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Sally Taylor Chat at James Taylor Online
August 22 2000

Sally - logged on. - 8/22 at 5:58pm PT
Joel - logged on - [Webmaster] - 8/22 at 5:58pm PT
Joel - Hi, Sally. Thanks for coming.
Joel - Let's get started.
Joel - First off, thanks so much for coming to talk to us, Sally.
Sally - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:00pm PT
Joel - Judging just from your schedule of tour dates, you've been an unusually busy person lately.
Sally - It's true I've been all over North America
Joel - And lots more dates to come. How much of the past couple years have you and the band spent on the road?
Sally - We've been on the road for 2 years on and off. I love the road as you probably know from my road diary. But I've got to take a break in Dec.
Joel - We fans love keeping up with the tour via your diaries. Do you spend a lot of time online? The web site seems a big part of your promotion efforts.
Sally - I do use my computer a lot but I hardly spend any time on line (I've never even been to a chat room before tonight) because mainly I use my comp. to update my web site and send e-mails from hotels and it can get expensive if I spend too much time on the motel phones you know?
Joel - I know how it is. How much of the promotion of your music falls to you personally? Was the web effort your idea?
Joel - I know you've chosen the non-label route with your music, and that has to be tough in some ways.
Joel - Or is it tough as a new artist regardless?
Sally - I love getting the updates on dad from your site joel! some times he forgets to tell me where he is and I always know where he's at thanks to you
Joel - He always gives me a call before he leaves for a show. ;)
Joel - Actually, all our tour info and news comes from devoted fans.
Sally - it's great being an independant artist! Thank God for the www. I work pretty much all of the time even when we're not performing because I manage my self and promote my self
Joel - Are you confident that an artist like you can find success without the help or hindrance of the big labels?
Sally - Success is happiness
Sally - I'm sure I can find happiness with out a major lable's help
Joel - And how has your experience differed from your brother's? His solo effort seems to have been eaten by a big label.
Joel - While waiting for that album, you've put out two and are on your way to a third.
Sally - Ben's and my aproach was very different but no one can say which was the better bet
Joel - For our visitors, you can click on Sally's smile above to open her site in another window.
Joel - You can order both Tomboy Bride and Apt. 6-S directly from Sally there.
Sally - Yeah, I've writen the 3rd
Joel - Any idea when we can expect to see it?
Joel - You're already sneaking some new songs into your live shows, aren't you?
Sally - I've got to tour through November before I can even put together the 3rd
Joel - Will you distribute it yourself as you have the first two?
Sally - but I'm sure it'll be ready by 2010
Joel - Also, what can you tell us about your involvement with the film Me, Myself and Irene?
Sally - No really, I'm just launching Apt #6s. It'll be in all the stores by Sept 12th and radio will have it by the 25th
Sally - The film was made by some friends of mine (the F. Brothers) whom I met in MV and who asked me to sing a song for the movie. They have been great STB supporters
Joel - That's great. About your band -- how'd you hook up with them? Did you ever consider touring as a purely solo artist?
Sally - I use to sing a lot as a solo act in college but after I made TBB I thought my art would be better represented by a full band.
Joel - For folks who may not have heard your music yet, how would you characterize it?
Sally - I still plan to do some solo gigs...Most likely in the begining of next year
Joel - And what do you say to someone who claims you sound "just like your mother/father?"
Sally - The band an I call it folk rock...though it's got a lot of jazz and pop influences
Joel - Any big performances on tap? How about a Letterman appearance? Should we mount a letter campaign?
Sally - I love sonding like them. I cry for joy when I listen to myself on a recording and can hear them in me because I know then, that they will live in me forever and ever for as long as I live
Sally - OH, yes please launch a Letterman campaign!
Joel - I'll see what I can do. ;) We'll feel out the crowd when they log on to talk to you.
Joel - On that note, just one more question before we open the floodgates.
Sally - I love Letterman. By the way Jole, than's for having me tonight
Joel - Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? Do you imagine you'll continue on the self-directed promotional path, or could a label with the right attitude change your mind?
Sally - A lable is not out of the question. I just don't believe that an artist should be signed to a "service co." whish is what I believe the major or indi lables to be. I think a lable should sign to an artist.
Joel - That does make a lot of sense.
Sally - Thanks
Joel - Okay, I'll open things up in just a minute, but in the meantime I wanted to thank you for coming. We all appreciate the time you've taken to talk to us.
Joel - i'
Joel - I'll open the chat now, and folks will be able to log on.
Sally - No prob. I appologize for my slow typeing
Joel - Please hold your questions a bit if you can, folks. She can't answer a wave all at once.
Joel - Okay. Here we go.
Shawn - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
rider - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Joel - Go ahead and press Reload or Refresh in your browser, folks.
Zot - logged on - [Loser] - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
secret - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Mumba Letterman - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Joel - Here comes le deluge.
andy - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Shane - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
kanoeone - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
helen - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Joel smiles
rider - New Hampshire, hello Sally!
ratty - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
diane - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Tee_ - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
pip - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
rider - Joel, you da man
Alana - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
helen - welcome Sally
Zot - I'm drafting my Letterman letter now
Michael - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Cheryl - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Sabine, Germany - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
SteveM - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:26pm PT
Mumba Letterman - Hello everybody ... hello Sally :o)
kanoeone - greetings from martha's vineyard
Shane - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:27pm PT
Emily - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:27pm PT
ratty - Hi Sally
Shawn - Hi Sally...WOW What a great summer I've had...first I met you at Valentines in Albany (Livestock Tshirt) , then I TALKED TO YOUR MOM on Howard about it!!! Then I get a message from you on my website...Such a thrill...thanks so much.
babs - logged on - 8/22 at 6:27pm PT
Michael - Hi Sally..thanks for being here
Shane - Hello Sally How Are You
Sabine, Germany - morning folks!! hi Sally
Sally - Hello all. I hope I can keep up and answer all your Q's
Emily - hi sally
Shawn - do you remember me?
babs - Hello Sally
Ggirl - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:27pm PT
SteveM - Hi, Sally!!! Welcome to "dad on line"!
