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Ian Halperin Chat - 4 December 2000

Joel - We'll start the chat with Ian Halperin in about 15 minutes, folks.
Joel - In the meantime, the chat room will be moderated, meaning you can watch but not participate (yet).
Joel - After the initial part of the chat, you'll be told when you can log on normally and ask your own questions.
Joel - To read more about the book, visit or click on the book's title above.
Joel - To order it now click on "buy it" above.
Joel - The chat will begin in about 10 minutes.
Joel - We'll start the chat with Ian Halperin in about 5 minutes.
Joel - We'll be chatting with Ian Halperin in this moderated format for about 30 minutes. Then afterwards we'll open up the chat and you'll be able to log on normally.
Joel - Be sure to have your questions ready.
Joel - We'll start in about 2 minutes.
Joel - Okay, folks. We'll start the chat as soon as Ian arrives.
Ian - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:01pm PT
Joel - Hi, Ian. Welcome
Ian - Hi Joel, let me thank you for the great privilege of being able to chat here tonight
Joel - This is your second chat with us, and now the book's actually available in stores.
Joel - Last time we spoke it was still a long way from release (longer than anyone expected, even).
Ian - The problem was Joel that the original publisher went bust, I was forced to find another publisher
Joel - But now those problems are behind you, of course.
Joel - Last time we chatted you didn't want to reveal too much about the book's content and source material, but I'm hoping we can talk about that tonight.
Joel - I know a lot of folks who haven't yet seen it will want to know who you talked to in preparation for the book.
Ian - fortunately the book came out. I'm anxious for yours to come out soon so that JT's fans will be able to get a prospective from the world's leading JT authority
Joel - For those who may not know, the book is unauthorized, meaning JT was not directly involved with it. Right?
Ian - I interviewed many of JT's colleagues, friends, family etc...JT was not involved...some of the greatest unauthorized bios, however, have been written without the cooperation of the main subject
Joel - Can you give us some specifics about the type of research you did? Where you travelled, and who you spoke to?
Ian - The great fighter Ali, for example, advised his biographer to interview everyone around him except him. He said that would be the best way to get a fair story.
Ian - It's a truism that history repeats itself. I think that when JT is ready to bare his soul in print he will fill in all the gaps. Until then his fans deserve to have something to read about his amazing experiences. I travelled many miles and interviewed many of JT's close friends and band members, including Brian Reed,
Joel - How many months or years did you spend researching and writing the book?
Ian - Kate Markowitz, and many journalists who have followed his amazing career path
Ian - On and off I spent close to three years on the project
Joel - What is your impression of JT now that you've finished the book?
Ian - There's no doubt surrounding all the drama and genius, JT is a true rock icon who deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the top songsmiths of the past 100 years
Joel - The book includes some pretty frank discussions of sexual topics and situations. Why did you decide to include them? Was there a risk folks would be turned off by it, as some are saying they were?
Ian - I want to sincerely thank you for your very touching forward Joel. I must clear up the fact that I asked you to mention his "marriage" to Kim. We thought that by publication time that they would have walked down the aisle. I take full blame for this error.
Ian - If I would not have written about JT's sexcapades I would have not fulfilled my responsibility as a journalist. JT was a real ladies man back in the day. He would be the first person to admit it. Today, he's very devoted to Kim and leads a clean life. He even drives an electric car. I really admire his vision.
Ian - r u there
Joel - Sorry about that Ian (and everyone else).
Joel - Network connectivity problems, but they seem to have gone away now.
Ian - Although the critical events that enable change may be different in JT's era, the people he surrounded himself with remain the same. He's very committed to his friends.
Joel - So why JT? What led you to start the bio in the first place?
Joel - Unfortunately the network problems seem to be continuing, but we'll do our best to keep things going, folks. Please be patient.
Ian - The cyclic nature of JT's life can be seen as a pendulum swinging between opposing poles of centralized control. And along the way he managed to come clean.
Ian - It seemed amazing, an outright miracle, this opportunity to write about a man with a most interesting way to think, feel, imagine and take action.
Joel - Since things seem to be improving a bit, and since I'm sure folks are getting a bit impatient, let's open it up now if that's okay with you, Ian.
Joel - Since it will get a bit hectic when the room opens up, I want to thank you for coming to talk with us tonight.
Joel - Folks, I'll open up the chat in just a minute. If you'd like to know more about the book, click the book's title above. Or to go ahead and order a copy at Amazon, click the "Buy It" button at the upper right.
Joel - Here we go, folks.
Ian - It's important to acknowledge the valuable contribution of everyone who visits JTO. By speaking to many of JT's die hard fans it gave me the opportunity to skip the stories and
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:43pm PT
RollRock - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:47pm PT
Ian - Thanks again Joel. I want to apologize to everyone for the server's technical glitches tonight. Thanks for your patience.
RollRock - Ian, hi thanks for coming. I heard your analogy about Ali's wish to not submit to being interviewed for his biography, although he appears to have endorsed it. Did Mr. Taylor actually endorse your efforts in writing the book? Did you do this on his behalf? I'm not clear on the similarity.
007 - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:49pm PT
007 - hi
007 - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:51pm PT
Coco the Kid - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:51pm PT
Joel - Come on in, folks. Things are improving now, networkwise.
007 - logged off. - 12/4 at 7:51pm PT
Tolk - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:52pm PT
njean - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:54pm PT
Tolk - Ian!!! how the hell are ya??? Hi Joel.
Joel - Again, I apologize for the slowness, folks. There's a network outage, so naturally Murphy's Law applies.
