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Kate Markowitz Chat - 10 September 2003

KATE - logged on. - 9/10 at 5:59pm PT
Joel - Welcome, Kate.
KATE - hi joel!
Joel - And for our lurkers, thanks for coming, too.
KATE - yes, welcome lurkers
Joel - Just to remind everyone, we'll have a period of moderated chat first.
Joel - Then I'll open it up for everyone to log in and overwhelm Kate with questions.
Joel - So let's get started.
Joel - We know you're on a break in the JT summer tour. How are you spending it?
KATE - I am up in Mammoth Lakes with my fiance and my dog, for a few days!
Joel - Straight off the bus and onto a plane, then?
KATE - no, into a car...
Joel - Ah. Okay.
Joel - So tell us about the summer tour so far.
Joel - What's it liking doing this kind of tour?
Joel - what's it like, that is
KATE - it's been different with some different players, singers...but good and fun
Joel - For those who may not be as familiar with Kate's career, she's been touring and recording with JT for quite a while now.
Joel - How long have you been with JT?
KATE - 13 years and counting
Joel - And how did you first hook up with him?
KATE - I was hired to do a show in Japan for earth day, he was featured, I was singing bacup, he asked me to that tour
Joel - You weren't new to big tours, though, right?
KATE - back-up, I mean!
Joel - Who else have you toured with?
KATE - I had been touring already for other artists, Geroge Benson...
KATE - Shawn Colvin, k.d.lang
Joel - Some of them have since repaid the favor by appearing on your new CD, right?
Joel - Kate's new CD is her first solo album. It's called Map of the World.
Joel - Click above for more info about it.
KATE - shawn colving did, it was so cool of her, and james too!
Joel - Tell us about the song JT appears on.
KATE - he sang on a cover of Isley bros song, Lay Away, and on a song I wrote with my cousing, I'll Remember You
Joel - How did that come about? Was he in the studio already, or did you ask him in advance?
KATE - I asked him and he took his one day off in Nashville to do it...pretty cool boss, huh?
Joel - For anyone who hasn't yet seen it, you'll find a lengthy interview with Kate here:
Joel - Not too bad at all.
Joel - Are you planning to do any solo touring for the CD?
KATE - as bosses go, he pretty much wins the award of best there could be
KATE - I'm planning some promo shows at first in LA, Nashville and NY...if all goes well!
Joel - Great. We'll watch your web site for news on that.
Joel - Just click Kate's name at the top to visit her web site, folks.
KATE - yes, i need some hecklers
Joel - So back to the CD. Do you have a favorite track?
KATE - luckier girls
Joel - Tell us about it.
KATE - and pride and vanity, first single
Joel - Do you expect we'll be able to hear it on the radio?
KATE - oops, luckier girls is a song that is pretty personal, and shawn sang on it too, and it'skind-of rock which is fun for me
KATE - it's playing now on staions across the country, somewhere other than LA, which has lost so many of its good stations
KATE - my typing is really bad, I can spell, I swear.
Joel - We'll see if we can't get it requested more often.
Joel - You have your instructions, folks.
KATE - beg, steal, borrow...whatever it takes
Joel - So this summer JT tour has one more leg, then you're done. Plans after that?
KATE - will be doing those shows, hopefully, and still working as a singer like I always do
Joel - What are a few of the less obvious places we might hear you soon?
Joel - Doing any commercials of backup work on other albums?
KATE - me, or with james?
Joel - or backup work, that is
Joel - You in particular
KATE - I sing on jingles sometimes, tv stuff, sometimes movie stuff
KATE - The Agency, Dodge trucks...
Joel - For everyone else, there's a pretty extensive list of some of the commercial and backup work Kate's done in the past. If you thought you heard her voice some time, you may have been right.
KATE - I'm available for hire if there are any arrangers, composers out there....
Joel - The list is at
Joel - Who knows. We might have a few in the audience.
KATE - see how us LA types schmmmoooozzze for work?
Joel - Speaking of that, now is a good time to open it up and let the masses in.
Joel - In the meantime, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Kate.
KATE - are there really masses?
KATE - no, thank you joel!
Joel - Things will get a bit noisy in a minute, so it's important to get things said now. ;)
Joel - We'll see. Okay. I'm opening the floodgates now.
KATE - Ha ha
Joel - Please press Reload or Refresh in your browser, folks.
Joel - Then you'll be able to log in normally.
Scooby - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:23pm PT
caro - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:23pm PT
Joel - Having a bit of a technical problem. Just a second.
Joel - Okay, Be nice, folks.
sam - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:24pm PT
Carmine - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:24pm PT
Joel - Okay. I think things are ironed out now.
Carmine - Hello Kate, I'm a huge fan. Saw you at the Camden NJ show in June.