Sally - So how y'all doing to night
Shane - I am so glad to be able to chat with you
hollyleia - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:27pm PT
Cheryl - Sally, hi! It was great meeting you in Princeton and I loved your show. Is there any chance we'll see you her again? Also I have friends in Germany who would love to see you. WIll you be touring there at all?
Ggirl - Hi Sally! Welcome, so nice to meet you. : )
Emily - Sally..i just wanted to tell you that I am SOOO excited about seeing you here in Shreveport in October!
rider - come to Portsmouth NH !!! We support the arts, and Livingston is here every year tooooooo
LadyAron - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:28pm PT
pip - Hey Sally! Thanks for doing this chat! ; )
ZoWWie - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:28pm PT
hollyleia - Hello Sally!
Tee_ - Sally! David Letterman just about tripped over himself to get to you to shake your hand when you appeared on his show last year to sing back up for your dad! I should think it not a problem for you to get on his show ...girl!!
Shane - Do you ever plan on doing an album with your entire family
kanoeone - i wished to stop by and introduce my self i am a friend of trudys
LadyAron - Hello Sally.....thanks for coming chat with us. How are you tonight?? :-)
Charleen - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:28pm PT
007 - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:28pm PT
asadfwcpo - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:28pm PT
kanoeone - jyst wanted to say hi we have not met
andy - Hi Sally! Any chance of hearing some live stuff on Napster to let it circulate?
Ggirl - Sally, I will be seeing you in concert for the first time in Shreveport, La on Oct. 3rd, can't wait!
helen - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 6:29pm PT
babs - ((((007))))
Sally - Let's get Letterman
Shawn - Sally...the 4 songs by you, Mom and Ben on Carly's site are AWESOME....can you tell us about the clambake???
007 - hey babs
asadfwcpo - hi everyone.
Joel - That reminds me, be sure to visit Sally's site (click her face above) to see her upcoming tour dates. There are many.
Russell - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:30pm PT
kanoeone - i have not seen trudy ina couple of weeks when you see her tell her gary said hi
Zot - You should invite Letterman to interview Sally right here on JTO chat, Joel.
Sabine, Germany - Hi Sally, just wanted to tell you we love your music over here in Europe, too, hint, hint ... And my friend Rita says a big hello!!!
secret - night Emily
Sally - The calm bake .... that was a trip..Lobsters.... drawn butter and can you go wrong?
TE - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:30pm PT
pip - Sally... Is there someone in particular who was the inspiration for the song "Tomboy Bride"?
ZoWWie - I'll put Laura to work on Letterman.
Shawn - Mmmm...sounds great...
Ggirl - Sally, loved those songs from the clambake too. Very cool!
rider - that's "Laahhbtaahs" in New England Sally :o)
Sally - I've been great. Kind of half on Vacation and half still working...pool side style
Shane - Tell your dad I said Hey
Alana - Have you looked into internet airplay? Jimmy Buffett has his own internet radio station - RadioMargaritaville. They play lots of great artists - Jimmy, the Beatles, your dad, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Marley... You'd fit right in. And they routinely broadcast concerts live. I'd suggest sending them the CD's and
Emily - yes should do that
rider - Emily!
Tee_ "Success is Happiness" a truly good motto and a great example you are for your generation. I have both your cds and have had many hours of very enjoyable listening. Have come to all your shows here in Portland Oregon, Come back again. Thanks for the music. Have a safe and successful rest of the year and tour.
Shawn - I've really enjoyed Apt 6s...your cover of "Stuck in the Middle" is awesome too...any chance that will show up sometime on an album?
helen - Sally, I hope you will consider playing some dates in Canada. (TORONTO)
SteveM - Sally, whenever you get to the questions part... In your dad's last lap through Philly, at the orchesgtral concerts, he alluded to the show tunes your grandparents played throughout his childhood at home. What did mom and dad "torture" or "serenade" you
LadyAron - Sounds great, Sally!! With your tour schedule, you sure deserve some poolside time!!
Sally - Tomboy Bride is a fictitional ch. but I kind of modled her after my roll model and after this ch. in a book entitled "Tomboy Bride"
007 - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:32pm PT
asadfwcpo - Sally, does Liv and JT do much colaboration? Would be great to see them do a song together.
Mumba Letterman - or Montreal :o)
Sally - I've been trying to get on the Jimmy site
pip - Thanks Sally ; )
Sabine, Germany - yes, a live internet show whould be great. David Wilcox did one, and the "house of blues" site broadcasted the show later on the internet. That way we could hear you "live", too.
Charleen - Sally, are you returning to The Tralif in Buffalo in October? I have more pictures for you from the last time.
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:32pm PT
Sally - WE'll be in Portland again soon I think...