Coco the Kid - ian - what of the relationship between Leland Sklar and JT? How much did the Phil Collins gig have to do with their troubles? ugh - not working
Coco the Kid - ian - what of the relationship between Leland Sklar and JT? How much did the Phil Collins gig have to do with their troubles?
Coco the Kid - my question disappeared
Tweety - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:56pm PT
Tweety - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:56pm PT
AyeUonSaus - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:56pm PT
Marcus - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:56pm PT
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:56pm PT
Coco the Kid - there it is
AyeUonSaus - test
Tweety - where is everyone?
Trudo - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:57pm PT
Michael - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:57pm PT
Ian - JT's very name defines an era, just like Dylan, Lennon and Janis.
Trudo - Hi Ian, I read your book -- love all the details...
AyeUonSaus - Hello Coco the Kid, Joel, Marcus, Tolk, Tweety, ZoWie & njean!!!!!!:) & IAN~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
007 - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:58pm PT
STEAM - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:58pm PT
Tweety - ((((((((((roomies)))))))))))))))))))))
Trudo - Ian -- are you planning a sequel??
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 7:59pm PT
007 - hey tweety
Ian - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:59pm PT
Joel - Thanks for sticking with us, folks.
Tolk2 - logged on. - 12/4 at 7:59pm PT
STEAM - Hey Ho Taylorites and Ian! How are the sales of the book coming along?
h2h - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:00pm PT
h2h - hey (((((((((((((friends)))))))))))))))))))))
Ian - Thanks Trudo, glad you enjoyed it...You should also thank Joel R. the webmaster, he helped make it all possible.
Tolk2 - Joel..been clearing that cashe???.LOL.. he bud, things only go wrong when you need them
ZoWie - my question went to bit heaven last time. i was wondering if you think JT's awareness of the cyclic progression of nature itself has any bearing on what you call his cyclic life
Trudo - which book was harder to write? this one or the Supermodels boo?
ZoWie - it's been losing 22% of packets tolk
Ian - R U The real Steam?
h2h - lol@real steam
Tolk2 - LOL Ian
STEAM - yes, Ian,,,I am the real deal
h2h - 118 min
RollRock - I think he's StEAm
007 - hehe
Ian - I had to pose undercover in the models book, so it was hard. The JT book, however, was a big learning experience. This man has had the most incredible life.
h2h - lol
Trudo - what do you think made him so talented??
Ian - Where r u from Steam?
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:03pm PT
Ian - JT's passion for learning and curiousity Trudo.
njean - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:03pm PT
STEAM - Ian...Who was the most interesting person you inteviewed for the book...and what effect did his Mom have on JT's success ?
Coco - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:04pm PT
Trudo - what do you know about his teenage loves & lovers??
Coco - ok
Coco - now it's working
Coco - ian
STEAM - I am in Toronto Ian, home of the Argos
Joel - Carly and Ben are singing on FOX right now.
Coco - did you answer my question about Leland Sklar?
texswim - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:05pm PT
ZoWie - it's down to 1% packet loss and i just got a 98ms turnaround
h2h - what???? zowie??
007 - i hate football
ZoWie - it's working....
Joel Translation The network connecting to our server is working better now.
Ian - Good question Steam...JT's mom Trudy has a very liberal background setting the footsteps for her children to follow in. She also has always had an impeccable taste for music. The most interestong person I interviewed has to be the fan from Kentucky who was dying of cancer and had her spirits revived when she received an autographed souvenir from JT...very touching story.
h2h - oh, ok...
Coco - joel - where on fox?
STEAM - Thanks Ian
Coco - mmm
Frozen Man - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:08pm PT
Ian - The Argos are boring Steam...bring on the NFL to T.O. We'll call it the Toronto Steamers
Coco - lord have mercy on the frozen man
AyeUonSaus - JT seems to be a very kind soul...
texswim - why was the book "unauthorized", unwillingness, time factor, what??
Coco - ian?
h2h - hidden in ice for a century..... to walk the world again..........
Ian - Trudo, is it true that you know Carly personally, tell us about her
Trudo - hey Ian!! what about JT's teeange loves & lovers??
Tolk2 - OK Ian.. I know you're readt for this one.
AyeUonSaus - Does JT like to eat pizza?
Tolk2 - or ready... what was the mixup with you saying JT comes in here and Joel saying he doesn't?
Trudo - I fell in love with her in 1971, and wrote her many times
RollRock - only without anchovies Aye ...
h2h - lmao@A1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trudo - Carly has those great lips and legs, I can see why JT loved her...
Pagernut - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:11pm PT
Coco - I fell in love with Joni Mitchell once, but it was unrequited. I am still in therapy.
h2h - you just have to know, don't you, A1??????????????
Tweety - ((Pager))!!!!!
FLMadMax - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:11pm PT
AyeUonSaus - I fell in love once...
Frank - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:11pm PT
ZoWie - i fell
Trudo - I touched Joni once, but never Carly
Tweety - wb FLMM!
Ian - Good question Tolk2...If Joel says that I would put my money on his word...During the course of my research, however, several people close to JT told me that he's very aware of JTO and has made visits here.
ZoWie - i
Pagernut - ((((((((tweety))))))) My love
FLMadMax - I fell for Sally Taylor, but a guy like me would have no chance with her...
Coco - i touched Joni once, then I woke up.
STEAM - I will license them my name Ian...speaking of football, some of your fact checking has been taking some hits around here....your response?
FLMadMax - Hi Tweety :)
Tolk2 - Ian, thank you for clearing that up
Pagernut - ((((((((h2h)))))) nice personal info you sent me thanks !!
h2h - (((((pager))))))
Tweety - Ian.. has JT ever logged on here with an alias???????