Scooby - Hey Kate! I love your new album. I first met you at a Shawn Colvin concert in SF. I love your voice, it's like a mix between Shawn Colvin and Nora Jones. Any plans to play in Northern Cal?
KATE - SCooby, I hope to do that and maybe move up there sometime
KATE - Thanks, carmine
Joel - For those having trouble, just press the Reload button in your browser. You'll be able to log in normally then.
Scooby - Great! We'd love to have you!
sam - please come to ohio soon
Tolk - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:25pm PT
Carmine - Kate, I'm sure a lot of the shows run together but were you a bit freeked when all those people jumped on stage?
KATE - Sam, it was really hot there, what's up with that?
KATE - Carmine, no because there were girls
KATE - I mean, they were girls!
sam - its ohio it changes day to day
Fan - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:27pm PT
Scooby - Kate, how did you come up with the idea to include, "Can we still be friends" on Map of the World?
Tolk - Hot Ohoi girls? I'm goin'
caro - Hi Kate! :-) do you have any tips for singer-songwriters trying to get in to the business? ( i could do with some
Tolk - there I go getting dyslexic
KATE - No, hot NJ girls
Tolk - Hi Kate.. nice pipes
tree - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:28pm PT
Carmine - Kate, are you the voice behind Watching Elie? I read somewhere you did some singing on that show
KATE - Caro, there are no rules, but be willing to do things for free till you build up references
tree - hi kate!
KATE - Carmine, yes I did some singing for that show
KATE - Hi tree, good name
KATE - Tolk you like my pipes?
Tolk - and you sing good too
Sally - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:29pm PT
tree - thanks! on that topic, i heard somewhere that you also perform under a different name? is that true?
Sally - Hello
KATE - Tree, I had 2 singles in Germany as Kate Yanai....long story
KATE - Hello sally
tree - yanai -- that's pretty --- does it mean something?
Tolk - I've only seen you twice Las Cruses in 94 and San Antonio in 2001.. both great shows.
Carmine - Kate, I have been singing for many years and often wondered if I have to move to LA to get a backup singer job with someone. Is that true?
Scooby - Who are your biggest influences vocally?
KATE - Thanks told, Carmine...if you move to LA be sure to bring some money and don't come broke...then who knows
caro - do you have to do much to look after your voice (touring so much must be hard)
Sally - Love your album Kate, especially 'Light of Day'
KATE - Scooby, Shawn Colvin, k.d., James, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, the list goes on and on
KATE - Thanks Sally
KATE - Touring is hard, you have to work at staying healthy...I vocalize, I try to do right...blah blah, I sound so BORING!
KATE - that was for caro, by the way
Tolk - were you part of that Troubador crowd.. Karla, Wendy, James, Carloe, etc?
tree - does yanai mean anything?
Sally - You've a beautiful voice
KATE - Tree, it is special to me for personal reasons
KATE - Sally, thanks again that is so sweet
Scooby - Kate, I know you have a website... is there a way to get updated info/gig information? Any type of Kate Markowitz list I can subscribe to?
AMY luvs JT - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:34pm PT
KATE - Told, you mean the troubadour crowd in the early 70"s?
KATE - I mean, Tolk
Tolk - yes dear
Tolk - I spell poorly
Sally - Well, I give credit when its due...I have the Live at Beacon theatre dvd, you're singing well on that...
KATE - Scooby, if you send an email to my website, I will try to get back to you and put you on a list!
KATE - Tolk, I was WAY WAY too young for that crowd back then...ha ha. really I think that was before I started singing other than in my own house
Carmine - Kate, I taped the Live by Request on A and E and you sound wonderful on that as well.I play that show often. Well done.
KATE - Sally, OK stop now my head is getting really big, NO DON"T
Scooby - Thanks, Kate! I have to run... have fun in Mammoth... Keep up the great work!
Tolk - oop, sorry darlin' I really should have done the math
KATE - Carmine, that was a fun show
Carmine - Why didn't you all do the Today show this year? or are you?
Scooby - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:38pm PT
KATE - Thanks scooby, do I know you?
Sally - Is there a specific song you enjoy performing on stage with James?
babs - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:39pm PT
KATE - Carmine, don't know!
Carmine - Does it look like there will be a tour next year Kate?
babs - hi everyone-hello kate
KATE - Sally, I really like doing Raised up Family, and Bittersweet, Travelin Star
Tolk - I'm an old seems like everybody is kickin' the bucket from my day. Losing WZ brought back memories of the early 70's
KATE - hey, babs, is this the babs I know?
KATE - Carmine, haven't heard yet, don't know!!!
Carmine - Are you planning on performing solo in the Phila. or NJ area?
babs - umm kate i wish i were but no-- i am babs from canada but its a pleasure to meet you
Sally - I think Shower the people is always a winner, especially with Arnold McCuller
KATE - Carmine, if I do, it would probably be in Manhatten, but it will be on my website
KATE - Babs, you too
Carmine - I can do Manhattan. Only 2 hours from me. Thanks.
