and Arnold came out to throttle him.
Thing - LOL@Jenn.
arnold - That's right Jenn!!! You got it girl!
SuperDmacuser - plug by Joel...plug by Joel...plug by Joel...plug by Joel...plug by Joel...plug by Joel...plug by Joel...
Tee - Helen there goes your solo of Arnold in London. Sorry about Lyle's loss
rider - hey Arnold, do you suppose that James may try to make an appearance at the Fleet Center in Boston next Thursday for thier Anniversary Gala????? (please please)
arnold - I did have fun in all the Euro dates
helen - Arnold, why did JT always call your album: You Can't Go Back, But You Can Go On?
Jenn - rider if you really want to know that I am sure we can find out.....
Friend logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:44pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win95; I) LadyAron - Arnold.......Who would you like to sing with next??
steam logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:44pm ET - Mozilla/4.05 (Macintosh; I; PPC, Nav) Tee - Yeah Arnold and there are a few of us to witness your fun in Europe
arnold - No James has never gotten mad at me for anything I've ever done on stage. We play a lot!
helen - Well, Arnold, your presence made a HUGE difference!!!!!
Sabi,Germany - Arnold, did you get to see anything of Europe, too, or were you too busy? Any sightseeing?
Zot - Maybe you're just not trying hard enough, arnold!
Friend - Are you all still there?
arnold - He calls the record that to drive home the point. More jt humor
Tee - I totally agree with Helen A huge difference Arnold made to the JT shows in europe
Zot grins
SuperDmacuser - How many days a year are you on the road, Arnold?
rider - please do Jenn! any help for this small town New Hampshire ocean girlie would be much appreciated. i have asked all the folks i know at the Fleet, they won't talk
helen - I saw a couple of the shows in 98, without Arnold. And JT seemed MUCH HAPPIER having Arnold with him this year.
Jenn - so is the CD really available at hardware stores and filling stations or was that part of JT's joke? ;)
steam - have a God given talent, thanks for sharing it with us
fatfree! - arnold ,do you remember comming to Vancouver ,canada?? if so, did you like B.C??
arnold - I say more of Europe this time than ever before. I say Pisa, Florence and Bits of Rome.
Jenn - rider, I'll see what I can do ;)
arnold - Of course it's a joke
DDDDemolitionDarby logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:46pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98) Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:46pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95) Tee - Arnold do you have any solo scheduled in LA for November..can't make October ones?
Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 9:46pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95)
Sabi,Germany - did you practice singing with Clifford Carter and and Bob Mann? How was that for a change?
SuperDmacuser - Jenn, absolutely...I filled up the Suburban twice and got Arnold's CD for $1.99 and two coupon books
helen - I liked it when JT said it was available at all fine Ironmongers and Lingerie Shops in the civilized world and Canada (as a Canadian, I found that funny)
arnold - Of course he's happier with me. Wouldn't you be?
Jenn - LOL@ Supe...any Slim Jims?
Thing - Do you enjoy singing with Phil Collins? What's that like?
Friend - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 9:47pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win95; I)
Sabi,Germany - LOL@Arnold!
rider - ya know Jenn, they're actually having some punk band there, it's an outright insult to us true blue New Englanders not to have James there for this honorable event.... ggrrrrr
corrie - I was saddened at the loss of Don Grolnick a couple years ago, I have a couple of his solo things in addition to his work with JT
willow - we all would be arnold, nothing like your solo's, :o)
Thing - LOL@Arnold.
arnold - I did practice with Cliff and Bob but it all seemed to fall together rather naturally
SuperDmacuser - $ left for salty, fried snacks, Jenn
Ro - good comment corrie, some heart, nice to see
curious logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:48pm ET - Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AK; Windows 95) helen - you guys seemed to be having so much fun on stage in Europe, Arnold.
SuperDmacuser - Where did the extended endings come from, Arnold...planned or improv?
secret logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:48pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) DDDDemolitionDarby - sing like an angel, that voice........!!
rider - hi ya buddy!
curious - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 9:49pm ET - Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AK; Windows 95)
DDDDemolitionDarby - sing like an angel, that voice........!!
RobinB - Arnold - isn't Clifford one of the nicest people on earth? That's how he comes across.... and he's cute too!
Sabi,Germany - Cliff did "music" with JT last year and did a great job. But of course his contribution to "shower the people was as elaborate as yours! :-)
secret - hey!!!
arnold - Phil Collins. I think enjoys my work but I feel a lot more like a hired hand than a friend. He's kind and generous but James and I have a bond.
fatfree! - Do most of the people you sing with read music ARNOLD??
Kasa - Hey secret!!
SuperDmacuser - Nice nickname, Darby...that IS jt....
tk logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:49pm ET - Mozilla/3.0Gold (Win95; U) Jenn - awwww Arnold!
tk - wow!...i made it...Hey Arnold!
secret - (((((((((sammich)))))))))))
secret - hi kasa!
Sabi,Germany - oops, wasn't I menat, boy, it's late..or early..
rider - oh a bond with James... *just the thought* (grin)
steam - do you have any formal music training Arnold or did you just stsrt singing?
SuperDmacuser - Hired hand or hired gun, Arnold? Worker bee or necesary part?
corrie - Hi, Ro, very heartfelt. My husband is a jazz nut and loved some of his solo stuff. Saw him with JT in 1994, unfortunatley Arnol;d was not on that tour. Got to see Arnold with Phil that year though and in '98 with JT
DDDDemolitionDarby - Supe....
helen - You and James look like you have a bond onstage, Arnold!
tk - (((((sammiches))))
rider - hey it's my Okie Sistah! ((((((((Tk))))))))
Thing - LOL@Supe!
SuperDmacuser - Bond, a James bond
Jenn - so Arnold - you told us last time that JT's blue shirt and brown pants are the same every night, but David Lasley told me he's got a closet full...who am I sposed to beleive?
arnold - Thanks Darby. God Bless. I think Clifford is one of the funniest guys I know. He's got a real dry slow sense that one can't help but love. He's married with child and trying for more ladies!
corrie - you can tell there is a closeness there, Arnold, the band is very tight
Sabi,Germany - waaaah, SUUP!!! good to see you again!
arnold - Believe David
corrie - or at least it comes across that way to the audience
Tee - There you go Helen...did you hear that???