AyeUonSaus - fell
h2h - lol, don't use it against me, k??? did you respond??
Frank - Did Carly write an autobiography?
Trudo - Ian, how could I contact Carly, now that she dumped JT??
ZoWie - in
007 - i responded
ANGEL - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:13pm PT
Joe - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:13pm PT
AyeUonSaus - will the real James Taylor please log on...
AyeUonSaus - once
Tweety - (((((((((((((((Angel))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good to see you!!!!
ANGEL - hello again........Ian! Congratulations!!!!!
h2h - yeah, you did ((oo7))))
Pagernut - (((((((Angelica)))))) Mi amiga!!
h2h - lol@a1!!!!!!!!!!!
h2h - hi joe
ANGEL - (((((((((((((((((((((TWEETY)))))))))))))))))))))))))) you too!! hehe
Carly Rymin - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:15pm PT
Tolk2 - I was in here one early morn and a James logged in saying he was James Taylor..I said Howdy and told him no one would believe that it was he anyway, the guy logged off
ANGEL - (((((((((((pagernut))))))))))))))))))
ZoWie - hey goe
AyeUonSaus - Budget Gourmet frozen dinners on sale @VONS for .69 cents each...
h2h - (((carly))))))
Joe - man I had trouble getting in here
Pagernut - ((((((((carly)))))))))sis
Coco - ian
Ian - Like in any bio Steam of course you can find several typos...Some of the factual errors have already been corrected...Don't forget Steam I work with several researchers and proof readers...One that comes to mind is that Carly was not blonde when she first met JT...I had that in my original manuscript and the proof reader thought I made an error
ANGEL - me too JOE!!!
Tweety - really Tolk... do u think it was him???
Carly Rymin - <------ faints over how crowded the room is
Tolk2 - Joe..we all the transcrip later
merfygirl - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:16pm PT
ANGEL - Joel.......and took me one hour and 15 minutes to get in here!! bet lots of folks missed the fun!
Tolk2 - if it was he, he wasn't very receptive
Joe - Hey Z
Sue Sue - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:16pm PT
Joe - took me longer too Angel!!!!
Carly Rymin - ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((roomies))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) hello all
Pagernut - this ain't nuthin should see the room when alot of the veteran JTOr's decide to have a brooo haaaa in here
merfygirl - Hey folks!
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((sue sue)))))))))))))))))))
FLMadMax - hi merfy :)
Sue Sue - I'm Mad!
merfygirl - Hey Max :)
Tolk2 - {{{{{{{Ladies}}}}}}} Gent's!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joel - There was a serious network outage that hit around 7:25, folks. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ian - Coco, you sound like a big JT aficionado, here's a trivia question...Who was JT's original drummer in the Flying Machine
h2h - lol@pager.........
Coco - oooh
007 - 100 min
Tolk2 - it must be snowing somewhere Joel
FLMadMax - no Sue...I'm Mad!
Carly Rymin - (((((((((((((((((((((((((sue2)))))))))))))))))))))
AyeUonSaus - eats frozen dinners...
Andy!! - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:18pm PT
Sue Sue - (((((((Carly))))))) ((((angel))))
STEAM - Any thoughts of hooking up with James now that book is out Ian...and what is the next project?
h2h - ((((suesue)))))))
Frank - Whats the answer Ian?
Pagernut - (((((((((((2-sues)))))))
Ian - Trudo, just write her yourself...Carly's a class act, she'll respond.
Tolk2 - was it Ringo?? was it Russ??
Andy!! - Its 4.18am in Ireland and im off to bed.........slan all and sleep tight
ZoWie - steve jordan?
Joe - snowed here this weekend 8 inches
Tolk2 - I know.....READ THE BOOK!!!
AyeUonSaus - I was an artist once...started drinking a lot...
Frank - About the drummer?
ZoWie - russ kunkle there's a good guess
RollRock - Ian, are you and James pals?
h2h - slan, andy!!
Andy!! - I was reading the book till now Ian........
Ian - I can't reveal it yet Steam, but I'm working on an authorized bio with a well-known musician.
AyeUonSaus - what does slan= ?
TayJay - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:19pm PT
Trudo - do you think they'll make a movie from your book Ian???
Ian - No idea Trudo, if they do I would want them to consult with Joel and combine both of our books for the film
Dave - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:20pm PT
Frank - How did JT first get hooked up with apple?
Tweety - hey Andy!!.... I like that NAME....
Coco - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:20pm PT
Dave - hey yall!
Tolk2 - Ian, JT had some grave losses...both friends and musicians in a very short time Don and Carlos... do you address that in your book?
Carly Rymin - hi tayjay
ZoWie - presumably snal means something in gaellic
ZoWie - like Samhain
Coco - Carlos Vega
TayJay - Hi Carly...
AyeUonSaus - Irish, heard it before, forgot what it means....
Andy!! - Slan=Bye in Irish........So Slan all........Thanks again Joelagain for an interesting evening
ZoWie - slan
Tweety - hi Carly!!
Coco - i had to look it up
ANGEL - back.....white screen is killin me........
Coco - am i right?
AyeUonSaus - there it is..thanks, Andy!
Andy!! - ?????Too wrecked to even type
AyeUonSaus - what about my book, Ian?
FLMadMax - I'm tired
Carly Rymin - hi tweety
RollRock - Joel, how is your book coming?
ZoWie - i'm ZoWIe
leeny - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:22pm PT
AyeUonSaus - titled, "Coulda Been A Contenda..."
Coco - ian - was it carlos vega?
007 - hey leeny
merfygirl - Hey (((((leeny)))))!
Andy!! - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:23pm PT
leeny - hello !