TE - Sally I'll be honest, I don't know a damn thing about your music. I wanted to tell you though, that I am a music teacher in western Pennsylvania, and your fathers music has been an inspiration to me for over ten years. I wish younger people could open their eyes to real music.
babs - (((((((elvis))))))
rider - talk to your auntie, Sally... she seems to have a rapport with Jimmie :o)
helen - Great writing, Sally. I especially like Sign of Rain and How Can I
Sweet Baby Jane - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:33pm PT
Shane - Iam Thirteen Years Old And I can Play every on of your dads songs, and alot of yours on the guitar
Tee_ - Got to run. thanks Joel, thanks Sally bye y'all!
Sally - I don't think we'll cover sitm on a record but maybe on sound track
Tee_ - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:33pm PT
rider - Portsmouth NH! The Music Hall... great place. gotta come!
Sally - I love to play with the family
Sabine, Germany - hi (((((helen))), here's to "sign of rain"!!
Cheryl - Any chance "Stuck in the Middle with You" will be on the next CD?
Shawn - Have you heard anything about and appearance on Howard S.?
Sally - I did one on the HOB web cast site. I think It's still there
Sabine, Germany - If any of you have chords of tabs of Sally's songs worked out, I'd lvoe to get some, I have Tomboy Bride and Sign of Rain so far.
helen - Sabi, you nut, it's sooooo early there.
babs - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:35pm PT
Shawn - Your website is very cool, Sally.. It's wonderful that you have that kind of contact with us, your fans!
Sally - Keep playing Shane. It'll pay off
Sabine, Germany - it's o 3.30, what'S the "o" for? o my god it'S early!
helen - Speaking of soundtracks, your voice sounds amazing on Amity. (your mom's hardly shabby either)
Country Road - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:35pm PT
Ggirl - Sally, who's music do you enjoy listening to today?
Shawn - Sally, you've sang "Actress" at your shows...what songs of your dads do you do, if any?
kanoeone - well i have stonewalled long enough it is for the birds
TE - good for you shane. I am 35 and I am still trying to learn the JT tunes
kanoeone - yes?
Sabine, Germany - on the HOB?? jeez, I have to check that rightaway ...
Sweet Baby Jane - Just wanted you to know you and your entire family have touched many people's lives with your wonderful gift of music. I admire each and everyone of you.
Sally - I could help with tabliture if you wanted to e-mail me at taylorsite@aol
rider - Sally, are you keeping up with us??? :o)
Sally - How early is it Sabine?
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Hi {{{{{SALLY}}}}} And Welcome to the room First off I would like to say what a beautifull young woman you are. Second How much I LOVE your work.And third how BLESSED You are to have the parents that you do !! You Dad is AWESOM I have Loved his work since 1969. and Your Mom is just a Living Doll I have enjoyed her work for a long long time too. And Last but not least I LOVE Your family sign & the history that goes with it !!!..LOL Have a "GREAT" evening Kiddo {{{{{{HUGGS}}}}}...:-)
Shawn - Right on Sweet Baby Jane!
Shane - Yeah maybe someday i ll grow up to be like your dad, and your family. The Taylors are very talented.
asadfwcpo - Sally, I saw you perform with your DAD several years ago in Dallas TX. The
ZoWWie - Sally, I want to say that you are beautiful, your music is inspiring and your dedication to the people and the non-corporate lifestyle little short of awesome. Thank you for all the great music and the joy that so obviously propels it.
Sally - I love Ben folds five and Marie Amsterburg
Shawn - Wish we could get ALL of the Simon/Taylors together on the same stage...any chance of that ever happening?
Sabine, Germany - it's 3.30 am right now. I stuck my right toe out of bed to turn the computer on :-)
Charleen - logged off.
asadfwcpo - U were great.
Sally - We don't get to play dad too much but I love his songs more than I like to swim which is A LOT
Shawn - Sally, you've been touring so much...your next cd should be called "Daughter loves her work" !!!! HA HA HA
kanoeone - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:37pm PT
Shane - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:37pm PT
Sabine, Germany - Sally, how do you write your songs, on guitar or piano, on the road or more at home ..?
Sally - Thanks SBJ that's so beautiful
Shawn - Who taught you to play guitar, Sally?
andy - Which one of your dad's songs is your fav?
TE - shane your parents must be into JT?
secret - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:38pm PT
hollyleia - Have a good night Sally...Bye!
Sally - are too kind
C - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:38pm PT
Txemerald - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:38pm PT
Shane - Can you tell us some early childhood memories of you and your father that might be of interest to us all?
Shawn - We all love your family, Sally...they have provided so many happy times for so many people...yourself included...
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Sally youre whole family is VERY KIND !!!! NUFF SAID !!! Love Ya ALL !!! LOTS...:-)
Sweet Baby Jane - You are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us "Taylor fans".
Sally - Sure we all get on stage together when ever we're all in town which aint that often but you aant keep us off if we're in the audience
Shane - yeah they are. my dad mostly though
hollyleia - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:39pm PT
Ggirl - Sally, love the pictures of you as a little girl with James and Carly, so cute. : )
TE - people say they want to be the president for a day, I want to be JT
cat stevens - Why isn't Sally's album on a regular label?
Sally - I love to tour it's true and Moby is such the comfort zone of mobiles
helen - Sally, you talk in your diaries about vocal rest a lot. Is the touring causing problems or are you trying to make sure you don't develop problems?
Shawn - You and Ben seem to be really close...that's awesome...he seems like a cool guy
asadfwcpo - hi txemerald. say hi to Sally
andy - TE, you sound like as big a JT fan as I am! I didn't think taht was possible.
Shane - do you ever plan on doing a concert in the Va/Nc area?