Jenn - finally, a definitive answer to the brown trousers question! ;)
helen - LOL@Tee. Yes!
willow - yes, we saw his little girl backstage at London, very cute
rider - Jenn can rest now... NOT
Sabi,Germany - Arnold, I loved those 3/4 pants you wore in Belgium!! Or should is say 'trousers'??
Tee - Did you ever finish that lollipop in London Arnold?
Jenn - say trousers
Kasa - Either way, it's kinda wierd, Jenn. I vote for a more diverse wardrobe.
SuperDmacuser - 7 pair, Jenn...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....matching boxers, too
Sabi,Germany - LOL Jenn!
corrie - Don't know if you remember your Nashville concert last year, wanted to say sorry for the 102 degree temp you all played in. You are all sports !!!
helen - I loved Arnold's duet with Beth NC at Knutsford!
Tee - And how about the Aloha shirt in Hamburg Sabine...that was nice arnold
rider - boxers? he wears boxers? hmmm
arnold - You know that is not final. I know he owns repeats. But he repeats the same ones also. You figure it out.
Thing - LOL@rider. I think Jenn should be really happy she got a definitive answer.
SuperDmacuser - Knickers, Sabi
LadyAron - What is your favorite venue to play, Arnold??
fatfree! - if you had,ent sang for a living, what might have you done?? ARNOLD
Roo - logged on - Thu Sep 23 9:54pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en]C-AtHome0404 (Win98; I) helen - Arnold, did you enjoy those cashews in Paris?
rider - 3/4 pants? hummmmm what 1/4 was showing i wonder
arnold - BRIEFS!!
Jenn - arnold will NOT tell us if he knows that answer rider... I hope
SuperDmacuser - I am sure JT is a boxer man
DDDDemolitionDarby - .....yay........briefs....!!!!!!
Jenn - nooooooooooooooooo
Sue Sue logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:54pm ET - Mozilla/4.06 [en]C-gatewaynet (Win98; I) Ro - does your thumb ring have sentimental value?
Sabi,Germany - Talking about hot, Arnold, what did you think about the live TV at the BEACON in NY last year? That was hot! Jimmy told me why.
Kasa - Hey Roo!
helen - Arnold, can you get him to ditch the light blue shirt?
Jenn - Arnold you're cool for having this silly conversation with us
Roo - Evening !!
rider - he just did Jenn! LOL@Arnold! you GO sugah!
SuperDmacuser - no...NOT TIGHT WHITES....Ahhhhhhhhhhh
Kasa - I'm with Supe!
Tee - Good question LadyAron...Arnold what was your favourite venue in Europe?
Ro - do you like david wilcox?
Sabi,Germany - hey Roo!!!
SuperDmacuser - Gotta be boxers...some on James...lose the laundry and jump on in
LadyAron - Thanks, Tee!! :-)
fatfree! - would you say that Drugs still play a role in the music buiss, or is that all passee??ARNOLD?
arnold - I think I would have been a counseler. School counseler. A store owner, clothing of course, or an Accountant. I don't know. I don't have to think about what if's
rider - tight whites! LOL!!!!
Jenn - but then we also have "running round the room in my froot of the looms" :(
SuperDmacuser - Whose music do you enjoy most, Arnold?
helen - arnold, are you coming to London anytime soon?
corrie - You would have been a great counselor. I'm a former social worker, now full time Mommy
arnold - My fav venue in Europe was in London. Albert Hall
Tee - No Arnold no what ifs for you and your talent...
Sabi,Germany - Do you have any say on the set list??? Do you sing with David Lasley apart from JT, or only together with JT? You seem to have a long history of singing together.
Jenn - hey Arnold did you ever notice that bass fish that Russ had hanging from his drums a few shows over the summer? That looked really cool up there.
helen - Night No. 2 at Albert Hall was phenomenal, Arnold!!!!!!
RobinB - What about a favorite American venue?
arnold - I love Macy Gray go get it!! She is the bomb!
SuperDmacuser - Heard this at school today from one student to another with his zipper down..."Your fruit is coming out of the loom"
Sabi,Germany - hm, the Albert Hall, fond memories, I had a great time there, too, it was just awesome!!! Thanls so much for those memories! :-)
SuperDmacuser - MAcy Gray...all right!
willow - both nights at RAH were phenomenal
Walkingman logged on. - Thu Sep 23 9:58pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; MSN 2.6; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) arnold - My fav American venue is Radio City. Just for the vastness and history. I unlike James love indoors.
helen - Night No. 1 wasn't too bad either!!!!!
Tee - Yippee for RAH!!
fatfree! - I saw some good music while I lived in Montreal>> a city you should visit arnold
Sabi,Germany - what a place, I saw the "Last night of the proms" live on TV from the Albert Hall recently, and the folks go nuts in there.
tk - lol@unlike james...
helen - Indoors is better!!! Sounds (applause, singing) reverberate!
SuperDmacuser - Albert Hall....made famous by JT, Arnold and that group of four guys who played this song called "A Day in the Life"...
Tee - You all sound better indoors....
Ro - thanks for spending time with us, we are big fans and I for one, buy your CDs and will continue to do so. Hope to catch you live sometime, solo, on east coast. goodnight.
RobinB - I'm with you - I like indoors - more comfortable temperature-wise.
arnold - The group of you that I saw through Europe were like a breath of fresh air everytime you'd show up! Jimmy felt the same way too.
helen - fatfree -- arnold was in Montreal in the Hourglass tour in 97
Sabi,Germany - That reminds me, Tee, I should scan in a pic for you from that night.
rider - so James must LOVE Tanglewood the mostest .... :o) being outdoors AND in Massachusetts.... right?
steam - hi Roo,,,are you going to the Toronto shows
corrie - Yeah, at least you can breathe indoors. My husband and I felt sorry for you all, he said that he was sure Starwood would run out of water and towels before the night was out
BMW logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:00pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) Tee - Yipee for us in Europe.....and we love you all
SuperDmacuser - ....but when JT is outside and sings, "The stars at night, they give us a show for free..."
helen - aaah, arnold........