ZoWie - pretty sure it wasn't carlos... ian, who WAS the first drummer in The Flying Machine???
STEAM - any snow in Montreal Ian ....and what is wrong with the Canadiens?
Ian - Steam, natural systems are interconnected through their ecosystems and so are we...get the picture bro
AyeUonSaus - instead of a bum, whcih is what I am...
Coco - well - goodnight all
ANGEL - (((((((((((((((((((((leeny machiney!))))))))))))))))))))))
Coco - coco is tired
TayJay - Ian I would of loved to have been in your shoes, while interviewing Jt,,,he seems like a really down to earth man....
leeny - (((((((merfysgirl))))))))
Carly Rymin - ((((((((leeny)))))))))))
Frozen Man - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:23pm PT
Coco - best of luck with your book ian - you too, joel
Frank - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:23pm PT
AyeUonSaus - i just want a refill
h2h - ((((((((((((leeny))))))))))))))))
Coco - i should probably tell you before i go that I have played with JT on more than one occasion
leeny - (((((((((( carly, Angel, Bond ,h2h ))))))))))))))))
Tolk2 - did i miss something?? are Ian and Joel leaving?
h2h - refill????
ZoWie - ZoWie is not tired, ZoWie is still wondering who the drummer was
Ian - Steam, the Habs should go after Lindros...could you imagine after he refused Quebec
Coco - but never mind - i'll just be on my way
Tolk2 - Right ON Coco!!!!!
AyeUonSaus - missed the boat many moons ago...
Coco - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:25pm PT
h2h - []o here you go, A1
RollRock - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:25pm PT
Ian - Bravo Coco, thanks for all....You rock brother!!!
STEAM - COCO...come back!!!!!!!!!
Tolk2 - i hate missing boats
Joel O'Brian-Drummer - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:25pm PT
AyeUonSaus - thniks, me shakes was getting bad! h2h
Joel O'Brian-Drummer - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:25pm PT
STEAM - who was the drummer in Flying Machine Ian?
h2h - no prob, a1
ZoWie - Joel O'Brian!!!!!!! Dat's Wight
Tolk2 - Even Joel doesn't hit the "Logoff" button
h2h - lol@logged on and logged off
AyeUonSaus - your dad's white?
Ian - Steam, who wore number 10 on the Habs before Guy Lafleur?
Joel - I'm still here, folks.
Trudo - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:26pm PT
007 - 90 min
h2h - lmao@ a1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
h2h - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90 min
STEAM - wow...before laFluer...Ralph Backstom?
Tolk2 - Well that's a relief Ian still here?
AyeUonSaus - mine too
TayJay - 007 long time no see.....
Tweety - LOL@h2h!!!!!!
Tolk2 - Joel...nevermind
TayJay - Hi Joel...we were getting worried...
007 - hey tayjay, hiawatha is back
Ian - Remember the saying Angel, success is 99 percent will succeed!!
ZoWie - ian what do you think of the current publishing business, is it too corporate, is it concentrating at the top, is the content suffering?
AyeUonSaus - is always worried
Trudo - Hi Ian -- do you think they'll make a movie out of your book??
TayJay - yeah i am....!!!
AyeUonSaus - ZoWie...great question!:)
Ian - Trudo what would you call the movie?
Trudo - Taylor-Made
Tolk2 - As I see JT?
ANGEL - (((((((((((((((((((((((((Ian!!))))))))))))))))))))))))) thanks!!
ZoWie - oh and ian i noticed there was a lot of deep-background stuff from old jt interviews, good stuff, but unattributed. is this a technique?
TayJay - Company Man"
Dave - I thi
ZoWie - kind of a supertruth thing like old Tom Wolfe?
Trudo - do you know who JT is bedding now??
Tolk2 "We're not here to Bury Ian" we're here to query him"
Carly Rymin - logged off.
FLMadMax - I'll be back tomorrow...after things are less pecuniary
AyeUonSaus - shag
Tolk2 - <~looking for his dictionary
h2h - bye ((max))
Carly Rymin - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:31pm PT
TayJay - bye max....
h2h - lol@tolk..........
Ian - Zo, the publishing industry today, unfortunately, has become a controlled by a few major publishers. That's why I admire people like Sally Taylor, who form their own labels and rise up to take control. Eons ago, amid almost life-threatening dangers, it seemed the entertainment industry wanted to amplify just negative messages.
AyeUonSaus - The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test...
ZoWie - i'm not burying ian i'm interested in his craft i was a writer after i was a film maker and before i was an artist and roughly about the same time i waas a professional computer programmer
Time - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:31pm PT
merfygirl - Later maximus :)
h2h - i like "COmpany Man"
Carly Rymin - everything turned red heehe
ANGEL - query is right, Tolk!! LMAO
FLMadMax - nite merfy :) nite all
Tolk2 - Good answer Ian!!!!!
FLMadMax - nite h2h :) nite TayJay
STEAM - Ralph Backstrom was '6' I think.... Doug Harvey?
ZoWie - ian that's a real interesting answer. for what it's worth i'm rooting for Sally big-time here
Dave pecuniary of or pertaining to money
Ian - Steam, Trudo, and the rest of the gang - here's a question: Who would you want to play JT in a movie?
007 - 85 min
FLMadMax - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:32pm PT
Trudo - myself, esp. because of Carly
Dave "monetize. monetary, pecuniary, crumenal, fiscal, financial..."
STEAM - the tall kid from American Beauty and Almost Famous
Carly Rymin - JT....himself
Tolk2 - Ian, i don't know you from Adam... but I wish you success and good health to enjoy that success
Ian - Backstrom wore 10 for a couple of games...Was it Ted Harris or Frank M.
