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Arnold McCuller Chat at James Taylor Online
25 June 2001

Joel - The Arnold McCuller chat will begin at 6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern time
Joel - We'll have about 30 minutes of moderated chat followed by an open period where everyone will have a chance to join in.
Joel - Just a few minutes to go and we'll get started.
Joel - In the meantime, you can get a sneak peak of Arnold's new CD, "Back To Front."
Joel - Just visit and click on Albums to hear samples.
Joel - The new CD is composed of songs Arnold has performed with other artists in the past. Two JT songs are among them.
Joel - The link will open in a new window, by the way.
arno - What do you think of the JT covers
Joel - It's a great album, Arnold -- and a good place to start our chat.
Joel - Welcome, everyone.
Joel - Arnold's new CD isn't quite ready for release, but I've heard it and it's excellent.
arno - I am so glad to finally record or release Hot and Sultry Afternoon after 22 years
Joel - You included First of May and Up From Your Life on the CD. What made you pick them?
Joel - Why that one?
arno - It's the only original on the record
Joel - And it was finally time to record it?
arno - First of may because of JT tunes that I've sung it was up and positive, Up from your life reminds me of my brother and JT's brother, Alex
arno - I love Hot and Sultry and it's just been a long time coming
Joel - I imagine at least a few folks are listening to samples now. They were just added to your site today.
arno - Cool tell me honestly please.
Joel - It's a great collection. Lazy Nina is a personal favorite.
Joel - I'll pretend it was my lobbying that got it on the album.
arno - It was sprcically for Sandra!
Joel - (Sandra is the webmaster's wife, for anyone who wondered)
Joel - Who originally recorded that one?
Joel - When can folks expect to get their hands on the finished product, then?
Joel - I know you plan to have it ready for sale at JT shows later in the tour.
arno - Greg Phillingganes. The world reknowned session keyboard player, written with Donald Fagan. You know how I love his stuff
arno - Product will be available in NY ant Jones Beach or soon thereafter. I was assured two weeks fro yesterday.
Joel - You and the band are on a brief break in the JT tour right now. I know you've been using it to conquer Hollywood.
Joel - Did the rehearsal happen today?
Joel - For those who may not have seen it on Arnold's site, he's filming a role for the upcoming Tom Clancy film, Sum of All Fears.
Joel - As I understand it, Arnold's character will be personally responsible for defending North American from nuclear terrorists.
arno - No i had Wardrobe consultation today and I simply shoot it Weds.
Joel - Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman are in the film, too, but I expect Arnold's name will be above the title. Right, Arnold?
arno - That's a stretch Joel!
arno - I'll be lucky to get end credits!
Joel - But your scene is set in a stadium, right? Even though you won't actually be in one at the time of shooting?
Joel - Look for Arnold singing the National Anthem while terrorists plot their dirty deeds.
arno - Right. I'll shoot in in the studio and it will be added like magic later. i believe i get blown up!
Joel - Ouch. That does make it hard to get a starring credit, I expect.
Joel - So what can you tell us about the JT tour so far, Arnold?
Joel - Any great moments? Lame moments?
Joel - Again, folks, if you'd like to hear some of the tracks from Arnold's upcoming CD, just visit
arno - It's really different. The tour manager is new production, manager, two new horn guys, percussion some new crew, new video projections and new set. It was abit much at first but we're settling in now. It should be easier the next leg.
Joel - And that's not far off. I know a lot of folks have their tickets in hand and are counting down the days until you guys come to town.
arno - Great moment. Charlotte show forme. Lame moment a private show on someone's lawn!
Joel - Have you met any fans at the shows?
arno - Not really this time I see peolpe that I relate to but not many have come back.
Joel - It's probably not for lack of trying. The venues can be a bit strict on that front.
arno - Yea. I did make an aquaintance through David that could possibly be helpful in the future.
arno - I must say I like what Laura is doing with David's site. It looks good. and the notes from the road are interesting.
Joel - Right. I know folks love hearing a little of the inside story of the tour.
Joel - David is David Lasley, for anyone who doesn't know:
Joel - You don't have much time left before heading back to the tour. Are you looking forward to it?
Joel - Is touring more fun when you have a CD to offer folks on their way out?
arno - I am looking forward. I have lots of favorite cities coming up, old friends and family in Cleveland, Blossom Music Center.
arno - I love sharing my music with people to let them know that singing back-up is not all I aspire to do.
Joel - The CD will be available for sale via Arnold's site soon too, folks.
Joel - I think I've probably monopolized you long enough, Arnold.
Joel - Other folks surely have their own questions for you.