KATE - Sally, yeah Shower is fun with Arnold, isn't he so amazing he gives you goose bumps?
babs - ty kate
Sally - He does.. Its def a hair raiser, beautiful
KATE - Carmine, I'll send you gas money
babs - oh arnold is about as sweet as you can get
Sally - Being on stage have you ever had some weird experiences?
caro - all you guys gives us goose bumps. you sound amazing.really
KATE - I've learned so much from Arn
Carmine - That won't be necessary. Just bring me up to do a duet with you. I'll probably colapse on the spot.
KATE - caro thanks
babs - that is also true caro
KATE - Carmine, collapse for good reasons or bad?
fuzzwillie - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:44pm PT
Carmine - Good ones of course!! I would be so honored to sing with someone of your caliber.
fuzzwillie - Hey Kate. You guys were great as always in Va Beach this year.
Tolk2 - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:45pm PT
KATE - thanks, fuzzwilie...intersting name
kramerd - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:46pm PT
Carmine - By the comes a plug....I play real nice guitar too.
Steve - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:46pm PT
Sally - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:46pm PT
kramerd - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:46pm PT
fuzzwillie - It's a long story (the name): just wondering: when JT presents a new tune to you guys, do you all pretty much pick out the parts you'll sing, or does JT kind of direct you on it?
KATE - Carmine, cool, can always use that
sam - how much practice is done before a tour i have seen early and late show all great
Carmine - I learned a lot by watching JT. But I have to say, his style cannot be duplicated by anyone.
Nia - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:47pm PT
kramerd - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:47pm PT
KATE - Fuzzwillie, James knows what he wants and teaches it to us
TexMark - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:48pm PT
Nia - hello everyone, Kate.
KATE - Carmine, no, James is one of a kind
Tolk2 - Tere he is
KATE - Hi, Nia
Steve - Kate, what is the most difficult part of touring for you?
kramerd - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:48pm PT
babs - kate- watch out for th
babs - these boys from texas!!
TexMark - Howdy Kate, so you here in May...fantastic as usual :o)
kramerd - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:49pm PT
KATE - Steve, waking up in the middle of the night to check into hotels...
Nia - Its 2.50am here in North ales, UK, but I wouldn't have missed a chance to chat to you
Nia - North Wales.*
Carmine - Kate, seriously, should you go on tour will you be holding open auditions and if yes how would I find out about it?
KATE - I thought texas boys were cool cowboys...
caro - hi nia. i'm from wales too! the south
Steve - I can't imagine how you keep from mixing up your days and nights.
TexMark - lol...thanks Kate
Tolk2 - TexMark is top notch, damn good singer/player/drummer and BBQ cook
Nia - Hey welsh amiga!
KATE - Steve, yeah and then you dial 9 when you get home to get an outside line!
fuzzwillie - Kind of figured he did. Do you have a favorite tune you like to do live?
kramerd - hey everyone
FeliceJon - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:51pm PT
Nia - Do you like touring in the UK Kate?
KATE - Nia, yes I do, my mom was from London, so it's sentimental for me too
Steve - Kate, you are a very gifted singer and performer. I wish you the best with your new CD. Peace.
Steve - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:52pm PT
Nia - Well, thats really lovely
FeliceJon - Kate, I love your stuff. What is the biggest thing you've taken from James having been with him so many years?
babs - well yeah tolk and texmex are kate just being silly
KATE - Thanks Steve, peace to you too
kramerd - logged off. - 9/10 at 6:53pm PT
Tolk2 - if anyone is being silly it's me.. don't throw Tex into the mix
Nia - You like Wales?
KATE - FeliceJon, the biggest thing is my paycheck....JUST KIDDING, the biggest thing is his amazing ability to carry on with hope and light and strength, even after many losses
caro - i know this questiona alwaya asked you find there's much difference between us british audiences and
KATE - Nia, never been there
caro - ers?
FeliceJon - Big paycheck means extra nice wedding gift!!
caro - oops- others?
KATE - Caro, European audiences are always more wild and they sing great too
TexMark - Kate, i understand you've done some work with Shawn Colvin
Nia Youll have to take a trip, next time you're in the UK
KATE - FeliceJon....HA HA very sly
Tolk2 - I've been comming in here leaglly and illegally for 6 years or more.. I was wondering, do any of you JT crew ever log into this room to hang with the cyber fans?
Karen - logged on - [Member] - 9/10 at 6:55pm PT
Karen - Hi ((((((JT Family)))))))
Karen - is a huge group tonight.
KATE - TexMark, yes, touring and on her records, she is a great buddy and I am a huge fan
TexMark - i like her a lot and she was here in Kerrville in June
Karen - (((((((Tolky)))))) Wonderful to see you!!!
babs - tolk-????
red-flagged - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:55pm PT
Tolk2 - oh babs... I read ya wqrong.. sorry darlin
KATE - Shawn is the bomb!