Trudo - Carlty's her lips are outrageous!
Ian - Thanks Tolk, keep in touch
Trudo - Ian -- who dumped who -- Carly or JT??
Tolk2 - will do... and happy Holidays to you and yours
Tolk2 - <~~~~standing down
STEAM - I think Frank was 27 for both the Leafs and Habs
h2h - bye ((tolk)))
TayJay - Ian, is it true he once was a Kansas resident for a short time????
Carly Rymin - night ((((tolk)))
Tolk2 - h2h, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just shutting up
leeny - I think Adrian Paul should play JT .....hehe
Dave - River Phoenix, isn't that the actor Steam! Yeah, he's pretty much a ringer
ZoWie - ian if i were a silicon valley multimillionaire which i am not and i told you that you had an unlimited advance for anything whatsoever you wanted to go off and write, what would it be?
Tweety - 007.... time....LOL!
AyeUonSaus - I never told you, but I am the fifth Beatle...
STEAM - I think the tall young actor from American Beauty and also Almost Famous would make a great JT in the movies
h2h - ok, sorry tolk, glad you're staying.........
TayJay - a dead ringer...
Ian - Happy holidays to everybody at JTO...there's been a new JT website put up by Sony but every true JT fan know that Joel's site is the "real deal"!!!!
h2h - lmao@a1
leeny - LOL @ Aye !!
Dave - what is that actor's name!
AyeUonSaus - I'd write about rainbows and unicorns, ZoWie, thanks for asking!
Trudo - Hey Ian -- where can people write to you???
Tolk2 - I break my silence... Joel's is the ONLY James Taylor site!!!!!!!!!!!!
leeny - well, Ya got THAT right Ian !!
007 - 81 min
ANGEL - ohhhhhhhhhh, Ian......please answer Zowie!! that q is great!!!
Carly Rymin - Happy Hloidays...Ian
ZoWie - sony's site jumps you to artistdirect or something and it's been hacked, and it's completely brain damaged.
AyeUonSaus - that's right, ZoWie, I noticed that the other day...
Dave - nice looking brochureware though isn't it
ZoWie - some kid going by kenny666 trashed a bunch of their code weeks ago and nobody's bothered to fix it.
AyeUonSaus - Happy Holidays, Ian...
Ian - Good question ZoWie, it would probably be the effect of radiation and lung cancer on low income areas
Tweety - thanks for the time up date 007!!!!
Ian - Hi Carly, nice to see ya here tonight
STEAM - Billy Crudup is the actors name
MyWords - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:38pm PT
MyWords - Hi, everybody!
AyeUonSaus - Ian, I would be a good prospect to interview for that book!
ZoWie - hey, that's interesting, i'd like to see something definitive on that. it's all urban legend right now. mw we got your message and will call
Carly Rymin - Hello I nice to be here
ANGEL - wow!! Ian......what a heavy topic............personally inspired?
Dave - I don't think I remember that guy, crudup... I recognize his name, but can't picture the face
Trudo - is carly Simon in the chat room??!!
MyWords - Okay, this is much better! Netscape seems to work much better than Internet Explorer.
ZoWie - good third world expose and the kind of thing the corporations won't touch
AyeUonSaus - IE sucks
merfygirl - Hey mywrods
MyWords - Cool, thanks Zowie! I felt like such a dope! I totally blanked on your name when I was leaving the message.
Carly Rymin - and to chat with you
Ian - Trudo, I think you should talk to Angel, she's an aspiring writer, maybe you can help her out.
ZoWie - there are no ads so Nerdscape will work much better... for now.........
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((((((MY Words!)))))))))))))))))))))))))) how are you?
Dave - noway, netscape sucks for java script, strangely since they invented it
Trudo - Ian -- I think you have 5 books on your list at Amazon -- is that a record???
STEAM - Nite Nite Taylorites!!!!!!!!!
ANGEL - oh? who is Trudo?
Tweety - (((((((((((steam))))))))))))))) Nite!!!!
h2h - nit (9stream)))))))))))))
h2h - or steam
TayJay - nite steam...
MyWords - Hi, Angel!
Ian - I'm a committed human rights activist before anything else. I'm a musician second and an author third. Please feel free to listen to my music at
Joe - how long before you'll have a transcript posted Joel and has Yahoo posted theirs from JT's chat yet?
ANGEL - byeeeeeeeeeee, steamedupforangel!!! hehe
STEAM - thanks for stting up the Chat, thanks for dropping by Ian
merfygirl - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:41pm PT
leeny - Good Night all ...
TayJay - Dont you guys ever wander if JT gets on here just to see whats happening..and what people are saying about him???
AyeUonSaus - I know no programming languages, Dave, so you are probably right about java ...
merfygirl - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:41pm PT
ZoWie - dave you certainly have that right and that's why the ads barf it in echat but otherwise i've tested 5 a lot and it's a slightly faster browser especially in getting graphics
ANGEL - I love your words.......ian!! you are a wonderful lyricist!!!
leeny - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:41pm PT
Tolk2 http/www.mpe/ianhalperin
Ian - Hey Steam, you rock. It's always fun chatting with you. Are you going to read the book?
Tolk2 - opps http://www. mpe/ianhalperin
Tweety - wb merfy!
Tolk2 - opps
Tolk2 - Joel you do it
ZoWie - ian... i've heard all this about you. you're multi-talented. i'm in solidarity with you on the human rights struggle.
Ian - Tolk, it's
Dave - that'd be cool zowie, a netscape that works.... last time I tried the new ns it was in alpha, is it still all blue!
merfygirl - Thanks tweety :)
AyeUonSaus - know your rights...all three of 'em...