Joel - Shall we open the floodgates?
arno - Open up and let me have it!
arno - I'll type and read as fast as I can
Joel - Okay, folks. Just click "reload" or "refresh" in your browser and you should be able to log in.
milwaukeebob - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Joel - And try to pace your questions so Arnold can at least try to keep up, please.
Anna - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Rick W - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
helen - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
GG - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
secret - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Kata - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Jsnyder231 - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Kokanut - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
secret - damn helen beat me
helen - hey there (((((((((((arnold)))))))))))))))))
Kata - evening!
Bon-Fam - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Bat ^o^ - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
tee_ - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Lisa - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
arno - Hey ya'll!
Vicki - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
shof - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Anna - Wow hi! I just came home and logged in to chat LOL Hi everyone!
leeny - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
Kata - lol@secret
Houdini - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:23pm PT
GG - Hey Arnold! Thanks for doing this!!
tee_ - Hi Arnold good to have you back again chatting.
Kokanut - hey Arnold!
Bat ^o^ - Hello from Houston Arnold!
GG - Hi Roomies!!
Rick W - I was at your MSG show in Ny and noticed how respectful JT was of your special talent .. What kind of relationship do you have with James?
Jsnyder231 - Hi Arnold! This is such a thrill!
helen - Arnold, I heard Sally Taylor might do some shows with her dad later in the summer -- do you know anything about it?
Kata - I had no idea the interview was even on tonight!
jojo - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
leeny - Greetings from NY Arnold !
MarkinChi - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
Houdini - Hello Arno!!! can you tell me who the song Emily is about?
Anna - Arnold...can we chat backstage in Milwaukee at Summerfest??? LOL
Vicki - Arnold, how long have you been backing for JT?
arno - Sally will join us soon probably near Colorado
GG - Where is your movie being filmed?
jojo - hi arnold!!! thanks for stopping by!!
D18S - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
Carly - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
Jamie - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
Lisa - Berkshire grettings Arn,We are counting days!
shof - Arnold, I love when you do the tag at the end of Shower the People. Do you project like that on the new cd? Or do you take a more laid back approach?
arno - I've been with JT for 24 years. off and on
silversun - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:24pm PT
Vicki - I'm going to Milwaukee too, but the show isn't during Summerfest
GG - How are the twins doing? Have you seen them?
silversun - hi arnold
MarkinChi - Hi Arnold! I am a fan of yours from your days with Full Swing....when does the tour hit Chicago?
pip - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:25pm PT
milwaukeebob - you know you are the does it feel to be on the big screen very soon...looking forward to seeing in Milwaukee!! Great show on the TODAY Show!
helen - Do you have any surprises in store for us at Tanglewood? There are a whole LOT of JTOers going.
arno - You must be counting toes and fingers!
Jsnyder231 - Arnold, how does this tour feel different from the last? We LOVED Raleigh!
Jamie - Hello from Ohio Arnold cant wait to see ya"ll next month at BLOSSOM music center :-)
Rick W - Arnold, what do you know of James' lost notebook of songs? Are we going to miss out on much?
arno - Chicago is August 3,4
Carly - grettings from Florida Arno
D18S - is hoping to get backstage at Milwaukee, too
leeny - Looking forward to Tanglewood .....and listening to that heavely voice of yours !
silversun - saw you at madison square garden
Bon-Fam - Arnold greetings from Cleveland
Kata - oh the twins! good question! please fill us in arnold.
pip - Hi Arnold!!! WONDERFUL show you gave at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte! My son was the Little Guy who gave you a WELL DESERVED hug after the show! ; )
MarkinChi - Great....looking forward to that.....and the new CD!
gordon - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:26pm PT
jojo - arnold, my husband and i rented the movie duets a few weeks back, wasnt a very good film, but boy!! did i get a great suprise when the actor started singing i started screaming ARNOLD!!!n haha made the rental worthwhile!!
gordon - helo arnold
Bon-Fam - Arnold we enjoyed The Today Show
Bat ^o^ - Arnold> How long have have you sang as a pro? When did you start singing in general?
tee_ - Arnold, are you using the same band member on the CD recording that you've used in your live shows in LA?
bellasmommy - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:27pm PT
arno - I adored the Neighborhood Theater and so did James
Lisa - Any chance that we can catch an Arn show in Berkshire county?
Vicki - Arnold, do you have any more of your own shows booked during JT's tour?
Vicki - Arnold, do you have any more of your own shows booked during JT's tour?
arno - What about the twins/ you know everything.
Kata - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:28pm PT
GG - My kids and I will be seeing you at Jones Beach 7/13
jojo - it was so great hearing your amazing voice in that film!!
arno - No more shows during the tour it's too stressful the one was enough. I'll work on my own after
GG - Have you seen the twins? How are they doing?
helen - Arnold, how come no Canadian dates this tour????????????????????