FeliceJon - Kate, do you have a vocal warm-up routine before shows?
Tolk2 - ((((((((((Karen))))))))0 Kate the singer is in here, that's why theres such a crowd
TexMark - Maura O'Connell is another fav of mine Kate...have you met her?
KATE - FeliceJon/ yes, I have tape made my a vocal teacher, Nolan Van Way, Arnold does too
Karen - Tolk.....I just saw that. How great!!!! =)
caro - nice answer :-) lol. i hear it's easier to meet james and band members over here (less security?). do you think that's true?
KATE - Texmark, haven't met her
red-flagged - katie markowitz ... love your work
Karen - Hi Kate!!! Thank-you so much for being here with us tonight. It is very nice to meet you!
fuzzwillie - Kate, have you read the JT biography? If so, what do you think of it?
Nia - Have you ever performed with Carly simon?
KATE - Caro, we always travel with a huge entourage of bodyguards...just kidding...but our crew protects us
fatfree - logged on. - 9/10 at 6:58pm PT
KATE - Fuzzwillie, no I haven't
fatfree - wow, looks fun
babs - well kids are home- so nice to chat with you kate....bye you roomies
fuzzwillie - When does YOUR biography come out?!
KATE - Nia, yes at a beneit on Martha's Vineyard with James
Karen - Bye bye. ((((((Babs)))))
Tolk2 - ((((((((((babs)))))))
caro - so you don't think it makes much difference what country your in....
FeliceJon - What was the mood like in your recording sessions. Pressure to deliver or exciting to create, or both?
Carmine - Kate, who is the new keyboardist working with JT? Is he permanent or just filling in?
KATE - Fatfree, good name
scooter - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:00pm PT
fatfree - we miss you in beautful british columbia...Vancouver....come back soon......thanks kate
KATE - FeliceJon, mood recording is really creative and loose and fun, but James really knows what he likes and doesn't like...and that is good
Nia - Martha's Vineyard is beautiful... Some of the duets James and Carly sang were really great..
KATE - Fatfree, thanks
red-flagged - kate ... why is it the full band did not come to australia to tour? james only had arnold with him on vocals ... no louis conte or horn either
KATE - Nia, yeah, I miss the vineyard, haven't been in a while
fatfree - Kate, R U a Bruce cockburn Fan??? A canadian hero.
KATE - Red-flagged, not sure, sometimes it's a budget thing, sometimes just artistic choice I guess
Tolk2 - Kate. has James learned yet not to do Texas in the summer months? I saw lasly sweating like a ditch-digger when I saw you in 01
Karen - Dinner is ready here. I need to go. I will try to come back. (((((hugs to all)))) Thanks very much for being here ((((((Kate)))))
FeliceJon - Kate, how do you define success with your album? Just releasing must be big.
Sunshine - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:02pm PT
Karen - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:02pm PT
red-flagged - ahh cool ... i was geared up to see the full band since live at the beacon and ezpecially after pull over came out
Sunshine - hi everyone! welcome, Kate!
KATE - Thanks karen
Nia - I think its lovely that carly's bump on the front of the Hotcakes album will be a married woman very soon...
SteamRoller - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:03pm PT
KATE - sunshine
KATE - thanks,
KATE - Yeah, Nia little sally is getting married,
SteamRoller - Wow!!! so many folks here tonite!!!!!!!
caro - great name steamroller!one of my favourite songs
Sunshine - saw u in KC, Missouri in Aug. Kate. Would just love to thank you for doing what u do in 103 degree temps!
Nia - I'm sure she'll be stunning
fatfree - So much for cyber space I must go face the real world,...and thats just fine....Peace and love to you all. Kate your a lucky woman....pretty too!!!! Byeee...
fatfree - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:05pm PT
Nia - she has good genes...
KATE - FeliceJon, finishing and releasing my CD has been a dream, and my friend Alison Prestwood helped make it happen
KATE - Thanks, sunshine again
fuzzwillie - Kate, any of the live songs give you goose-bumps b/c they're so danged good (like they do the rest of us)?
Nia - It must be so exciting being surrounded by such talents, must be a joy for you to work
Tolk2 - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:06pm PT
KATE - Fuzzwillie, Raised up family, Travelin star....
red-flagged - surely standing next to arnold when he sings his shower the people solo would be an experience
Carmine - Kate, thanks for taking the time to chat. I wish you continued success. I really enjoy listening to you and will be waiting for the next tour. Good night.
FeliceJon - What's it like posing for the cover of your ow
fuzzwillie - How 'bout Close Your Eyes?
FeliceJon - What's it like posing for the cover of your own album. You look great!
