ARNOLD - logged on. --- ( - 10:03pm ET)
kari - hi arnold
Leo - Is that really you ?? Tell us something that only you would know.
Meredith - greetings arnold!!
Kasa - Hey Arnold, Welcome!
brenda - Good evening Arnold!
Yakman - Hi Arnold
SB - Hello Arnold. Nice to meet you.
ARNOLD - hi folks this is so exciting
Debbie - Hello Arnold
Marc - welcome Arnold!!!!
Joel - Welcome to the chat, Mr. McCuller
kari - we're happy to have you here
Robin - Hi Arnold! Welcome!
SB - Love your work.
Cindy - Hey arnold, welcome aboard!!! From Otwa, Canada
Joel - EVERYONE please pipe down for a while. Thanks.
sheila - Hi, Arnold!
Tasha and Gunky - Hi Arnold!!! :-)
Sunny Skies - Hi Arnold!
Tina - hi arnold
Kaz - Glad you could join us Arnold :-)
leelee - exciting for us too!
Joel - Glad you were able to find us. You've created our biggest crowd yet.
Houdini - Hi Arnold, welcome!
suze - We are honored, Arnold!
Joel - EVERYONE PLEASE hold your comments for a few minutes
Joel - Thanks so much for coming. The site has been buzzing for weeks. Is this your first time chatting online?
ARNOLD - i love ottowa
ARNOLD - joel give a call
Joel - Okay. Hang on, folks.
ARNOLD - i'm a little nervous
sheila - Gosh, Arnold -- I thought it was my computer that was doing all the shaking :)
kari - you're nervous...what about us?? we're nervous
Joel - Alright. We're ready to start, folks.
ARNOLD - ok fire away!
Joel - A lot of us have your solo album, Exception to the Rule. Do you have plans for another?
Tasha and Gunky - "Just let me love you and I'll change all of that"
ARNOLD - taylor? is that afirst name
Joel - REMINDER: Everyone PLEASE hold your comments to a minimum until later.
ARNOLD - records: i plan to have something new for the summer tour
Joel - ARNOLD: Can you tell us anything about it?
Joel - ARNOLD: Also, could you tell us what your future plans are regarding touring with JT or others?
ARNOLD - i'm arnold and you just have to believe me
Robin B. - Arnold - I love your voice - and your tatoos!!
StacyK - Arnold, Can you tell us who Silas is? Such a sad song !
kaja - are you still nervous??
ARNOLD - when did you see my tats?
Robin B. - At the Oakdale 2 years ago. I met you after the show, with Lyle Lovett.
ARNOLD - i just recieved a fax from james' new manager! gary borman. the tour will go through sept. west of chic. and rehersals begin in may
Joel - ARNOLD: That's great news. Are you touring with anyone else in the near future?
kaja - any plans to tour the east??
ARNOLD - stacy, silas was my dad and betty was my mom both are gone and i really cared a lot forthem they were my friends
ARNOLD - i love lyle too. i wish i could work with both but they usually tour around the same time
GC - Arnold: One quick comment. Solo on "I Will Follow" is amazing!! Goose bumps just thinking about it. Thanks!!
kari - Arnold: I've seen you in concert twice with JT in Noblesville, IN at Deer Creek Music Center. I love what you do for the really spice it up!! I look forward to hearing you again in July.
Pookie's Dad - Arnold, I have to say that you have a righteous voice and I always look forward to your camios in the JT show
Joel - Marc has a question for you, ARNOLD. Go ahead with yours too, Guitmike
ARNOLD - no eastcoast as far as i know but i think there will be a pbs special. i bet they can't top the last one. i loved that one with rose.
SB - Rose...with the hair? That was a GREAT show! have it on tape!
Cindy - Arnold, I rec'd squibnocket video for Christmas, loved it - any videos after Squib, any plans to do a video on Hourglass! Otwa loved you too!
Taylor - Silas Loder is the name of an albulm my friend recorded...strange
ARNOLD - thanks pookie's dad!