TE - how old is your dad shane?
ratty - bye Sally, thanks for coming
Shane - 42
SteveM - Sally, pardon me if you and Joel covered this earlier; I missed the first few minutes... Last time dad was in philly, he mentioned the showtunes his parents played at home. What did mom and dad play at home when you and Ben were kids? What of it stuck
ratty - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:40pm PT
Sally - Dad use to read to me from sports magazines in a hushed voice and tell us stories about the brown family who were so borring that we were asleep before the first line
Shawn - Sally, the pictures on Apt 6S, you look sooo much like your mom on the inside cover of Hotcakes....What beautiful genes you both have....
TE - yes sir andy
Sally - Cat,
Txemerald - Hi Sally
pip - LOL@Sally
ZoWWie - The Brown Family?
ZoWWie - The Brown Family?
LadyAron - Too cute, Sally!!
rider - i rather like James' jeans, yep! ;o)
andy - TE, where are you from?
Ggirl - Sally, that's to funny!
TE - Pittsburgh Pa
Sally - Cat, I just an advocate of creating your own version of success. Mine is not up holding witht eh Majors deffinitiion
Sally - NC in the fall..Oct
JusTom - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:42pm PT
LadyAron - Sally, do you have a favorite venue to play? A special place?
helen - and Canada???
Shane - are any of the songs you have written about your dad?
Charleen - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:42pm PT
Shawn - Are you coming back to Albany sometime Sally?
C - Hi everybody. Sally, I am a classical musician as well as an amateur songwriter. I have an easy time writing music, but writing lyrics is agonizing. Can you tell us how you usually come up with ideas for lyrics? Do they come to you naturally, or do you have you have to work at it?
cat stevens - But is it shyness? Or don't you want the big commercial success?
ZoWWie - Success really is happiness. It's so cool to hear anyone else say that.
Sabine, Germany - Sally, do you play any other instruments apart from the guitar? did you get any training as a child?
Sweet Baby Jane - That sounds so sweet...your memories of your dad. You are indeed lucky, but I am sure you know that already.
andy - Sally, I saw you recently at the HOB. I didn;t realize you were so hot.
pip - I really enjoy the "Diary" at your site, Sally... your tales of being on the road make me feel like I'm right there
rider - gee, i will be in NC in Oct...hmmm perfect!
Sally - cat stevens, Rolling stones, Elvis, sam cook, miles, joni,
Zot - Any plans to come to Australia any time, Sally?
Sally - I'm from NYC
Sally - I love HOB and Zepher and Luna Park
Shawn - You guys, when I talked to Sally about her mom and dad, she just beamed...their love is deep as you can tell by "Sarah Maria" and "Love of My Life'....can you comment on those songs, Sally?
asadfwcpo - are you coming to dallas soon Sally?
Sabine, Germany - I guess I'll just have to do a big Sally-David Wilcox-JT firled trip some day soon, to get some decent live music!! Helen, are you game?
Sally - I love a lot of venues
Sabine, Germany - andy, I'm still searching on the HOB site, but I can't find it!!
Shane - is it true that "Smiling Face" is about you?
ZoWWie - Anyone who likes New York is fine with me!
Sally - I dream in music
JusTom - Hey Sally, just wanted to say hi and I just picked up apt #6s....absolutely wonderful......great music not to mention the writting....can't wait for #3!!!!
TE - saw JT for the first time back in the early 80's in the civic arena in Pittsburgh, PA
helen - sounds fine, Sabi.
SteveM - Thanks for coming on, Sally. I can't wait to see you again; when are you coming
Mumba Letterman - Sally - good answer :o)
andy - Sabine, i meant in person, sorry
Sally - Comercial is OK but I like being able to talk with you guys
SteveM - ...back to Philadelphia area?
Sabine, Germany - (((((JusTom)))))), hey!
helen - dreaming in music sounds lovely.
Sally - I love writing for my gives me perspective
JusTom - hey Sabi!!!!!
Michael - Sally, any shows in NYC soon ?
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Come on over Sabine & Helen You both are welcome out at the ranch anytime !!!..:-)
LadyAron - We like it, too Sally. :-)
Alana - Spending so much time on the road, is it hard to come back home again and do ordinary things like laundry and grocery shopping?
Sweet Baby Jane - That is a true dream in music, Sally. It shows in your work.
Sabine, Germany - oh, ok andy, thanks
pip - Hey Real Life Tom! ; )
Sally - Man are you from Australia...I want to be there!!!
JusTom - hey pipster, how you be?
Sabine, Germany - how do you write songs Sally?
Ggirl - Hey ((((JusTom))))
cat stevens - Does Sally relate to all the romances her mom went through and wrote about? Beatty, Travolta, Cat, the Dyntasy guy?
Zot - Yes, Sally, I'm from Australia. Melbourne. Although I'm currently visiting the USA.
Shawn - Sally, you don't seem to have stage fright like mom, am I correct or do you get nervous too?
Sabine, Germany - k Elvis, brace yourself!! ;-)
TE - It was going to rain, but he told the arena people to open the roof anyway. The crowd went nuts. Best concert I ever saw in my life
pip - Doing fine Tom... ltns!! ; ) We really missed you and Miss Roo at the NC Gathering!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Who me Sally I'm in Ohio & I will be at the show in Cincinatti !!!! YYYYeeeeeeee-Hawwwwwwwww...:-)
Sally - Ahhh I wish I could read as fast ass you all type...Feel free to email me a t Sally if I missed you
Shawn - Sally...does Aunt Lucy still sing? I have a record of hers called Stolen Time that I really enjoy.
Sally - We're playing the Bitter end in Oct. The 19th I believe
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Sally I type with 1 finger !!! LOL HONEST
SteveM - THANKS SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! G'night!