KATE - Joel my answers aren't coming up!
KATE - Redflagged, yes, it's a rush
Tolk - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:08pm PT
Sunshine - we saw james in tulsa, oklahoma, on his fall mini-tour. as much as we loved it, we really missed seeing you, kate, and the others. it somehow just didn't seem the same not having you all there!
KATE - FeliceJon, you are too kind..and I think I know why
KATE - Thanks sunshine
red-flagged - kate ... he (arnold) has such an amazing voice ... yet ive never come across any solo stuff .. is it out there?
FeliceJon - Kate, you type slow, did you take typing 101 in high school? Totally kidding!
KATE - Joel, ok I am back!
KATE - Felice Jon, it's dial up I am on, we're not at home
caro - can you still appriciate JTs song after performing them so many times?(even though each song is amazing)does it ever get boring?
KATE - redflagged, go to his website, many CDs!
red-flagged - cool .. didnt know he had one ..
fuzzwillie - Kate, will you sing backup on my demo I'm getting ready to record? ;-)
red-flagged - ha
KATE - Caro, yes i can appreciate James' songs, and as long as he keeps doing them, I will too
KATE - Fuzzwillie, how much cash do you have?? Just kidding. You never know.
Nia - Will there be any signed albums of yours available??
caro - thats good to hear!
fuzzwillie - Haha! The advance is in the mail!
KATE - Nia, good question, I will ask my record company, Compass Records, which has a lot of really great artists, you guys should check it out!
FeliceJon - What's your fondest memory of music as a child? Did your family play much together?
red-flagged - how do you stop the tears from flowing while singing a song like a junkies lament?
scooter - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:13pm PT
Nia - So I ask them do I?
KATE - Redflagged, it was much harder to keep tears from falling on Shed a Little Light, 3 days after 9/11
KATE - Nia, I will too
sam - wahts the bill i'll do a cd if you would sing on it
Nia - ok, I'll do that then..:)
red-flagged - love that song
fuzzwillie - I LOVE Shed a Little Light! It's almost a religious experience for me to hear you guys do that live.
KATE - sam, are you a musician?
Tolk - that had to be tough.. working songs that brought up so much emotion
scooter - Ever forget the words to any songs during a show ?
KATE - Shed was so hard after 9/11, I can't even describe it
red-flagged - kate and odd question ... what does james think of bob dylan? they dig one another? you might not know but something ive always wondered
sam - no but you would make up the diff
red-flagged - an odd uestion
Barb - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:15pm PT
KATE - Scooter, yes of course, even though I am nearly perfect...NOT
fuzzwillie - I play guitar and sing, Kate! And a little piano (but kinda rusty)
KATE - Redflagged, don't know, I'm sure he is a fan
Barb - Kate, are you going to be in Boston with JT Sat nite?
sam - how do you like bens cd
Nia - I've just emailed them Kate.
red-flagged - fuzzwillie ... you write? where are you from?
KATE - Sam, I really like Ben's CD
Barb - I am flying 1400 miles, from KC,for the awards.
fuzzwillie - I've from the metropolis of northeastern NC -- Carolina, baby!!
Tolk - Seeing Steve Gadd get recognition is wonderful but what thrilled me was seeing Russ Kunkel with you folks in Texas.. that was a true pleasure. I hadn'r seen much of him since Nicollete passed away. Thanks for having him with you.
KATE - scooter, re private message, i couldn't possible tell you, maybe looking at something in the audience....?
caro - whats songs on bens album does JT sing on?
KATE - Barb, no I won't be there, too bad.
red-flagged - cool ... im a long way away from you ... sydney, australia
Barb - I am so excited. JT and Bill Cosby and ME???
KATE - Caro, don't remember...sorry
fuzzwillie - red ... Australia is my DREAM place to visit. I'm serious. One day .....
fuzzwillie - Kate, are any particular venues more fun to play than others?
caro - ok thanks
red-flagged - ive been all over the states and ive been all over australia ... im sorry ... we win
KATE - Joel some of my messages are not coming through!!!!!! help!
rider - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:21pm PT
rider - whoa... standing room here. Hi peeps! Hello Kate!
Tolk - ((((((((((((rider)))))))))))))))))
KATE - Tolk, both drummers are so awesome, and russ and I worked together on my cd
Joel - If you've sent or received a private message they may be going to someone rather than the room, kate
rider - BARB!! Is that you?
Joel - Check the box on the lower left to make sure it says "Send to: Room"
KATE - nia, not for now!
Tolk - no kidding!!!!!!! ok, I'm buying 3
rider - Good grief, I've not seen Joel's name in here for for for forever!
Joel - If someone has sent you a private message your box will be set to reply to them unless you tell it otherwise.
Barb - Yeah, Rider is gonna be in Boston,too!
KATE - thanks, joel maybe that was it
fuzzwillie - Kate, are you as pretty in person as on-stage?!