Roo - not this time steam :o(
Jenn - yeah rider, and no gross corperate sponsor name either
fatfree! - ARNOLD are you a Bruce Coburn fan???
ANGELdoes too logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:01pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95) secret - arnold do you enjoy.......saratoga performing arts center in new york?
LadyAron - any new duets or collaborations coming out anytime soon??? with anyone new???
arnold - We like Tanglewood but the pressure is rough for him there
Jenn - thats almost what he sings Supe ;)
helen - arnold, is your eye better?
ANGELdoes too - oh, darn it...brbr
Ro - no night is complete without ANGEL
rider - no kidding Jenn! ewww
SuperDmacuser - ...put on a show for free...sorry
arnold - don't know Bruce
Jenn - why? does he have to impress his girlfriend's co-workers? ;)
ANGEL logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:01pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95) Sabi,Germany - When you see Jimmy again, please tell him we adore him! he is a great player!! and a very nice and friendly person. I saw him setting up the stage for about half an hour in Belgium almost by himself. Did he get axtra pay for that??
rider - pressure! you're kidding right? how can there be pressure when it's so full of luurrrrrve?
Tee - Jenn...!!!!!
corrie - we just saw Paul Simon and Bob Dylan in the same conditions, Paul Simon commented, "Dang, would somebody turn down the heat in this place
Thing - Angel does what too? Nevermind.
rider - LOL@Jenn!!!
SuperDmacuser - JT Outdoors, brought to you by Arnold McCuller's new album, YOU CAN'T GO BACK
helen - and Bob Mann and Clifford.......
ANGEL - hey, Arnold and crew
Tee - Yeah you guys sure worked your bootys off in Europe....
arnold - Saratoga is fun but the audience is too far away it seems the good folks are beyond our reach. But it often feels that way.
BMW logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:02pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) brandi - logged on - Thu Sep 23 10:02pm ET - Mozilla/3.04 (Win95; I; 16bit) DDDDemolitionDarby - ........Bob Mann's guitar makes my heart dance......he's GREAT........
rider - Arnold, what is James doing on Sept 30th Thursday night?
magsmo logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:03pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) SuperDmacuser - So long, all.. Thanks Arnold, keep singing.
fatfree! - watch where the lions run was a hit of his, his alright!!
Ro - ((((((((((((((((Magsmo)))))))))))))))))))))))
PCDave - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:03pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)
helen - and Bob Mann has the nicest smile....
Michael logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:03pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95; AT&T WNS5.0) willow - so Arnold, when are you going to be performing in Northern California?
magsmo - (((((((((((((((((((((((Ro))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Sabi,Germany - well, the BEACON was the hottest venue I've been to, boy...
SuperDmacuser - gone, solid gone....say nice things about me
Michael - Hi Arnold, Sabi & Tee
corrie - bye superdmacuser
RobinB - Didn't the audience feel far away to you at Montage Mountain? It was too big, and too far away! yuck!
arnold - I have no idea about jt schedule talk to Joel.. He seems to know more
Jenn - rider what does the man look like, JT"s personal assistant? ;)
Tee - Bob Mann is a great guitar player too....
SuperDmacuser - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:04pm ET - Mozilla/4.04 (Macintosh; I; 68K, Nav)
secret - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:04pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
Tee - Hey Michael
rider - (as i still wonder at why serene Tanglewood has pressures)
Jenn - Robin wasnt it though? sheeesh!
arnold - The Beacon was a roaster
fatfree! - Thanks for responding to my Questions arnold all the best!!!!
helen - arnold, how do you keep in shape? those muscles take work!!!!!
Sabi,Germany - Michael, is that YOU????? yo!!! and hugs!
BMW - BRANDIpm me agaim
steam - and Bob Mann is canadian too
Tee - And Clifford is a real sweetie
BMW - (((((((((((((((((((((((((((BRANDI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Michael - It's me Sabi, check your mail I just sent something
willow - a bit nationalistic there steam
RobinB - Those muscles - and those tats!
arnold - I'd like to give the workouts a rest but I'm obsessed
helen - Arnold, will you be coming back to Europe in 2001 with James?
Tee - And it was great to see Russ Kunkle again....
magsmo - lol@willow
Sabi,Germany - I think you did a great job at the BEacon, despite the heat, I wonder how JT plays though, my hands would be all sweaty.
Kasa - Good night, Arnold! Thank you for your wonderful music!
tk - ARNOLD...what kind of vocal warm ups do you do before a show? do you have a set routine?
corrie - are you all planning to come to Nashville again in the future, any of the band ?
Jenn - hey Michael! how was the rest of your time on the island? did you se my pictures of sally & carly
Tee - So what is the exercise routine arnold?
Sabi,Germany - Michael, I haven't set up my mail yet, this is the fisrt time I'm on from home, I'll check at uni tomorrow.
Michael - You guys were great in Europe this year
Ro - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:06pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
LadyAron - Arnold....Is there somewhere you would like to perform but have not had the opportunity??
Roo - G'Night Y'all !!
Kasa - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:06pm ET - Mozilla/4.03 [en] (Win95; U)
Sabi,Germany - Any news about going to Autralia with JT?
arnold - I want more tats but I have to be sure the design is right. People are doing great work, and the tribal thing is getting a little out of hand
Tee - Night Roo...
Michael - Jenn, the photos were great, got home before the storm
Thing - Night Roo...
arnold - I'd love to go to Greece and Egypt
tk - night roo
helen - Arnold, why don't you guys (you and JT) play Canadian gigs very often?
Jenn - Arnold does JT have a tattoo on his arm?
Sabi,Germany - bye Roo!!
Tee - Go cover your body with them arnold
arnold - I don't know why some places get booked and other don't
RobinB - Arnold - you have good taste in all you do.
arnold - I have some restains Tee
Thing - Any particular reason why Greece and Egypt, Arnold?
helen - well, could you angle for more Canadian dates (asks the resident Canadian?)
Tee - Can you imagine doing shows in some of those ruins of colleseum in
helen - LOL@Tee!