Ggirl - Sally, it's kind of overwhelming isn't it? We are all just so glad to have you here. : )
helen - you'll be able to read the transcript of the chat here tomorrow, Sally.
JusTom - hi Ggirl!!!!
Sweet Baby Jane - Thanks for visiting, Sally, it's been an honor.
Sally - What are "Laundry?" And "Groceries?" and smell good too? Luxury
Shawn - Sally...did you see my question about hearing any news about a possible appearance on Howard S.?
Shane - I have never been to any concerts in my life
pip - Thanks for taking the time to be here Sally!
helen - hey, we've seen the pictures of "the pretty bag"
pip - And Thanky Muchly Joel!! ; )
SteveM - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:49pm PT
Sally - I write at 5 am while I'm still dreaming fresh melody and can get the unconcious mind to work with out my stupid head
TE - well you're only 13 shane
Sally - I love to perform more than I like to Swin...which I Like A LOT

Yes THANKS [[[[[[JOEL]]]] & {{{{{Sally}}}}}

Joel - A reminder for late arrivals: Click on Sally's face at the top of the chat to visit her site in a second window. You can order either of her CDs directly there.
Sally - One finger're pretty good
pip - Good Night (((((((((((((((((((Fine Folks))))))))))))))))) Baby Pip's bedtime is upon us....byeeeeeeeee
ZoWWie - Well, Los Angeles has plenty of places for both!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Joel her face isnt there any more on my screen.
JusTom - night pip!!!!!!!
Sally - I'm not sure about HS yet
Shawn - Sally, people are going to want to compare you to your Mom and Dad...while you certainly have some great traits of theirs, you are definately your own person...and a great singer/guitar player
andy - What do you think of Napster? ANy chance of hearing any live stuff on there?
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - But her Dads is.
Sabine, Germany - hm.. maybe I should get up this time of day more often, there might be song falling out of my guitar, you never know ;-)
Shane - I was gonna go to the new years eve concert(Jt) but we were unsure about the millineum bug
helen - Sally, have you ever considered a chat room for your site?
Ggirl - All I see is JT's face. Hmmmmmm
Sally - You like my pretty bag? I am so grateful
mud slide - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:51pm PT
JusTom - c-ya Sally, thanks for the fine entertainment....much appreciated!!!
Joel - I've just been notified that I've been confusing a lot of folks with my stupidity. Sorry, folks -- I know you don't see the Sally face anymore. Click here to visit
Shawn - you did say you heard me talking to Carly though right??? WHat a thrill Sally...I adore her....Her's and your dad's music has been such a major part of my life....
Sally - Thanks shawn. I like being like and unlike them
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - I allready book marked it earlier joel...:-)
ZoWWie - my guitar has written a song or two. heck, i think my amplifier wrote at least one by now.
oldfan - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:52pm PT
Ggirl - Joel, you're the best! Thanks.
mud slide - sally - im new to your music - whats your favorite of the 2 cd s
helen - Is Ben thinking about going your route, Sally?
Sally - Maybe I should get a chat room on my site
Sabine, Germany - Sally, I just LOVE the base runs on "I'm happy now", and I really liked the Jeremy Lichter guitar riffs. There really are some great arrangements to be found on your CDs. Who comes up with those?
Cheryl - That's a great idea!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - YES SALLY just DO it !!! LOL
Joel - For anyone who may have missed part of it, the full log of this chat will be posted by tomorrow.
Shawn - That would be a great great ...your own chat room
Sally - apt 6s will be in stores on sept 12th TBB is still only avaliable on my site
TE - sally, how about some of these artists out there today, and I will not mention any names, whe make millions but have no talent. We all know who they are.
Sweet Baby Jane - Thank you, Joel.
Susie - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:53pm PT
Shawn - For anyone who doesn't know...there are 4 GREAT songs on the website that feature Ben and Sally too...they are so great...check them out!
Sally - I'm trying to get ben to open for me on some of my dates this fall
Sabine, Germany - Cheryl GIRL!! is everything a o k?? My e-mail isn't working right now, so I haven't written, sorry.
Shane - Who taught you to play the guitar?
mud slide - thanx - cant wait to check them out
Shawn - If you don't have Tomboy Bride or Apt 6S...check them out two...they are both so great...
Ggirl - Thanks for the info Sally, can't wait to hear apt6. Really love TomBoy Bride.
helen - The story behind the title to 6S is terrific -- imagine knowing you were growing up in Apartment Success!
Shawn - That would be SO AWESOME, Sally!
Cheryl - Sabi, I'm great right now! Although I can't seem to get through on this thing...AGAIN!
Shane - What kind is it, is it an Olsen?
Joel - logged on - [Webmaster] - 8/22 at 6:55pm PT
rider - Sally, tell Dad to take the car away from Ben until he agrees to open for you :o)
Sally - All the musicaians contribute to the music we create. It's a completely artistic colage
Susie - Just want to let you know we raised my sons on your folks music- and they're fans now as young adults
Shawn - Ben sounds sooooooo much like Dad...especially on Everytime We Say Goodbye...the next best thing to a JT/Carly song...
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Wb Joel.........:-)
helen - Ben opening for you: That would be amazing! most of us have heard his "Just in time to Fall Down" -- he sounds sensational!
TE - yea, but some are not really musicians
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - LOL @ Rider !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sabine, Germany - LOL (((rider)))
Sally - Be can't drive
mud slide - sally - is your music of an autobiographical nature at times
cleve - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:56pm PT
cleve - hey sally
ZoWWie - Ben lives in Los Angeles and can't drive?