Hebs - Arnold.......of all the cities you've toured with JT......what is your absolute favorite and why?
Guitmike - Hi Arnold, I was wondering what songs you guys like to goof around on in rehearsal. I know JT used to play Ray Charles' "Hallelejeau I Love Her So" and I love the song.
Robin - Is that Rosemary? sang with Jackson?
StacyK - That's one of my favorites on the album. I can only imagine how proud they must be, looking down on you.
Marc - three parter, I'll try to be quick, Is there anyone you enjoyed working with the most, who do you like lto listen to when you're not working, and do you know the name of David Lasely's Management?
Gus - You are the BEST!
ARNOLD - yes rose was with jackson
StacyK - With all the changes in management will ted still be the tour manager?
Robin - I miss seeing her, she was great with Jackson and James and David Linley
ARNOLD - my favorite city is boston for the fans, i love sf for the sites and culture and i love going back to ny always
Meredith - hey guys..quiet down and let the man respond..please.
ARNOLD - david is without management now but he use to be with borman oddly enough
Dianne - Arnold are you married with kids?
Meredith - you recall the very last show of the tour? It was a private one hosted by 95.5 in NY at Madison Sq. garden..I was there..we got wonderful seats!
ARNOLD - rose is wonderful and i wish we could sing together again, she had real power!
Marc - David brought my friends and I backstage at the Montreal show and I wanted to thank him. It was a real thrill!!
ARNOLD - we couldn't do it without ted c!
Scott II - arnold, just thought you should know that you've taken over the title as the the owner of the coolest voice from james earl jones. Glad to see you going solo. what prompted you going on your own?
liz - that's me at Great Woods , coming back every year. But now I'm in SF, so thanks for doing the west coast this summer:)
ARNOLD - i'm not married but i would love to adopt achild if i could stay home long enough
Boston - any plans to come to the beautiful city of Minneapolis on that tour?
Joel - QUESTION: Could you tell us how you got started with JT?
db - Arnold, What happened to Leland Skylar?
ARNOLD - i do remember the last ny show and i was pissed off that the lighting crew squirted me with water during shower the people. but it's funny now
ck - Yeah, Boston!!! (and GreatWoods) Arnold, just *love* your voice. Thank you so much for doing this tonight!
Gib - So how long does it take for you chaps to rehearse before you hit the road?
ARNOLD - i just got a callfor dinner but i don't want to stop
SB - Arnold: just throwing this out there...You're Shower the People solo is unbeatable!!!
Joel - LAST QUESTION: Could you tell us how you met and got started with JT?
ARNOLD - i just realized you are all on the east coast! duh
TJ - ARNOLD: for those of us composers out there--how do you suggest we get our material heard?
Robin B. - Arnold, are you working on any new songs with Michael Ruff? I've seen him perform before with our pal Jeff Pevar. He's great.
ARNOLD - we can be rehersed in two weeks or less, never more
Sarah Maria - Hey...woah...Some are on the West, and missed you all (snub of this summer) ...
Houdini - Arnold, sorry about the out-of-tune "Happy Birthday in Charlotte last August, we'll do better next time!
Gib - that's pretty good....hard work?
Boston - Any plans for a trip to the beauful city of Minneapolis on the tour?
ARNOLD - were you at the bottom line when mike ruff played there?
Leo - Arnold, What is your favorite JT song. Thanks again for coming on-line.
Sunny Skies - Arnold, do you ever do benefit concerts?
TJ - scott-is that you?
darby - What a special night! Thanks for coming by, Arnold!
Yakman - Arnold how did you get started with JT ?
Joel - ARNOLD: I realize our time is just about up, but I wanted to thank you for coming. I'll open things up now for everyone to say something. Thanks again!
ARNOLD - my favorite jt song is...secret of life
Kasa - ARNOLD: Thanks for joining us tonight! Come back and visit us again! :-)
Kaz - Arnold, I was disappointed that you didn't tour Australia last year - Dorian Holly did instead :-(
Sunny Skies - We really enjoy your voice, Arnold!