STEAM - I looked for the book in Chapters today Ian
Joel -
AyeUonSaus - you have the right to food money...
Joel - If you include the http:// it's automatically a clickable link
Joe - any opinion on what's going on in Florida re Gore vs Bush?
Tolk2 - http://www.mp3/ianhalperin
AyeUonSaus - you have the right not to kill...for murder is a crime...
ZoWie - you have the right to free speech, until you use it!
Dave - right to beer
ANGEL - oh? and do you have MY book yet.........STEAM? HEARTWARMERS? huh?
Tolk2 - click Joels
Tolk2 - I know Joel, but I can't typer
AyeUonSaus - Right, ZoWie!:)
Dave - right to foolishness
Trudo - ian -- i think you have 5 books on amazon -- is that a record???
007 - 73 min
Ian - Thanks ZoWie...We all come from and are going to the same place so it's crucial that we live together peacefully and happy. There are three types of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who don't know what happened
STEAM - waiting for my autographed copy ANGEL!!!!!!
ZoWie - yes in a democracy you have a right to be stupid, and it appears a lot of people use their right
h2h - i heard careful when you jump......
Ian - Montreal, bonjour
wen - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:45pm PT
007 - oops
AyeUonSaus - 50% of the population...
h2h - i do, baby, i'll always want you............always,,,,,,,,,, hope you always want me too..................
Dave - 3 types of people is utter BS
ZoWie - i've heard that one ian! :-)
STEAM - Les Habitants Sont La!!!!!!!!
ANGEL - if you have it.......i'll autograph it for ya, STEAM!! *giggles* it is at Barnes and Noble, borders and walden!!! come on......buddy!! LOL
Dave - about a millions types of people
Ian - I don't think it's a record...Trudo what do you do?
AyeUonSaus - %25 voted for Gore, the other for Bush
007 - 71 min
Trudo - I'm a quality controller for bra hooks.
Ian - Is it in Chapters Steam?
ANGEL - (((((((((((((((((((((((wen!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) hi! LTNS
AyeUonSaus - Trudo, so am I!
Trudo - But I'd rather be a big writer like you & meet famous people
serena - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:47pm PT
wen - hello ((((( Angel ))))) & everyone
Trudo - I'd especially like to check Carly Simon's bbra hook
Pagernut - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ANGEL - lol@trudo.............ummmmmmmm, ian.......just how was Trudo gonna help me????????????????/ yikes!!
STEAM - Nope Joy in Chapters yet....Have a great holiday season
Tolk2 - Joel wasn't here when we lost our friend G Dub. This is for him. G Dub loved all of you as all of you loved him. JT brought us together. Thank you Joel for making this place for us to meet and to been able to meet such a fine person. G Dub...Love you Brother!!!!!!!!!
TayJay - hi wen...
Tweety - ((wen))....ltns!!!!!
AyeUonSaus - Toast to G-Dub!
007 - 69 min
babyboomer - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:48pm PT
AyeUonSaus - c[]
serena - hi pagernut
Carly Rymin - b
Carly Rymin - ((((((boomer)))
Ian - It's no wonder that when people don't feel cared about and uniquely valued, they do not put their hearts into their life or work. Just look at the state of the the music industry today. People prefer NSync to Santana. Can anyone explain?
ANGEL - boooooooooooomer!!
ZoWie - i'm a writer and mostly i meet people who work for short wave radio stations.
Pagernut - Hi serena....what a nice name
Elf - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:49pm PT
babyboomer - a quick hi & bye 2 (((all)))b4 bed, later & P E A C E . . . . . . . . . . .......
ANGEL - wen, how are you?????????? all is well?
Trudo - Ian -- did JT like your book?? How about Carly??
babyboomer - logged off. - 12/4 at 8:49pm PT
serena - how are you?
007 - hey elf
Carly Rymin - (((((((elf)))))))))
007 - 67 min
Hb's - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:50pm PT
Carly Rymin - No comparison Ian
wen - Thank you for asking, ANGEL - everything is wonderful with me, how are YOU doing?
ANGEL - (((((((((((((ELF and HB"S!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))
Elf - hey everyone
wen - hello Hb's!!
AyeUonSaus - Eminem is all the rage, it is a sad state of affairs...
Dave - that's just plain snotty
h2h - ((hbs)))
Hb's - (((((((((((((Angel))))))))))))
merfygirl - hey elf!!!
Tolk2 - {{{{{Elf}}}}
Pagernut - those 'boy bands' are soul.....and thats what the music of today has evolved into.........commercial
ANGEL - doin better and better, wen!! glad to hear the word wonderful......for you!!!! you are a sweetie!!
Carly Rymin - Insync could only wish for that
Hb's - Wen are ya!?
merfygirl - Hey's the neck?
ZoWie - ian, you have a point there, everything since the 80s is so focused on money and the big score and hitting the whole audience in the ass at once that everything becomes sterile and uniform. as for NSync, i guess it's just that a lot of people really don't like music very much, they just want to use it to create a space where they can exclude people they consider unhip
MyWords - The boy band rage is on it's way out. Backstreet Boys's latest album didn't do what they expected it to.
Dave - oh cmon, a couple of nsync's pop ballads are nice
serena - what about the girl bands pagernut... are they commerical too?
Tolk2 - Ian, I wish now that I had read your book. I'll buy it for myself for Christmas.
Pagernut - and one year from now (Mark Pagers word) Britt spears will be posing for playboy Mag for money
ZoWie - but there's still this problem mw. the great majority of the audience does not LISTEN to music. it USES music
Elf - (((((((((((((((angel, 007, tolk, merf, zowie, dave, carly, Hb's, h2h, steam and everyone else i didn't mention))))))))))))))
wen - Hb's, doing very well here - are you both keeping well?