Shawn - Sally...would it be prying to ask more about Ben's romantic life...I'm sure you've heard the comments...about him possibly being married, etc...
helen - Ben can't drive?
rider - I will drive for him, i have a Jeep with MV plates :o) he'd fit right in perfectly
Sabine, Germany - Speaking of Ben, there is a rumor out that he is married? Any truth to that?
cleve - sally, can you tell me what Mr. Taylor's religious preference is??
Shane - Ben cant drive?
Shawn - and the comment on your album to Ben and Bridge...
Sally - I write about what ever emotion is falling out of my heart at the time I sit down w/ guitar
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Zowie who can drive in L A ??? Hummmmmm LOL
andy - Your favorite song of your Dads?
mud slide - cool - just like painting on canvas
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Your favorite song of your Moms ?
TE - see, that's just it, YOU can play the guitar
rider - speaking of marriage... I wouldn't totally object to the idea of being Sally's step-mommy :o)
andy - What do you do when you hear your dad on the radio?
Txemerald - The best kind of songs Sally
Sally - My favorite song of Dad's is ...there's too many to name
sunnysky - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:58pm PT
Shawn - When you perform with Uncle Liv, do you sing together? What song(s)?
Sabine, Germany - what is your favorite song on the radio now? Is the radio the place you want to be? Your mom said that's where she belongs.
helen - do you have a favorite song that you've written? or does it change nitely/weekly/whateverly.
cleve - sally, can you tell me what Mr. Taylor's religious preference is??
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Uhhhhhmmm I wouldnt mind being her step Dad RIDER !! LOL...:-)
Shawn - I think there is one already in the making,Rider!
Mustard & Fries - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:58pm PT
cleve - i'd really like to know, and there is no other way to find out
Mustard & Fries - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:59pm PT
Susie - He wrote "Smilin'Face"for you - right?
Ggirl - Sally, loved the rendition you, Ben and Carly did at the clambake of the old Burt B. song "Message To Michael" : )
TE - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:59pm PT
Shawn - What made you choose that song Sally..interesting choice...
Sally - I can't really talk about my Brother's or my parents romantic's too personal. sorry.
Sabine, Germany - yes, Message to Michael was great!
Katsup & Pickles - logged on. - 8/22 at 6:59pm PT
Katsup & Pickles - logged off. - 8/22 at 6:59pm PT
Sweet Baby Jane - I could not pick a fav JT song either, Sally...there are too many wonderful ones.
Sabine, Germany - but "Devoted to you" was great .too, I loved that one.
oldfan - what a grea
mud slide - good for you sally - stick to art
Mumba Letterman - Night everybody. Take care Sally. We'll do lunch sometime ;o)
oldfan - alented family
Sally - Dad is a non-specific believer in life
ZoWWie - That Devoted song is amazing. Practically makes a grown man cry.....
Mumba Letterman - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:00pm PT
rider - agreed Sabi, it was entirely too sweet!
Shawn - Sally...that Stand and Be Counted special by David Crosby is on...they are showing lots of No Nukes stuff! YEAH!
cleve - oh really
pip - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:00pm PT
helen - I like the way you use the recordings of yourself as a child on your CDs, Sally. You must have been a firecracker as a kid.
Michael - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:01pm PT
mud slide - how about afterlife?
JusTom - bye.....behave!!!!!!!!!!!
lydia - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:01pm PT
Shawn - Do you plan to write with any family members in the future, Sally?
Sabine, Germany - it would even be difficult to find a favorite Sally song, there are so many already. I like "how can I" a lot!
sunnysky S I just pulled out an old picture stuffed inside your mom's album, Hotcakes. It's the People Mag. pic. of you & your mom by R. Avedon '75? Do you have any fav. family photos by well know photographers. By the way, you were a cute baby.
asadfwcpo - Sally, I like the tatoo story about the family symbol
Shane - You r dad should be on a 2 hour show about survivor cause hes definetly a survivor
Sabine, Germany - (((((Tom))))
njgirl - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:01pm PT
helen - so do I, Sabi. Cracks me up to hear them cracking up at the whistling part.
Sally - I was a fire cracker as a kid. I have tens of thousands of tapes of my songs from when I was a kid. They're pretty funny
JusTom - hey Michael....LTNC!!!!
helen - who had to get on his knees and beg? Ben? I bet he was quivering!
rider - Sally, you could make a killin' on bootlegging those tapes, ya know :o)
Shawn - Would you ever write a children's book like mom?
Sabine, Germany - I ALWAYS have to whistle, too! that one will be on my next "Taylor road trip car tape"
Sally - I love to write with my family. We write when ever we get the chance
lydia - What can we do to welcome you to San Francisco on Labor Day?
JusTom - bye sabi, helen, everyone else and oh yeah, SALLY!!!! Thanks (thanks to you too Joel)
Dog Juice - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:03pm PT
helen - You and your mother wrote Amity? Lovely track.
Ggirl - Yes, Sally always reading your children's books to my little girl, she loves them.
Dog Juice - Sally, What did you think of New Bedford?
Sally - I don't know any photos in particular.. but I do know that there are a lot
LadyAron - Hate to go, but go I must.....Thank you, Sally, for taking valuable time to spend with us. I really enjoyed it. And thanks, Joel, for making it possible. Bye bye for now. :-)
Shawn - I made myself a Simon Taylor tape for my car...Has "All this time", Love of my life, Carolina, It's In His Kiss, I Will, I Will be in love with you,'s sooooo great...