Joel - Just picture me pulling levers behind a curtain, rider
Tolk - can i get one signed?? by you?? I feel like a fan!!
Barb - ((((Joel)))-love your room!!
kathy - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:23pm PT
red-flagged - fuzzwillie .. the porn sites are that way ---->
Tolk - the Wizard
rider - pay no attention to the man behind the chatroom ;o)
fuzzwillie - haha! remember, flattery is a powerful thing .
rider - Kate is a very pretty lady, fuzz.
caro - what's been the best/funniest moment of the tour so far?
Tolk - I have all of Vallerie's signed.. but I didn'r see her this tour.. she must be out promoting
KATE - joel, still not getting my messages, this is driving me nuts
Karen - logged on - [Member] - 9/10 at 7:25pm PT
Nia - Well, thanks for chatting. Take lots of care Kate, hope to see you on stage soon...
Karen - Hi Again ((((((JT Family))))))
Joel - Try selecting "Ignore Private Messages" and clicking Update, Kate. That will free you up to just chat in the room and may fix the problem.
Joel - That option is in the same box on the far lower left, Kate.
Tolk - hotel phones
KATE - thanks joel, maybe that will help
Barb - Poor Kate. We appreciate you talking!
rider - Hey Joel, how's Modem?
Joel - As annoying as ever, rider
KATE - OK, I am back
Karen - Kate......we do appreciate you being here. Very much so!!!!
Barb - watch it,Tolk- he owns the key to the trap door-lol
rider - I agree Barb. Kate, you're doing a great job! Folks really shouldn't be sending PMs to you during this chat! Makes for a whole lotta confusion!
red-flagged - Here Here!
Tolk - wb Kate
Nia - All the best with all you do, light, peace and love.
KATE - You guys all sound like good friends, do you chat often?
red-flagged - first time
Tolk - as often as it works
Karen - Kate....some of us have been in here for years and have maintained is very cool!
Nia - Take care, byeee for now, nos da as we say in welsh
Barb - Too much,Kate! Out of JT comes alot of love and laughter!
rider - Not often for me anymore, but I've been on this chat room for at least 5-6 yrs.
TexMark - i've been chatting here since 97 Kat
KATE - What kind of relationships, Karen?
TexMark - ...some great folks here
KATE - Bye, Nia, thanks so much
sam - first time for you
Tolk - I miss my sweet thang/friend rider.. she got married and serious
Karen - Well, mostly friendships but there are stories of some marriages as a result of this room.
red-flagged - kate ... do you get the whole band through your ear monitors or just vocal folback? silly question but im curious being a musician
rider - Hi ya Tex and Tolkie!
KATE - No more private messages, I can't keep up that fast...sorry!
KATE - Karen, marriages, really????
Tolk - amen Kate.. I do that all the time
TexMark - ((((((((((((((rider)))))))))))))))
rider - Tolk hunny... how many times do I have to tell you... I didn't get hitched!
red-flagged - used the same system but only had vocals in my ear the band from coming from the side fill ... hmmmm
Nia - bye peeps..
Nia - bye peeps..
Nia - Bye Kate
KATE - Redflagged, not a silly question, you can get whatever you need, I have the whole band at different levels and singers and James of course!
Nia - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:30pm PT
rider - thanks (((((Tex))))) :o)
Tolk - you didn't..??? I'm always the last to know
Karen - Kate......Really!!!!! Isn't that neat. We have a pretty neat regular group in here. Lot of great people!
Barb - Kate, is JT touring next year? Keep getting the feeling he's not.
KATE - Barb, don'tknow if James is touring next year
Tolk - oh man monitor mixing.. that's a science
scooter - At what point in a tour do you just want to go home ?
caro - what's been the best/funniest moment of the tour so far?
Ben - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:31pm PT
Barb - Alot of wanna be songwriters like myself,too!
KATE - Tolk, no kidding
kathy - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:32pm PT
rider - Kate, did you go to Sally's wedding?
red-flagged - kate .. have you toured australia before?
Ben - Hello. Wow, its actually Kate...What an honor...
red-flagged - drummers are the most difficults to mix foldback for ... curse their sweaty hides!!
KATE - Caro, ok I hesitate to tell you this, but we try to get people up and dancing at the end of show, and I did not see that this guy had a cane, and I tried to get him to stand up, and then he did, very slowly with his cane, and I felt terrible, but it was funny in a dark way, and I think he was OK about it.
TexMark - lol@red-flagged
caro - haha!!
Tolk - right on Kate..
rider - yeah but Kate, I'm sure he was flattered that you wanted to dance with him :o)
KATE - rider, did not go to Sal's wedding
KATE - Rider, I felt really stupid
KATE - Hey ben
Barb - What state are you from,Kate?
Ben - Has Sal got married?