Ian - Steam, the third stop for nerve impulses is an area at the base of the brain known as the medulla. Inside it is a vital link to what is known as the reticular activing system or RAS...get the picture
STEAM - Bay City Rollers, Tommy Sherman, Monkees, Partridge Family, you do the math!!!!!!
TayJay - i want music with some meaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave - great majority of the american audience I'd say
Hb's - doing well, wen still in Co.?
Elf - Ian, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to come in here and chat with everyone.
serena - 70's steam?
007 - 64 min
Ian - it's an honor Elf
wen - yes, and LOVING it Hb's!
STEAM - the Medulla Omblongota? Don't worry about me Ian....I have the picture....crystal clear and in focus!
wen - mw?
ZoWie - look at the way music is covered by the media. they talk about the clothes and the parties and who's seen there. they don't talk about the minor-sevenths
Pagernut - when Britt spears poses for Playboy that will catch Pagers interest........till then her music sucks
007 - 63 min
MyWords - logged on. - 12/4 at 8:54pm PT
Trudo - ian -- how
Dave - the greatest american music is aaron copland and I'll be most american's never even heard of him
MyWords - Drat. Netscape froze. Maybe it's not as good as I thought.
Tweety - LOL@Pager...!
Elf - The honor is ours, please excuse some of the conversations I've witnessed going on in here.
AyeUonSaus - they talk about minors and seventh graders though...
ZoWie - mw that's the problem the way it runs scripts is clunky
ANGEL - lol@steam!! our clear and focus JT man!!
merfygirl - I've heard of him Dave-Music Theory 101!
ZoWie - they sure do aus
007 - 62 min
Hb's - Dave I'm partial to a guy called James, me self
helen - logged on - [Member] - 12/4 at 8:55pm PT
AyeUonSaus - I love Aaron Copland...Appalachian Springs...
Dave - (he's the guy who wrote the 'beef it's what's for dinner' music, yall have heard that eh)
helen - ((((((((((((((((((((wen))))))))))))))))))))
Trudo - how didyou learn so much? do you read the enquirer??
Dave - fanfare for the common man?
Pagernut - Am I allowed to say sucks Joel ?? If not sorry I got caught up in the moment !!
Tolk2 - we all have our favorites
Ian - I believe that some of the great musicians are retiring as a result of a terrible capitulation to the negative forces that are consuming not only the music industry but also our country.
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((((((((hb's)))))))))))))))))))) grand to see you both!!
ZoWie - ian you're a smart guy... how do you think we get this culture going again, in stead of just b***hing about it (like I can do all day lol)?
Carly Rymin - Eric Clapton,
Pagernut - (((((((((((((Helen))))))))))sweety
serena - pagernut you can turn the sound down and just watch the video...won't have to wait for playboy
Time - Ian, Did you interview any of JT's family members for the book?
wen - ((((( helen )))))
007 - 61 min
Hb's - Great to see you to Angel
TayJay - i agree Ian....completely!!
AyeUonSaus - Blow up the Pentagon!
ZoWie - fanfare... that's copland. i did it in synth class once.
Ian - Hi Time, yes I did.
Pagernut - LOL at serena......Yeah but she moves too fast and she has her darn clothes on
Dave - see what I mean, any JT fan would love copland and noone's even heard of him... only the greatest american composer
ZoWie - forgot, i was a musician before i was a film maker, mostly experimental avant-garde
Time - Ian, Which member of the family?
helen - Is this still "the chat"?
007 - 1 hour
AyeUonSaus - I listen to more Copland than JT...
ZoWie - copland's a hell of a composer but Harry Partch would give him a run for greatest!
AyeUonSaus - big classical fan here...there would be no modern music w/o it
serena - you call them clothes???????
Tolk2 - helen.. Ian halprin is here to answer questions about his JT Bio
Dave - ain't he great! only steal from the best! :-) bet copland's even more ripped off than bird!
STEAM - Is Jesse Winchester still playing Montreal Ian?
helen - darn. I was hoping I'd missed it.
007 - 59 min
TayJay - big band, jazz!!!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah...
h2h - yay 1 hr!!!!!!!!!!!
ZoWie - i like aus's answer, but i was wondering what a real pop-culture insider like ian has to say on the problem.
Ian - ZoWie, a few well intended words of support, not a life threatening communique, to be sure are nonetheless required to start making people aware
Pagernut - give it about 5 years and Brittney spears will be dancin next to a metal pole in a place Al Bundy frequents
Tolk2 - helen you would have but the internet went "Nutz" and we finally got in here
helen - Ian, could you estimate for us what percentage of your book was regurgitated from articles in the public domain and what is actually new?
Trudo - ian, do you have groupies???
Tolk2 - oh s*** we go!!!!!!!!!\
Dave - britney's a media star, not a musician
Time - Ian, Who in JT's Family did you interview?
helen - thanks, Tolk. Nice to see you.
merfygirl - Pager-as if you don't pause to check her out when her videos come on! I bet you have te
007 - 58 min
merfygirl - the whole collection going :)]
ZoWie - hey you got a point!!!! everybody in the U.S. left is so friggin SCARY then they wonder why there are still Republicans in the world. STUPID!!!!!!
007 - 57 min
Ian - Hi Helen, of course a lot of stuff came from background material but a large amount is new anecdotes from the people I interviewed during the course of my research.