LadyAron - Thanks, Arnold. :-)
arnold - Jt has a family tat that all the Taylors have even Ben and Sally in a form
Sabi,Germany - the Edmonton folk festival would be a great gig!! even Joni Mitchell sang there once.
Thing - Yeah, that would be something, Tee.
corrie - As a fan, I can't tell you how much my husband and I appreciate all the performers we have seen. the first time we saw JT, it rained terribly, and there was lots of lightning. He called out to the people on the grass seats, "I love you guys", in '98 it was 10 degrees, no air and all humidity. Thanks for putting up with the terrible conditions
Jenn - oh cool - we were wondering where his was
helen - I saw the ones on your leg (right) at Tatton and they (it) looked hot, Arnold!
arnold - I've never been there and they look beautiful
corrie - I meant 102 degrees
Tee - Go Egypt and Greece and I will come along and bring JTOers too
Sabi,Germany - LOL@Tee! ;-)
fatfree! - ARNOLD, what would it cost me to hire you for a 2 night gig, lets say 4 sets a night?? the minimum??
Jenn - Arnold I was surprised to see how much you all eat before you go on stage
Magsmo logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:10pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) arnold - Let's vib on it Tee
helen - so, Arnold, do you have a favorite track on You Can't Go Back?
Sabi,Germany - maybe we should open up a JTO travel agency.
helen - I'll come, Tee!!!!!!
arnold - Excuse me but I eat like a bird! That must have been a rare occasion
corrie - sounds good, Sabi
Jenn - Sabi its starting to look like there'd be quite a market for that
arnold - Let's say two sets a night and we'll talk
Jenn - a bird?!!?
helen - Must take work maintaining that physique on bird feed, Arnold..... ;o)
mags logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:12pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) arnold - My favorite track is Close to Heaven
Sabi,Germany - I love Kirk Whalum, great ot have him on your CD.
Tee - Yeah so how much dough do you really need to come to Portland?
rider - bird? damn big bird!
LadyAron - Arnold.....were you anxious about doing this chat tonight??? We are very glad that you are here!! :-)
arnold - A Big Bird!!
Tee - There you go Helen...Close to Heaven...I think it is fantastic too Arnold!
D18 logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:13pm ET - Mozilla/2.0 (compatible; MSIE 3.02; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) rider - LadyAron, anxious with us? hahahaha....
Sabi,Germany - I put on "close to heaven" on full blast sometimes before I head out in the morning, and it's a great start to the day!!
helen - I LOVE Close to Heaven -- was shoving my walkman earphones into my sister's ears recently to let her listen to it!!!!
fatfree! - arnold, your a GOOD SPORT, THANKS!!
RobinB - Arnold, happy very belated birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day!
arnold - I was sorry to cancel the other night. I wanted to make it up. So, I'm glad to be here now. Thanks for the warmth it feels really good!
corrie - Heard it tonight and nearly fell over, love it !!
Thing - LOL@rider.
Jenn - this week was the 30th anniversary of the Walkman
LadyAron - LOL@rider......what was I thinking. LOL
helen - Arnold -- I can't offer you big money or five star hotels -- but hey, if you line up a gig in London, I have a guest room you can stay in! ;o)
Sabi,Germany - Arnold, do you remember who sang backup with you and Rosamary on the "only one" video? I think I recognized Joni Mitchell, but can make out the guy.
willow - speaking of which, hi ((((((((((walkingman))))))))))))))
Tee - We love you Arnold.......
Jenn - helen's got a one room suite in the downtown hotel....
corrie - Gotta go, three year old calling, MOMMY, Blue Clue Finish, MOMMY on puter. God bless all !! "Good night
rider - warmth.... warm and fuzzies.... awwwwww :o) luv you too Arnold!
Jenn - Sabi was it Don Henley?
arnold - The walkman is still tops in gyms. What about mini discs for working out?
fatfree! - ARNOLD, to your knowledge, has James ever been in this chat room??
Walkingman logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:15pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; MSN 2.6; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) helen - Sabi, what DID you do with that Germany money Arnold gave you in Paris?
BMW - aronold keep up the good work
corrie - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:15pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
woodi - logged on - Thu Sep 23 10:15pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98) Walkingman - Hey (((((((((((((Willow)))))))))))))))))))
LadyAron - Glad to hear it, Arnold!! Maybe you will come back again sometime. :-)
woodi - hey y'all
Jenn - LOL@ fatfree
Sabi,Germany - Jenn, my copy of the video is terrible, but yes I guess it could be.
helen Jenn> Huh?
rider - (((((woodi))))) hey girl! you all unflooded yet?
arnold - I remember the only one video but not much about it
Tee - the MD's sound much better...than walkmans
Walkingman - I'm not the walkman i'm the walk-ing man
mark - Arnold, I think my question got lost in the massive deluge you've been hit with....I was wondering if you have any contact with any of the members of FULL SWING, which is how I first became aware of you....especially the gigs at Donte's in
Thing - Keep up the good work, Arnold. Your voice is wonderful!!
mark - .
BMW - bye room
Sabi,Germany - Helen, I gave the money to UNICEF, though it was a good idea.
arnold - Joni wasn't in it. I don't think?
helen - do they skip, Tee? When you exercise?
willow - well close, walksingman
Jenn - helen... you failed a lyric test!?
Walkingman - LOL@Willow
fatfree! - I have a picture of you singing is that the way you look, n the new moon shine tour in Vancouver, want it??
tk - you have a particular routine that you follow before a show?....warm ups, vocal exercises,etc.?
Sabi,Germany - Hourglass is out on MD.
Tee - Not when I am doing free weights trainer would wop me for using one
helen - Jenn, I fail lyric tests all the time! But play 2 bars of a song and I'm there!!
BMW - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:18pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98)
Jenn - tk, I think they eat a lot ;)
Pagernut logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:18pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; MSN 2.6; Windows 95; DigExt) willow - yes, Arnold, we have some great pics of you at RAH, we already sent some to Cliff, would you like copies????????
arnold - FULL SWING! I loved those gigs. I speak to Charlot every now and then But I've lost track of Lorraine. I think she's working on her dads site. Leonard Feather
Pagernut - Gawd where do I stand---Here against the entrance door?
helen - What was it like singing Emily with Beth NC, Arnold?
arnold - Send me pics please!