KATE - Ben, sorry to break another heart
KATE - Barb, I am from LA, CA
FeliceJon - Hey, Kate! It's Felice. O
Ben - Oh damn, well, nevermind, I'm getting married in Jan
Barb - I have been to the airport there-misguided way back from San Francisco!
red-flagged - alright ... how many people in here are budding singer/songwriters? i have a feeling nearly all
scooter - Who wuld you like to work with that you haven't yet ?
KATE - Hey felice you babe, you
rider - Kate, how about letting us up on the stage to dance, huh?
caro - red-flagged, yep, i am
Tolk - is Kulacks woodshed a good place to hear accoustic music..or is it just a website brag?
Barb - I talked to JT's dad,Dr Taylor.Biggest thrill of my life.In 94 or 95.
Ben - I heard you were going to be on here Kate and wanted tosay, we listen to your cd a lot, me and my partner
FeliceJon - Hey Kate. It's Felice, I pushed Jon off.
KATE - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:37pm PT
rider - uh oh!
Tolk - sing us a song Kate.. I'll make you an omlette
TexMark - Bye Kate....thanks for the fine chat
Barb - wrong button?
KATE - Ben, sorry to break another heart
red-flagged - Doc Taylor ... really? One can only imagine how interesting he might be having a half share in producing James ... hmmm
Barb - Light up your lighters,guys!!
TexMark - Mmmm, Omlette...with peppers and onions?
Barb - He was a dear,sweet man.
Tolk - are ya backspacing on us darlin?
Tolk - and mushrooms
TexMark - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:39pm PT
Carmine - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:39pm PT
rider - Hey Kate, have you been taking chatting lessons from Tolk!? ;o) You know I love you ((((Tolkie))))
Barb - We didnt talk about James. Just my song I was getting to him,and his wife who had died, and my 5 kids.
red-flagged - she gone?
Tolk - I'll turn up the propane on the propane accessory
Tolk - she'll be back, she's too damn sweet to leave us like this
Barb - Good one, KATE-KATE-KATE!!!!
Ben - While we sign the register we are going to play 'Lay Away'
scooter - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:40pm PT
Tolk - did she say goodnight?/ I was typing
red-flagged - i met james in sydney this year .. thrilling
Tolk - (((((((((((rider))))))))))))))
kate - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:41pm PT
caro - red-flagged -what happened?
Tolk - if I had it I'd play it Ben
Karen - I have dreamed that I met James but is always just a dream. =)
Barb - Best things in life seem to never last. WELCOME BACK!!!
rider - Kate, you look shorter!
Tolk - is that you or mini-you?
kate - here I am I logged off by accident
Karen - Welcome back (((((Kate)))))
ANGEL - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:41pm PT
Barb - See, tolk,the torch worked!!
ANGEL - okay, who shrunk kate?
fuzzwillie - Welcome back!
Tolk - it might be Pag ernut be careful
kate - sorry everyone, I am a computer dweeb
rider - LOL@Tolk! LOL!!!
Barb - That color looks good on you,Kate. Berkshire Green.I use that alot,cuz of my green eyes!
ANGEL - you can afford to be a dweeb with that amazing voice of yours, kate! hehe
Tolk - log back on Kate I don't trust short people in chatrooms
kate - Thanks, angel
red-flagged - kate ... how improvisational is the arranging process when James brings a new song to the band ... or does the keyboard dude score the arrangements himself?
kate - Tolk , who said I was short...ok, I am
red-flagged - like at what level can you input ideas?
ANGEL - you are very welcome, kate!
Barb - I used to dream of going back to my high school and performing beside JT. Did you ever go back to your high school,Kate?
Ben - Me and my partner love 'Lay Away', we are going to play it while we sign the register at our wedding...
Tolk - since Kate and JOEL are in here.. what are you going to do about the banned..JOEL?
kate - Redflagged, you mean vocals or instruments?
ANGEL - excuuuuuuuse me......tolk? I am short too!
rider - Barb, I had my 20 yr reunion in July!
kate - Ben, THAT IS SO COOL!
Barb - I will have my 30th one next yr,but dont go. Havent made it big-YET!
Tolk - I think you're just tall enough Kate.. I may be glib in chat..but I do love your sound hon
red-flagged - vocals ... mainly ... what is your input there?
Ben - Yea, I'm nervous about our big day..Did anyone sing at Sally's wedding..?
kate - Thanks, tolk, I think
ANGEL - yea how much say do you have in the harmonies, kate?
kate - ha ha
Barb - Standing onstage, singing with James Taylor,its a thrill beyond thrills, right?And knowing the personal side of him too,has to be amazing.
karenk - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:46pm PT
fuzzwillie - Kate, do you have a pre-show
rider - Kate, will you be doing any solo shows?
karenk - Hi all hi Kate
kate - Angel, sometimes James will have us try different notes to see what he likes the best, and yes, he listens to our ideas too, but he really knows vocal parts
Tolk - (((((((((((karenk)))))))))))))) SIS!!!!!!!