Gib - great voice... you've given us some wonderful moments...
Tasha and Gunky - Upstaging does have some knuckleheads on their crew!!!!
Roo - Arnold - hello from Toronto. Is your cd available in Canada or only online?
Joel - ARNOLD: Maybe we could convince you to come by again when you have the time.
SB - Thank you very much, Mr. McCuller! It was nice to meet you.
Karen - Thank-you Arnold...You are great!
ARNOLD - i'm doing abenefit in february for autistic children
kari - arnold thank you for coming--look forward to Indiana this summer!
db - Take care of yourself and JT - you guys are special!
leelee - Arnold, you are great! come back & visit us soon and please tell JT that we exist here on JTO! Thanks!
TJ - ARNOLD: any tips for composers to get their material heard?
Robin - Thank You Arnold, this has been a blast!
Marc - don't be a stranger Arnold, stop by any time. Thanks for doing this!!!!
ck - Yes, Arnold, feel free to stop by anytime! Tell JT we all say HI and just enjoy listening to all of your music so much!
TJ - drop by anytime, arnold! :o)
Kasa - We're always here!
SB - Don't let us keep you from dinner!
Guitmike - Thanks for stopping by Arnold!
ARNOLD - james hired david and i after a reccomendation. we sang with him for 6 hours the first meeting
Kathleen - Thank you so much for taking time to talk to us, Mr. McCuller. We really appreciate it.
Roo - Just wanted to say I love your voice. "Follow Love"
sheila - Just want to offer a sincere thanks for all the great music! Guess you won't be hitting Michigan in '98, so I'll catch you somewhere out west! Take care and thanks much for the chat!
lisa - LOVE your voice - come back to the east coast (NC) soon!!
Tasha and Gunky - donny does have some knuckleheads on his crew!!!!
liz - my secret fantasy is to ...sing backup with JT - is it as fun as it looks?
Shawn - Can you tell us anything about the No Nukes Shows, Arnold?
Boston - Thanks for chatting Arnold. We all love you and JT.
Joel - ARNOLD: Please do come back when you can. We really appreciate it.
ARNOLD - thanks everyone i really needed this!
Robin B. - Arnold - please come to Ct - and please let me come backstage to say hi! xo
SB - keep singin'!!!
darby - Thanks again, Arnold!
Debbie - Thankyou Arnold
Rip - Thanks!
kari - arnold: would love to meet you in Noblesville in July!
Meredith - yes was our pleasure!
Tasha and Gunky - really like "Change All Of That"!
Kaz - Arnold, I like your solo bit on "Shower the People" on the LIVE album, and also 'Easy Lover' with Phil Collins
ARNOLD - no nukes was too long ago!
SB - our pleasure indeed!
SB - Yes! Easy Lover! wonderful!
Meredith - yeah arnold..easy lover was great too!!
Tasha and Gunky - Tell D Lasley Michael Murphy says "Hello"!
ARNOLD - noblesville in july? i didn't know. we don't have dates yet
Joel - ARNOLD: Will your next album be on the same label? Your last one is a challenge to find for a lot of folks.
Marc - loved your work on Road to Ensenada with Lyle, another one of my favourites!!
Yakman - Arnold you've got to come to MI. this summer please.
kari - trust'll be there. (knock on wood) you always are.
Robin B. - Arnold - do you think James loves Valerie the best? just kidding.
ARNOLD - my next record should be on adifferent label
Meredith - hey arnold..remember when the snow fell during frozenman of the ny show?? Did that make James angry like the water made you angry???
ARNOLD - i'll give david your message
suze - Some of us have admired your work a long time- even if it was a long time ago!
SB - ARNOLD: I wanted to say thanks for doing the University of Alabama for homecoming a few years ago with JT...made my year!
Tasha and Gunky - Thanks!