Sabi,Germany - Sigurd and I sang "line em up" in Norway, and we both screwed up the lyrics at the same spot. Arnold, do you always rememeber the lyrics?
D18 - You are a great compliment to the JT vocals, arnold...huge voice.
willow - should I send them to your site?
- logged on - Thu Sep 23 10:19pm ET - Mozilla/4.6 [en] (Win95; I) Tee - You tower over everyone in the pics Arnold...
arnold - I thought I was in Heaven singing with Beth. And I was equally happy last night when she won a CMA award
rider - huge voice, humongous humongoid voice!
helen - I Will Follow gives me goosebumps!
Sabi,Germany - YES!! Emily is a great song!! love it!
arnold - Sure, Joel will pass them on
Sabi,Germany - alright Arnold, just tell us where to send the pics to.
helen - What's a CMA award? She did? Excellent! I didn't know her work before Knutsford, but now I am a fan!
Tee - I guess we will be seeing you on tour next year here on the west Coast...?
arnold - I will follow get no play in the last few shows. We push for it run it once but it don't make the set
mark - Thanks for taking the time to chat tonight Arnold. I'm looking forward to the next chance to see you live either here in Chicago, or when I can get out to LA. Ya 'mo be there the week after Thanksgiving. Will you be performing in town then?
- Country music ((helen))))
Sabi,Germany - do you have any say on the setlist?
arnold - I'll be on both coast next year. God willing
fatfree! - do you think theres a god?? does James??
helen - Do I have a vote? I'll vote for I Will Follow EVERY TIME
magsmo logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:22pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) helen - thanks ((((our Di))))))
Tee - Arnold hi to Chris....
Tee - I will follow everytime too....
arnold - I know ther is a God and so does James and You do too probably
arnold - I'll give Chris your regards
helen - That is my favorite track on the Live Double CD.....
magsmo - trhat's a great one helen and arnold......let's not forget lonesome road
RobinB - Hooray Arnold
helen - Lonesome R
helen - ...oad is a lovely song.
Thing - That's great, Arnold.
Sabi,Germany - uuhuu magsmo, lonesome road is awesome.
Walkingman - LOL@Willow
arnold - I stay out of set list meetings. I just get disappointed if my choice doesn't make it. So I take what comes.
helen - So, Arnold, of your CDs, which are you proudest of?
willow - what did I say?
Tee - I like the way you all did Daddy's all gone this time in Europe...your voice was nice too in that one
helen - are there set list meetings? is it a democratic process?
fatfree! - bye all!!
- I was wondering the same thing
rider - Chris? hey our RW knows him!!! we held up a "Hi from Randy" sign in Philly last september! LOL
magsmo - arnold...i remember the first time i saw you sing with JT in concert in 1980 or 81.......very i am today.
helen - Carolina..........
woodi jkl
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((arnold)))))))))))))))))))0 love it when you talk about God!
Michael - Arnold, Will you be singing with Phil Collins anytime soon ?
Walkingman - nothing it just came back willow
arnold - I am equally proud of them.. I seem to be most attached to the new one, but I would love to and will re-release Exception
willow - thought maybe that was the case, a post repeating on you, hunh? LOL
LadyAron - talked about how you keep your physique in shape.....what about your voice?? Any special routines or exercises you use before a show or on a regular basis??
helen - excellent!!!!!
Tee - Go for it Arnold...we need more of your songs...hurry
arnold - I'm going to Munich and Tokyo with Phil to do the Tarzan openings
Sabi,Germany - LOL helen! I loved it when you did requests, like "copperline" in Frankfurt. although JT tried to avoid it by saying "arnold doesn't want us to do Copperline!"
helen - Arnold, who gets involved in choosing the set lists? Could someone suggest a rest for ....steamroller (helen respectfully asks?)
arnold - I warm up the voice 20 mins before singing any show anytime and it keeps it fit too!
Tee - Munich...then do a solo in Germany and Sabine will gather everyone around
helen - Munich? I could get to Munich.....
Sabi,Germany - YEP!!
willow - I like Steamroller
Walkingman - yeah repeating like indigestion willow
rider - ohhhhh Tarzan! you gonna yell and pound on your chest!?
magsmo - me too willow
Sabi,Germany - helen, MARBURG is right on the way to Munich!
helen - Willow, Shssh!
arnold - Steamroller has got to rest. He's tired of it but some drunk will enevitably yell it out and he finds himself reconsidering
arnold - No yelling, No pounding
Sabi,Germany - well, I could try to get some airplay going....
willow - take a Tums Walkingman
Tee - HAPA the Hawaiian group has been doing stemroller to close their concert
helen - Arnold, you just made my day(week/month) with that comment!!!!!
LadyAron - Thanks, Arnold. :-)
Michael - Arnold, are you on the Tarzan Soundtrack ?
RobinB - How about "Knock on Wood"? I love how James and you guys sing that song! It's so much fun!
rider - darn... cuz a fine Tarzan you'd make :o)
magsmo - i would like to see a concert with all jt songs that have never before been sung in concert..........
helen - In fact, you guys closed the 1st set with Steamroller in Cardiff and "some drunk" was screaming for it in the encores! Doh!
Sabi,Germany - No Sweet Baby James in Duesseldorf was shocker, I have to say, I am immensely attached to that song. And no SBJ in Belgium either, that was a wild show though. John Hiatt afterwards was brilliant, too.
arnold - I'd appreciate the airplay if anyone can call radio and request it. But remember in the states we're targeting Urban Markets. Thanls
Tee - Besides that is what the guys come to listen to Helen...Steamroller
helen - ooh, I'll buy that guy's ticket from him, Tee! Just to give James and the band a break!
willow - that would be great mags, I agree
arnold - I would love a concert like that too. David and I talk about it frequently. Thanks Mags
tk - Night folks. ARNOLD, thanks for taking the time with us, again.
Thing - That would definetly be cool, mags.