Karen - (((((((((KarenK))))))))))) It is wonderful to see you!!!!! I have missed you!!!!!
red-flagged - Barb ... dont say **** like that ... gives me a feeling like the clenching of a fist ... and a hunger in the centre of the chest
fuzzwillie - ROUTINE? (sorry, it got sent early)
kate - Barb, yes, standing next to him is everything you can imagine, and he a my good buddy too offstage
ANGEL - so that must be incredibly uplifting when James takes YOUR harmonic ideas and lets them ride!!
karenk - hi Karen and Tolky
Barb - I am a songwriter, and before I die, I want him to sing just one song. How do I do it?
Tolk - KATE got small kate now
rider - I went to the Green Mountain show in Philly in 98. Got up on the stage before you all came out... had VIP passes... and saw all the names taped to the floor. My real name is Katie... so I put a little "i" in yours... heehee
red-flagged - so you all go up to vineyard for a bit of a barbecue and a few beers every now and again then?
red-flagged - except james of course
Tolk - ahhh haa a confession
Ben - We'd love to get married at the vineyard, but we can't afford it
rider - heck with bar-b-que, bring on the lobster!
Random Dream - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:49pm PT
rider - yes yes Tolk, I confess!
kate - Rider, everyone used to call me katie when i was younger
Tolk - kate?
LOOKS - logged on. - 9/10 at 7:49pm PT
Ben - Was sally's wedding beautiful? I'm sure ti was...
LOOKS - like I am too late
Tolk - did we lose kate again or did I run her off?
kate - Redflagged, yes we all had a big clambake taylor-style one year, it was so good!
kate - I mean a clambake
rider - I get called Kate alot, too
kate - I am here, just slow I guess
Tolk - that's our girl, she spells as badly as i do
LOOKS - Kate I was the one yelling at Arnold in Indy
Ben - My partner is called Kate!
kate - Ben, you have really good taste
rider - both clambakes looked the same!
Ben - Katiekins I call her
LOOKS - You looked great.......lost some weight
kate - Looks, don't yell it's bad for the voice
fuzzwillie - Kate, did you take voice lessons growing up? Or just a natural?
STEAM - logged on - [Member] - 9/10 at 7:51pm PT
ANGEL - what is the difference between clambake and clambake?
kate - Looks, you must have really bad eyes
Ben - How much does it cost to get people like carly james and you at a wedding???
Tolk - and laughing gives you wrinkles
Barb - Carry Me On MY Way makes me cry-does it other people?
ANGEL - hehe
LOOKS - Missed you two years ago when Arnold was by himself......missed harmony
kate - Angel, I typed in Clam bake and that's how it DAMBake
rider - those are good wrinkles Tolk
ANGEL - ask great questions!
Barb - lol,Angel.glad you could make it,dear.
ANGEL - lmao@kate
fuzzwillie - Thanks, Angel!
Ben - Would you perform the Bacardi song??
STEAM - hello Kate...hey ho Taylorites!! Kate does anyone understand the meaning of that wonderful 'Buffalo' song on October Road?
Tolk - yummm good wrinkles
kate - Ben, Well, I am considerably cheaper than either of them
Barb - me too, Angel, but was biting my finger...
Tolk - Kate.. if that's REALLY who you are.. thanks darin' for chatting in here.. visit sometime when Joel isn't around.. it's a hell of a lot more fun
kate - OK, all you nice people out there, I really have to go. this has been so much fun.
rider - awww, I have to go now. It's late and I have lots to do. Need some rest.
Ben - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:54pm PT
karenk - thanks for coming Kate
rider - whoa kate, we're in sync! no pun intended
fuzzwillie - Thanks Kate! You're the best! See you next tour!
ANGEL - waittttttttt.........did you take voice lessons, kate????????????????? and byeeeeeeeeeeeee, you are wonderful!
caro - thaankyou so much for chatting! take care
Barb - Ahhh, well thank you! And I will have fun in Boston for both of us, ok?
Joel - Thanks for being here, Kate. You've gone above and beyond the call.
rider - Thanks for coming Kate!
kate - Thank all of you for listening to our music, and check out my CD....
STEAM - thank u Joel and Kate M
Tolk - thanks for all the great voice.. best to you and yours
Joel - Everyone be sure to click the links to Kate's site and album above.
kate - Bye for now!
caro - and give James our love! xxx
Karen - Thanks ((((((Kate)))))) Please come back soon!!!!!
rider - She sure has Joel, and a real good chatter now!
kate - THanks so much, Joel
Tolk - I'm buying 3 Kunkel is on at least 1 of them
kate - logged off. - 9/10 at 7:55pm PT