Tolk2 - {{{{{{helen}}}] you knowz i luvz ya
Pagernut - well yes Merfygirl I am a heterosexual guy of course but once I hear that voice I just keep cruisin channels
AyeUonSaus - civil war
Tolk2 - Ian, that's the stuff i want to know about... I'll "buy the book" but give us some gems...
merfygirl - Thanks for clearing that up Pager ;)
007 - 56 min
Tolk2 - <~~Republican
Carly Rymin - <------will take clapton or Joe Cocker anyday
ANGEL - well, the bewitching hour is upon us........and i'm gonna have to rest my wings!! night, folks!!
Hb's - lmao
helen - Did you interview anyone in Taylor's family?
Marcus - logged on. - 12/4 at 9:01pm PT
ANGEL - ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((roomies!!))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) love ya!!
007 - 55 min
TayJay - nite angel...
Carly Rymin - (((((angel)))nite
ZoWie - tolk you don't count you were the one who warned me about vote counts in FL, you're the kind of republican we need more of
Hb's - take care (((((((((((((((((((((((Angel one))))))))))))))))))))))))!
Tolk2 - {{{{{{{{{ angel}}}}}}}}}}
ANGEL - night, Tay Jay!! nice to see you again!!
Tweety - nite angel!!
Ian - Ok Tolk, one of the most interesting things that was never before revealed was Elvis's admiration for JT...JT was one of his all-time favorites and The King listened to his music till the day he left us 16-08-77
Carly Rymin - along with Santana too
TayJay - ditto>>>>
helen - did Elvis tell you that personally, Ian?
ANGEL - (((((((((((((carly, HB's!!! Tolkster! Tweetyfriend!)))))))))))))))))))))))))
STEAM - Elvis recorded Steamroller Blues
STEAM - now that is a hoot
h2h - bye angel....................
007 - 54 min
Dave - stone guaranteed to blow your mind
Carly Rymin - he sure did Steam
Tolk2 - Ian.. i know... I heard Big E made a deal with JT to have sole rights to Steamroller" not sole rights but other than JT rights..
007 - 53 min
Trudo - do jt & bob dylan get together??
Hb's - Sack time for the HB's ((((((((((((((((((((y'all))))))))))))))))))))) take care ! thanks for the chat IAN!!!!
Pagernut - I don't think Elvis mentioned anything about chicken choken steam...I think JT ablibbed that one !!
007 - 52 min
ANGEL - byeeeeee ,h2h!!!! so quiet....but so cute!!!
helen - so Ian, do you believe in recreating dialogue that you weren't party to, for the flow of a narrative?
h2h - bye hbs...hold down the fort till i get back................
STEAM - you got that right Nutty Buddy!!!!!!!
merfygirl - LMOA @ Pagernut!!!!!
STEAM - logged off. - 12/4 at 9:05pm PT
h2h - not always,
ZoWie - right elvis was huge on jt and so were the beatles as we know. steamroller is real blues. listen to the way jt plays it. pretty good for a white boy
007 - 51 min
Tolk2 - later on Hb...don't be a stranger!!!
Time - So Ian, Did Livingston Taylor grant you and interview?
merfygirl - Geez...LMAO even.
helen - LOL@Zowie!
Dave - you can sing langston hughes poems to steamroller, if you make it 16 bars instead of 12
ZoWie - ian thanks a lot for talking to us. you can come back any time you wish.
ZoWie - lol@dav2~
Tolk2 - Steamroller was a fluke.. as were many "HIT" songs for many artists
ZoWie - lol@dave
ZoWie - i know it's a joke song tolk i just think it's pretty good blues
Pagernut - Hey I kinda like listening to this Kid Johnny Lang
Hb's - logged off. - 12/4 at 9:07pm PT
Ian - Hi Time, when I spoke to him he didn't know I was doing an interview for the book so I couldn't use most of what he said.
007 - 50 minm
helen - Ian, did you talk to former band members like Les Sklar???
007 - 49 min
Time - ok thanks
Trudo - ian -- would you agree to play taylor in a movie based on your book??
helen - How could you interview Liv if he didn't know it was an interview?
Dave - 'I took the elevator 16 floors above the ground, I thought about my baby and I thought I would jump down'
Carly Rymin - Thanks for the Chat Ian...nite
AyeUonSaus - I wanna play the white boy blues...
Dave - I stood up there and hollered, I stood up there and cried
Tolk2 - Ian, I have a new respect for you. I commend you for being a true journalist
Carly Rymin - Fols
Dave - if that building hadn't been so high, I might have jumped right down and died
Carly Rymin - logged off. - 12/4 at 9:08pm PT
Dave - I guess that's 12 bars eh
007 - 48 min
AyeUonSaus - by the third bar I'm wasted....
Tolk2 - not a Connie Chung
ZoWie - sounds like 12-bar to me dave, what's your key?
helen - Gosh, Ian, you should get your agent working on the book stores in Canada. I can't find Fire & Rain here in Toronto.
ANGEL - for reallllll, i'm goin!
Dave - ararar... pacing
Marcus - LOL@AYE>>>>>he he
Ian - Thanks again Joel for having me here tonight...Once again it has been an utmost pleasure...I look very forward to the release of your book Joel...I think that JT's legion of fans are eagerly waiting for your perspective....Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy Xmas!!!!!!!
Elf - night ((((((((((((everyone)))))))))))))) take care
007 - 47 min
TayJay - You know, "Fire and Rain would be a great movie title....
ZoWie - pace pace pace people, this is motion picture, time is money pace pace pace pace pace pace
Joel - Thanks for coming, Ian.
Dave - E! course!
wen - I've got to run now ... it's been great seeing the familiar old names ((((( ANGEL - Marcus - Tolk - helen - MyWords )))))
Ian - logged off. - 12/4 at 9:10pm PT