SweetBabyZ logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:32pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; Compaq; DigExt) helen - We dream of that kind of concert, arnold. (as long as you sing Carolina)
Sabi,Germany - I was urprised about the effect "walking man" has on the audience, I hadn't heard it live before this year, and even the rowdy RAH got all hushed, and folks next to me were holding hands.
arnold - Night tk
rider - Night TK! (((((((((Sistah)))))))))
Tee - Yeah songs like Belive it or not....
tk - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:32pm ET - Mozilla/3.0Gold (Win95; U)
- (((((tk)))))))nitey night!!
magsmo - I can just imagine're welcome.
SweetBabyZ - hey...
Tee - Country Road...hmmm Helen
magsmo - bye (((((((((((((tk))))))))))))))))
Sabi,Germany - songs like "letter in the mail"
steam - based on my nickname, i'm a little sensitive to all these negative 'Steamroller' references!!!!
SweetBabyZ - uhmm,...anybody here know me?....
arnold - Believe it or Not is a Good start
helen - Walking Man was awesome, Sabi -- I was listening to the Hamburg Radio tape tonite and it just STOOD OUT!
rider - Arnold, there's a Livingston song that James sang once long time ago... "I Can Dream of You" *siiiiigh* how about that one? i so love that one
SweetBabyZ - hey mags!!!!
Tee - Lighthouse.....
willow - don't worry steam, I said I liked it
arnold - We sing letter in the mail a lot but it doesn't make the set either
mark - Thanks again for your time tonight Arnold....I'll see what I can do about getting some action on the new CD around Chicago.....gotta run.....I'm on the radio tonight doing my job! All the best....and keep on it! G'nite room!!!
ANGEL - lol@steam!
helen - Arnold, if you could choose a JT song you guys don't do in concert, what would it be?
brandi - I do Sweet Baby Z !! ((((((((((((((SBZ)))))))))))))))))))))))))
magsmo - that is one of my all time favorite songs, arnold..........
Sabi,Germany - the Hamburg Radio tape....I still need it, my brother has it..I can't get the station here, but I was there.
SweetBabyZ - hey brandi, how you doing girl?
LadyAron - I like Letter In The Mail......great tune!!
arnold - Sorry steam get over it! It ain't about you!
PagerPeanut logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:34pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 95; DigExt) brandi - Steam , I love SteamRoller !
Michael - Arnold, how about doing a harmony with JT on The Way You Look Tonight..this is an awsesome song.
Tee - Oh no Brandi....
magsmo - hey ((((((((((SBZ))))))))) my singin buddy..............hey ((((((((((Pager)))))))))))
SweetBabyZ - hey, hold on a sec...
arnold - I choose Slow Burnin Love
helen - LOL@Arno!
LadyAron - LOL@arnold......see, you fit right in!! LOL
willow - hey ((((((((((PN)))))))))))
magsmo - well now Aron.........we
flatfrog - logged on - Thu Sep 23 10:35pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (Win95; I) helen - How about City Lights?
rider - hey i choose that too Arnold...hubba hubba ;o)
mark - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:35pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98)
Sabi,Germany - how's the new guitar Michael?? I envy you!
SweetBabyZ - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:35pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; Compaq; DigExt)
magsmo - we'll just have to sing that later Aron...............
blue logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:35pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) magsmo - me too arnold...........know every word..........
LadyAron - Yes mags.....we most certainly will!! :-)
Tee - Can we start singing now.....
helen - Slob Burnin Love is an excellent choice. What is the chance we'll ever here Knockin Round the Zoo live?
arnold - Forget City Lights. It ain't a JT song
magsmo - I will Tee
blue - hi.
helen - er, make that *slow*
- sing it Tee
helen - It ain
Sabi,Germany - by the way, I'm going to give the JTO charity CD another go, just send me sound files or tapes of your covers.
magsmo - it was a hot and a sultry day........somewhen in early september........i don't hardly remember the day.......just the way the sun beat down upon the bay baby.........
arnold - Knockin round the zoo won't happen either. Don't really know why
helen - it ain't a JT song, but his voice sure does sound pretty on it.
Pagernut - ((((((((((((((((((Magsmo)))))))))))))))babe
rider - I like the song "Music" from the Gorilla CD, how about that one?
magsmo - ((((((((((((((((((Pager))))))))))))) babe
Tee - One morning in May....
pip logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:37pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; MSN 2.6; AOL 4.0; Windows 95) Pagernut - (((((((((((((((((((willow))))))))))))honey
helen - so I suppose Suite for 20G is out too?
Pagernut - ((((((((((Pipsters)))))))))
Sabi,Germany - Rainy day man is one of my faves, just watched a video from 1977 tonight.
pip - (((((((((((((((pager))))))))))))))
LadyAron - Arnold.......what music to do listen to in your spare time?? Any favs???
arnold - YESSSSSS! Slow Burnin Love is in my set! I'll do it at La Ve Lee!
Pagernut - (((((((((((((Brandi)))))))))))Sugar
RobinB - I love "Hello Old Friend". I think he did that at Livestock.
Thing - (((((((((((pager))))))))))))
pip - good evening ((((((((((((((roomies)))))))))))))))))) Hello Arnold!
Sabi,Germany - rider JT and Cliff did music in Europe last year, it was GREAT!!
Tee - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:38pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (WinNT; I)
Silent Bob - logged on - Thu Sep 23 10:38pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; EXCITE) brandi - ((((((((((((((((((((Pager))))))))))))))))))))))
magsmo - i did not even need to know your was oh so plain to see that you had eyes for me........half way open half way closed half naked eyes for me baby..........
LadyAron - I like Music, too rider.....Gorilla is one of my fav JT cds.
Tee logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:39pm ET - Mozilla/4.61 [en] (WinNT; I) Sabi,Germany - yes, Arnold, what do you listen to?
helen - Ain't No Song?
rider - or "Don't Be Sad Cause your Sun is Down"
Pagernut - Semper fi [[[[[Thing]]]]
Silent Bob - High y'all
arnold - I like Macy Gray, Maxwell. whose concert blew me away. And I still listen to a lot of Jazz
willow - hey SB!!!
rider - Gorilla IS my favorite CD :o)
helen - sing it, Mags!
magsmo - it was a slow burnin love affair......a fair weather love affair........a slow burnin smolderin love for you and i.....i.........