Joel - EVERYONE: We plan to have a text interview with Mr. McCuller in the next issue of SBJ. Watch the News page for information about it in the next couple months.
Taylor - Come to eastern Canada
Kasa - Goodnight everyone! Thanks for a fun evening, Arnold and Joel! TTFN!
Marc - listen to Taylor, please!!!!
Meredith - night kasa!
Brent - Arnold, saw you in Nashville up on the lawn. Love you solo part in Shower the People. Thanks.
Sarah Maria - Psst...perhaps it's not kosher, but give James a poke for us--let him know the die-hard fans are here, eh?!
Marc - kindred spirits.......
ARNOLD - bye everone thanks!!!!
Barry - Greetings from Newfoundland, Canada Arnold
SB - thanks again for coming by!
suze - Thanks to you too Joel for organizing this!
Roo - I'm with you ! anywhere in Canada !
Meredith - bye Arnold!
TJ - come back again, arnold!!
Yakman - Bye Arnold and thank you very much
suze - Goodnight, all!
Brent - Thank you!
darby - Good night, Arnold! Take care :)
Wim - Arnold, I saw you on our birthday this past year!
Marc - night Kasa
leelee - Night Night Arnold!!!!!
ck - Good night, Arnold! Thank *you*!!
sheila - stop by and see us again, Arnold (feel free to bring JT next time, too! :) )
liz - thanks to you and Joel for a fun nite
Brent - Damn, got here too late.
Marc - night Arnold, thanks again!!!
Joel - Mr. McCuller has left the building, so to speak. Back to your normal cacophony, folks.
Meredith - is he gone? he didnt sign off..yet his name is gone........(theme to x-files plays)
ck - WOW!!! Thank you, Joel!!
Meredith - what is this? A second curtain call?? heehhee! He;s back!!
Sunny Skies - Joel, I prefer to think of it as abnormal cacophany!
ARNOLD - hi brent
Meredith - who's aj arnold?
Roo - I think he's still here guys...
SB - Hi again, Arnold. :-)
Brent - Thank you Arnold. Take Care.
Joel - ARNOLD: Still with us? Just sent you email. You're not forgoing dinner for us, are you?
Meredith - there??
kari - thanks for doing this arnold; not many people would.
ARNOLD - now mike lee wants to talk
Karen - Arnold...thanks for making our day!!!!
darby - But your're here, Brent, so cheer up!
Meredith - is that still the real arnold?
Brent - Arnold, Don't forget to Shower the People.
Tasha and Gunky - Arnold,you were shy about your age after we sang Happy Bday to you in catering last summer,you don't look a day over 30!
TJ - hi mike!
Debbie - Well I got pills to push in am, bye all, thanks again Arnold and Joel
Roo - Arnold - bring all your friends in. We'll say hi to them all.
Marc - you're hooked now Arnold. No turning back now!!
Yakman - Well this night is over for me everyone have a beautiful evening Joel and Arnold thank you so much
leelee - Hey Arnold, What's for dinner?
Taylor - Give 'er Arnold!
Robin - Hi Mike you are brave!
ARNOLD - thanks tasha!!!!!!
Laura - Arnold, do you have an email address?
Robin - What do you do Mike?
sbux - Hey people!
Mike - I heard you do the GREATEST NATIONAL ANTHEM EVER!!! when will you do another?>
Taylor - Almost got to see you in Glasgow Arnold
Tasha and Gunky - You're welcome!!!
Meredith - youre 30 Arnold? I thought you were 25!
ARNOLD - i don't know what they are serving for dinner but i should be in my car
Barry - Arnold, you have sang with a lot of people, any favorites? JT, Lyle etc?
SB - Thank you so much, Arnold.
Robin B. - Arnold, have a bowl of cereal and stay with us!
Marc - don't let us keep you Arnold!
Roo - Arnold, your dinner's getting cold. If you don't leave now you never will :o)
ARNOLD - i don't know mike you book um!