Ggirl - I mean your mom's books. : )
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Bye [[[[[[[[[[Jus Tom ]]]]]]]]]]....:-)
Shane - this chat reminds me of the "Chris Farley Show" where he interviews people and asks them if they remember this and that.......Remember that?
Sabine, Germany - Michael is that you??
mud slide - sally - will try to check out your show in albany,ny october
Sally - I have no idea who I was talking to when I said get on your knees and start begging
Ggirl - Sally, any chance you writing something with Kate Taylor?
helen - That's too funny! You sounded very serious.
LadyAron - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:04pm PT
Shawn - I'll be there too sally!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Uhhhhhhhh Sally seems Like I may of herd that from my X LOL
Sally - Lets have a huge bbq on labor day every one but esp. in SF
Sally - Mom an dI wrote Amity
Dog Juice - Wait till the 7th!
Sabine, Germany - well, I should go back to bed. again Sally, I lveo your music, please keep at it your own way. Greetings over the ponds from Rita and myself.
Sally - I loved New Bed. What a beautiful setting that was
Sweet Baby Jane - This chat must be a bit overwhelming to you...Sally, thanks for doing it.
JusTom - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:06pm PT
Dog Juice - Yes, I live and work here, for now, it's an historic city
Shawn - Sally...Kate sang "Fields of Gold" (Sting cover) at Livestock...was breathtaking
helen - so, Sally, will the STB ever play any dates in Canada (please)?
Sally - What are your guys favorite song on Apt #6s? What would you pick as the single for the radio?
Shane - Do you ever get tired of people asking you about your dad?
Shawn - All This Time!!! It ROCKS!
Sabine, Germany - Did you hear Kate's Auld Lang Syne?? WOW on that one!!
mud slide - sally - ithink your very smart on not letting the labels run you - you dont need that hassle
rider - uh oh, she's interviewing us now!!??? :o)
helen - How Can I
asadfwcpo - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:07pm PT
Sally - Sabine, thanks for being with us
Joel - I'd vote "How Can I?" or "Split Decisions,"
Dog Juice - I second that emotion!
helen - Rider, this woman knows how to work the WWW
Cheryl - Oh, Sabi, don't remind me of our trip to NC when I have to be here now!
Sally - I really want ot get to canada
Shawn - I love the mellow Simon/Taylor music...but LOVE when they rock out....You're Smiling Face, Pure Sin,You Know What To Do, etc...
Shane - I love "How can I" too
Sabine, Germany - Split Decision for the radio I think
ZoWWie - Kate's Auld Lang Syne thang is a winner all right.
Sweet Baby Jane - I agree Helen...How can I?
Joel - I'm often tempted to put "How Can I" on repeat, so that probably says something.
Shawn - Split Decisions is great is 40 years...
Ggirl - Another vote for "Split Decision" and "How Can I".
Dog Juice - Canada is another beautil country full of friendly people
ZoWWie - Cape Breton Island has a very heavy duty music scene.
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - You mean you dont Joel ??? LOL I do !!
rider - I like that one, too Joel... ;o)
Sally - My album will be out in stores in Sept. Will you help me spread the word about it? I'd really appreciate that. it's hard to publicise with out a major lable
Ggirl - For the radio I'd go with "Split Decision" love that one.
Joel - We'll put the word out, Sally.
helen - Please do (do some Canadian dates) Sally!
mud slide - sally - tell your dad to make an all folk album just guitar and voice - would love it
Shawn - I'm already on it for ya's a great album!
roxanna - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:09pm PT
rider - sure Sally, i'll help... but you gotta get your fanny up to Portsmouth NH soon, ok? :o)
Sweet Baby Jane - You have my support, Sally.
helen - 40 years is also great
Sally - I was thinkin go f For Kim. That's what the band thinks
Sabine, Germany - be well folks. see ya sometimes, the feathers are calling out for me....nighto!!!
Zot - I'm still voting for Australia on the international tour list.
Shawn - My tribute to Carly website ( has a page dedicated to Sally...It is a work in progress, but I have alot to add to it. I've been a S/T fan for 30 years...check it out....
Ggirl - Me too, Sally, I'll tell all my friends and then some.
helen - Sally, when you say stores, to you mean places like HMV?
Sabine, Germany - Split Decision!!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - ok every one heres the deal Sallys cd will be out in Sept, buy it or else !!! And buy 1 for a friend !!! ...LOL..:-)
michael - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:10pm PT
Sabine, Germany - bye
Sally - I really am grateful for all of oyur support. How lucky my pop is to have all of you as fans
Sabine, Germany - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:11pm PT
Sally - I think I love Elvis
michael - Good Night Sabi..sleep well
Dog Juice - your pop?
Shawn - How lucky we are to have your family in our lives, Sally...
rider - we are your fans, too Sally!
Zot - logged on - [Loser] - 8/22 at 7:11pm PT
Ggirl - Goodnight Sally, thanks so much for taking time to chat with us, I really enjoyed it. Byeeee
roxanna - we all love elvis!
ZoWWie - how lucky we are to have you and your pop
Shawn - I can't tell you how many nights I sat in the dark and listened to No Secrets and Gorilla over and over and over as a teen..
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - We are very LUCKY to have had your mom & dad !!!!...:-) Darn you sure are LUCKY !!!!...:-)
rider - give your Pop a big ol' kiss for us!
helen - already have mine, Elvis. But Christmas is coming up.
Ggirl - Joel, you're the best, thanks again for making this happen.