Pagernut - ((((((((((((((((((((Cajun Queen)))))))))
helen - Arnold, can you tell us more about how the set lists get drawn up?
Tee - Would JT consider doing one of your songs Arnold?
Pagernut - ((((((((((((((((Frogsters)))))))))))))))))babe
arnold - Don't be Sad is a David favorite as well as mine
Thing - semper fi [[[[[[[[Pager]]]]]]]]
LadyAron - Hey there (((((((((((Pagernut)))))))))))))
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((((((thingster-cutie!!)))))))))))))))))))0
Michael - Goodnight Tee
steamed logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:40pm ET - Mozilla/4.05 (Macintosh; I; PPC, Nav) pip - hello (((((((((((((((ladyA))))))))))))))) : )
RobinB - WOMAN'S GOTTA HAVE IT - I wish he would do this song in concert!
helen - ...coz your sun is down.....
LadyAron - Thanks, Arnold. :-) Ya like jazz, huh......ever been to New Orleans??
Pagernut - (((((((((((((((((((ANGEL)))))))))))))))))))))) My hun
Thing - ((((((((((Angel-dear)))))))))))))
PagerPeanut - High ya Bob!!
pip - hey ((((((((((Steam)))))))))))
rider - it's a pretty pretty song, and often times helps me get thru a tough day Arnold :o)
Tee - Would you all do Close to heaven at a JT concert...that would be awesome
helen - Another Day.....
willow - wb steamy
magsmo - and like the sun on the edge of the western died...........oh the lights of the city were close at hand.....i might just have well have been another might just as well have been another girl......this might just as well have been another world............
Tee - Night was fun in Germany
LadyAron - Hey there (((((((((((pip)))))))))))))
helen - When you and JT did You Can Close Your Eyes at the end of the concert at Tatton Park, I had tears in my eyes.
arnold - The set list done like this. We rehearse everything that's brought up and then we rehearse the hits. Sung like dylan. Then we make little cards and put them in various orders on the piano and run the orders.
Sabi,Germany - I think we'll always sit there and miss a song, he can't do them all, I was just thrilled this year he did "anywhere like heaven" and "blossom", gave me chills.
Pagernut - Pager sits up in his seat------Hi Joel
rider - hey, no complaints here... i just love to see y'all sing anything Arnold!
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((((((((pagernut)))))))))))))))))
ANGEL - wb, steamed
Tee - Gosh I wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch how you all do it back stage
magsmo - hey (((((((((((((((Pagernut)))))))))))
Pagernut - Hellooooo arnold from Florida
rider - Tee! hehehe
helen - Does James get tired of playing "the hits"? One (I) wonders how many times he can play Friend or Fire&Rain.
Thing - I would love to do that too, Tee.
- helen? what time is it there?
arnold - My favorit writer is James. That's why it's easy to do this so many times. I can't get enough of it either!
Michael - Blossom rules !
Thing - I think about that all the time, helen. Must get tiring.
Tee - Do you get tired of doing the same songs over and over Arnold?
magsmo - Helen..........i get tired of hearing them in concert, sorry...........but, i'd so much like to hear the obscure stuff.
arnold - Helen where are you?
helen - Arnold, you have excellent taste! (Di, the answer is VERY LATE)
Pagernut - Tee hee hee
Sabi,Germany - Di, it is mighty early over here, it is 4.45 am at my place!!
rider - i doubt it Tee, cuz we don't get tired of hearing them! :o)
Thing - Me too, mags. All the less known stuff.
helen - Arnold,, I live in London. England. Where it is very late now.
arnold - I get tired, but sometimes the old stuff gets me when I least expect it!
- I get tired of doing the laundry everyday, but it's part of my
Sabi,Germany - LOL Helen, I think I'll just stay up and catch up with work.
JWARREN logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:45pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; MSN 2.6; Windows 98; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Win9x/NT; JUNO)) Thing - LOL@Di. That might not be the same thing.
pip - LOL@Di that ol' raundry does it everytime!
rider - sorta nips ya in the Arse huh?
LadyAron - God bless the people across the pond for being here at that late/early hour!! :-)
- well good for you on the otherside of the are some fans((((sabi helen))))
arnold - Girl you should be in bed. Sorry this is such a bad time for you. We should do the next on early morning
Tee - You know I think it's the way the songs are written that we don't tire of it....
rider - when you lease expect it
ANGEL - that is cool to know, ARnold..cause this summer I saw three concerts in a row and was amazed at how you all stay so up repeating the music so often?!
Sabi,Germany - shananana shananan get a job, shananana shananan...
- LadyAron...that was scarey
helen - Arnold, James looked unexpectedly (or so I thought) moved by SBJ at the end of the Cardiff show. That must be nice -- when something you do so often still can grip your heart!
Silent Bob - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:46pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; EXCITE)
ANGEL - steamed? you here?
LadyAron - LOL@Di!! Sure was!!! :-) GMTA!!
helen - Arnold, I TELL Joel he should do these things at a different time, but will he listen? NO!!
JWARREN - ASHEVILLE , North Carolina
Pagernut - Who's singin' hootie
Thing - dipdipdipdipdipdipdip boomboomboomboom......get a job....LOL@Sabi.
ANGEL - need a turn , right?
Sabi,Germany - BIG wave back across the pond :-)
arnold - Every show, like theatre, is different and every night and every venue
Tee - James' lyrics are multi multi dimensional as opposed to linear...that a lot of songwriters do
rider - how is Ashville holding up JWarren? we're worried about you in the north here
helen - besides, it's such fun to be able to ask you questions and have you answer! I can sleep another time.
arnold - He'll listen to me. I think?
NIKKI logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:48pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Windows 98) JWARREN - very very very dry in Asheville, NC
Tee - Of course and every audience is different and I am sure it makes a huge difference?
skillet logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:48pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) magsmo - arnold........tell James that we want to hear the less known Believe It Or Not and Slow Burning Love.........and the like.......