Shawn - No Secrets was a pretty racy cover for a 12 year old like me...oooh la la Carly!
mud slide - thanx -sally this was a privelege and god bless bye
michael - Good Night Sally thanks for stopping by..hope you liked the Petillo Lights.
Ggirl - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:12pm PT
ZoWie - logged on - [Member] - 8/22 at 7:12pm PT
roxanna - Sally, will you be visiting this chat room again sometime?
Sally - I think It's time for me to say good night too. I am entirely blown away by all of you who are why me and my family write. You are all beautiful people
oldfan - thanks for the chat
ZoWWie - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:13pm PT
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Awwwwwww Geezzzzzzz SALLY you made my heart go pidder padder I knows I loves You & you whole family !!!!!!!!!!!.....:-)
Cheryl - Thanks, Sally!
helen - thanks a lot for coming, Sally. And for the music.
lydia - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:13pm PT
Joel - Thanks for coming, Sally. The room's open 24 hours. Hope you'll come back again.
njgirl - Sally, when will you be in NJ again?
sunnysky - Bye. Thanks.
Shawn - THANKS SO MUCH SALLY! Enjoy the rest of your time off, travel safely and be happy...we all adore you...
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Thanks {{{{{Sally}}}}} We Love Ya !!
Sweet Baby Jane - Well, this has been great. Thank you, Sally for your time and thank you Joel for setting this up. Keep up
Shane - Please tell youre dad that the Shane Kokinda Family Loves Him!
helen - and Joel, thank you
ZoWie - You are beautiful. Thank you for coming and talking to us.
Shawn - Will come to see you at Valentines again in Oct.
Sally - Thank you again Joel. Be sure I'll be joining your chat room again soon
rider - what a treat to have you here, Sally. Thank you!
Zot - Thanks Sally.
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Sorry Joel couldnt help myself Oh AND we LOVE YOU TOO !!!!
sunnysky - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:14pm PT
roxanna - hopefully soon SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shawn - So cool to chat, well.
Sweet Baby Jane - thanks, Sally...and Joel.
rider - Thanks to you too Joel :o) How the heck are you?
helen - say hi to your band for us, Sally! They got a bit overlooked here tonight.
XXX OOO Joel!@$ - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:15pm PT
roxanna King move some letters for sally!!!!!!
Sweet Baby Jane - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:15pm PT
Shane - Thank you so much for coming tonight!
Sally - I wish you all find peace and love and share it with the world....Cus God knows, there's enough to go around!
Shawn - Buy her cds!!!
roxanna - If I do blows the room apart....remember
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Ok We Really do LOVE YA {{{{{Sally}}}}} .....:-)
Shawn - Sally...Sally ....Sally...(chant...)
roxanna - thank you king!
Joel - Goodnight, Sally. Thanks
Shane - Bye
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - No Problemo I just hope Joel didnt get mad..
Cheryl - Goodnight!
Shane - we love you!!!
Zot - You're so subtle, Elv
roxanna - sally.......hold a concert in portland, oregon! it will sell out!
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Peace Sally see Ya In Cincinatti !!! Cant Wait !!
michael - Goodnight Cheryl & Joel
Cheryl - Goodnight MICHAEL & Joel
roxanna - Oregon is full of beautiful TREES! You'll love it here ~!
helen - Sally going to see Elvis in person? Holy Hannah!
rider - Toodles y'all!
yanni - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:18pm PT
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - LOL @ Helen !!! GOOD 1 Girlie !!
Sally - are smooth! Good night and good night
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Nite Nite Rider Sweet Dreams !!...:-)
roxanna - I saw your Dad and Brother here in September '98.....I will NEVER FORGET IT!
helen - Oh, man, Elvis won't be able to fit his head in the chat room door now! (just kiddin)
chad - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:18pm PT
Shane - MA I Smooth?
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Thanks SALLY not as SMOOTH as You or you Dad But EEhhhhhhhh I aint a Taylor !! LOL
Shane - Am I Smooth?
rider - thank you Elvis... buh bye ((((helen)))))
ZoWie - Goodnight micheal and cheryl and joel
chad - anyone talking about JT here?
rider - smooth as a gravy sammich even
yanni - Hello all
roxanna - A beautiful night with gorgeous big tress around, your Dad smiled right at my camera and your brother sounded so great!
Cheryl - Later, ZoWie!
helen - nice to see you ((((rider-girl))) and ((((Z))))
helen - chad, we've been talking to Sally Taylor, his talented daughter.
rider - roxanna, her brother can't drive... hahahaha!
njgirl - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:20pm PT
Sally - Shane is so smooth too
ZoWie - seeya helen
yanni - Saw your pops on Boylston St. Last week, Sally.
viv - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:20pm PT
chad - thanks, helen
roxanna - He was wearing overalls, I couldn't beleive how much he sounded like JT!
Shane - He he
viv - hi everyone hi sally
helen - chad, she's on her way out the door, so if you want to say hi, better do it in a hurry.
roxanna - I will look for your tour schedule sally.....if you get near Portland....maybe even Seattle.......I AM THERE and will bring everyone with me!
chad - hello sally
rider - what was Pop doing in Boston???
Shane - Dont forget to tell your dad We said Hey.
chad - Hello, Sally, dad going back on tour soon?
ELVIS_THE_KING!!!!!! - Ha Ha Shane She said I was SMOOTH first...LOL
Sally - I love JT too-good night.. man this chat stuff is addictive hu!?!
JayT - logged on. - 8/22 at 7:22pm PT
roxanna - hundreds of them....and they will all love you
yanni - Saw you at the HOB earlier this month.
Sally - logged off. - 8/22 at 7:22pm PT