Joel - You're welcome to come chat anytime, Arnold, but I'll be asleep. ;)
LadyAron - Do you ever get stage fright, Arnold?? I have heard that even verteran performers still get it from time to time.
Sabi,Germany - do you know if Russ Kunkel is staying with the band now for a while??
ANGEL - hey, skillet!!!
NIKKI - I was in Asheville last weekend!
helen - Joel? Or James? Both, I hope!~
rider - get a haircut and get a real job... those are actual lyrics! hehe (ooops sorry Arnold, haircut... uh, er... ) *wink*
brandi - Arnold, do you know if JT has ever visited this chat room?
skillet - I almost missed it!
ANGEL - wow!! what a thought..LA>>>>>bet they do on occasion
Sally logged on. - Thu Sep 23 10:49pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt) Sabi,Germany - I just you do that song on a video from 77, that'S why it came up!
Thing - LOL@rider.
magsmo - i've got that one on video arnold.......don't quite remember which video........
Tee - Lost that PM Michael....!
JWARREN - how did you like it,Nikki
RobinB - Arnold - do you ever listen to classical music? If so, do you have a favorite composer?
arnold - I'll tell him but you must know ther are a lot of fans friends and promoters to please
rider - good to hear JWarren... whew for that! you're lucky!
ANGEL - yea, you or JT ever visit here? and chat with us?
helen - who did you tell to get a job?
blue - I know he's out there.
magsmo - i'm sure there are arnold...........just a suggestion from a true fan
JWARREN - we actually need water here in Asheville
NIKKI - I liked in Wilmington......we were running from Floyd.......
Sally - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:51pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
rider - screw the promoters Arnold, the fans are more important! ;o)
arnold - I lisen to Classical but I don't have a favorite composer. I love Arias and sing them often with my records
Michael - JT should do a song based on the Sullivan Ballou Civil War Letter. The Liv Taylor version just doesn't cut it. It would make a beautiful, haunting love ballad.
helen - we do know that, Arnold. But we think that the first time fans might settle for one or two of the MUST HAVES and be so thrilled with the obscure gems they won't notice they didn't hear Steamroller.
rider - Wilmington is beautiful!
Sabi,Germany - that reminds, me you were BRILLIANT on "wasn't that a mighty storm", loved it.
rider - hey! Steamroller is like water and air... can't live without it!
skillet - Poor guy. I bet he's thinking "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"
arnold - I should head off. I promised a friend I'd meet him for coffee. This has been great but my big hands have had it
NIKKI - Yeah, I love it here!
Pagernut - Hey throw me a peanut!!!!!
RobinB - I have to get going. Arnold, thank you for joining us tonight. You have a wonderful voice. Hope to see you soooooon...........
ANGEL - oh, you are sooooo not a chatter !! lol....
JWARREN - I'ma steemroller baby and I'm gonna roll aw over you
Sabi,Germany - LOL Helen! maybe we should politely ask for a "JTO live by request" show..??
helen - And I loved the way you drove the car during Not Fade Away!!!
magsmo - thank you so much for being here, arnold............until next time
Joel - Thanks again for coming, arnold -- and for sticking it out. You're a great sport.
Tee - Bye then Arnold...see you at one of your shows in LA or maybe Portland or at JT tour....Love ya.
Michael - Arnold, Good Night and thanks for chatting with us. Say hi to JT.
Zot - Thanks a lot, arnold. Hope to see you here again soon!
RobinB - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:53pm ET - Mozilla/4.06 [en] (Win95; U)
ANGEL - love your music Arnold!! have a nice evening!
brandi - Thank you arnold !!!!
arnold - You noticed the car thing? Thanks!
rider - Arnold, this chat is always here ya know, so you don't really really have to wait for Joel to compose a chat, right???? you can come any ol time... Joel?
flatfrog - Thanks Arnold!
Sabi,Germany - THANKS ARNOLD; YOU ROCK!! be well, all the best!!
willow - thanks Arnold, the pics will be in the mail
JWARREN - I luv you MAN
helen - Arnold, this has been a thrill -- thanks so much for coming and answering so many questions. Come do a solo gig in London!!!!!
Thing - Thanks very much for coming Arnold. It was great!!
Michael - Sabi,
NIKKI - Bye Arnold......see you in Raleigh, NC.......New Years!!
skillet - We'll say nice things about you....
LadyAron - Goodbye, Arnold......Thanks so very much for visiting with us!!! Please come back again!!
skillet - We'll say nice things about you....
helen - the car thing>yeah -- it was too cool!
blue - It's been nice listening, but I gotto hit the hay. Bye.
Thing - Thanks for sticking around for so long, Arnold.
JWARREN - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:54pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; MSN 2.6; Windows 98; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Win9x/NT; JUNO))
arnold - I'll keep walking folks!!! Love to all
rider - i hope to be there too Nikki
helen - (((((arnold))))))
Sabi,Germany - maybe I should go to bed for an hour...(((Micheal))
ANGEL - our love to you and the band.....hehe, oh, and JT!!! lol
rider - ((((((((arnold))))))))) Big HUGS! WOW, two hours of chat... man you're officially a chat junkie! LOL
NIKKI - Good....then I'll see you there too, Rider!
willow - night ((((((((((((arnold)))))))))))))))
Thing - LOL@Angel.
Joel - Thanks, Arnold.
pip - bye Arnold ...Love that big beautiful voice of yours!! : )
helen - and thanks, Joel, for organizing this. Too fun!
ANGEL - two hours? man, we beat that daily!!! lol
rider - and that big beautiful brickhouse...ahem
LadyAron - Right back at ya ((((((((((Arnold))))))))))!!
Tee - Love you too....JOEL....thanks!
Zot - Thank you Arnold
arnold - I AM?
helen - Sabi -- maybe we should meet for Breakfast in Paris?
Sabi,Germany - TGIF...only a few more hour till the weekend! hurray!
magsmo - LOL.......big and beautiful and a chat junkie.........LOL
blue - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:56pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
rider - you are!
Michael - Thanks Joel, great job as usual.
helen - YOU ARE (I'm not sure what, but I am sure you are)
arnold - logged off. - Thu Sep 23 10:56pm ET - Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; AOL 4.0; Mac_PPC)