Anna - do you change diapers
bellasmommy - Do you hve any shows in the Seattle area?
MarkinChi - I hope you'll consider Chicago when you plan your solo tour, Arnold
jojo - ive seen you a few times at jones beach always a highlight of jts show
REPP - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:29pm PT
arno - My live act changes according to who's available
leeny - please be sure to book upstate NY Arnold, after the tour!
secret - arnold>also look foward to seeing the band in Saratoga....the summer place to be
BK - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:30pm PT
arno - You tell me where to book and I'll ge in touch with the venue
jojo - im sure you wouldnt mind that leeny!!
gordon - Arnold I saw you at the Cambridge folk Festival and was the guy with the binockulars right at the front I was hoping to ask james to sign my guitar but you all were understandably busy ,maybe another time The show was screened on the BBC
GG - Yankee Stadium da Bronx LOL!!
arno - I heard of Mike Suba's in Chicag. Have I got that right?
BK - See you 7/3 .. can the band play My Romance for us (our 5th anniversary)?
Houdini - Arnold, I thoroughly enjoyed your solo show in Charlotte. Thank-you!!!
leeny - I'll work on that Arnold & post in your forum !!
jojo - that would be great gg or shea stadium!! (closer to me)
Vicki - Yeah...I think Subas is right.. I think that is where Sally performed
arno - No request. We have a set!!!!!!!!
MarkinChi - I'm not certain that's the name....but it sounds close to a really cool spot for performing in the city
arno - I'm talking to the Up staging guys from Chicago about the place.
BK - We understand the set thing ... thanks anyways.
GG - Good idea, eh jojo?
Schubas - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:32pm PT
Vicki - Oh, I think it is Schubas maybe
helen - Arnold, the song samples for Back to Front sound great! Was it hard narrowing it down to those songs?
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Uh-k you have a set, but will you guys do "Lookin For Love On Broadway" in Houston?
secret - does JT consult with the band regarding the set list.......and if he does.....any chance of giving steamroller a rest?
Schubas - It's Schuba's :-)
MarkinChi - Sounds good! Looking forward to hearing that you'll be in
arno - i'd love to let steamroller rest but he thinks he needs it
gordon - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:33pm PT
helen - YES!!!! Lay Steamroller to rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
leeny is leaving a "happy Camper".....and looking for booking , hehe ...bye & thanks Arnold !
secret - secret of life would be a wonderful replacemnt
leeny - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:34pm PT
pip - We are thoroughly enjoying "Exception to the Rule" in the Pip Household (my Little Guy's response as soon as he hears it... "Momma, that's ARNOLD!" .... some powerful lyrics in "What Kind of World is This"
MarkinChi - That's it!!!! Schubas!!!! A genuninely COOL place to hear live music in Chicago
Houdini - No, No, MORE Steamroller!!!!!
arno - He does consult with us but he of course changes it later. I have given up!
silversun - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:34pm PT
Vicki - I love Steamroller!
secret - one of my favorite obscure songs james has done was written by liv....i can dream of you....its wonderful.....has james ever done it in concert?
Jsnyder231 - Arnold, what do you
Jamie - NO More SteamRoller EVER !! LOL
helen - How are JT's new songs working out, Arnold? Are you doing any work on his next CD?
Anna - heck, he can sing his grocery list and I shall be happy
D18S - I agree, Houdini!
Jsnyder231 - in your free time on tour?
jojo - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:35pm PT
arno - We'll probably do something with Live in Boston
Schubas - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:35pm PT
Bon-Fam - plea
silversun - arnold - you are a blessing
shof - steamroller left out of a JT show? Are we crazy? Are we not men? That would indeed be sacrilige!
pip - I enjoyed hearing "Only One" at the Charlotte Show.... one of my favs!! ; )
arno - Livingston will join us for some shows I'm sure
Bon-Fam - please send greetings to David
secret - helen ...i see no new dues as of yet
helen - It would be a blessing to the world, Shof. That song is tired and it needs a rest!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> I have the concert video (Colonial Theater) of Steamroller. I like the lines "Arnold and Rosemary said, "don't play steamroller no more" ....the last you played in Boston you played it all night long. That was pretty funny.
Anna - ok spill...where?
pip - LOL@Anna
arno - Get off Steamroller. This always happens. Change the subject!
Houdini - Arnold can you tell me a little bit about the song "Emily", I absolutely love it!!!! it reminds me of my friend pip
Bon-Fam - when will the movie debut?
Lisa - Any chance of Liv joining in on Tanglewood show?
helen - Any special guests for Tanglewood, Arnold?
Vicki - How much screen time do you anticipate you will have in the movie??
arno - Emily is about no in paticular according to Beth. It is just afeeling we all share from time to time
rug - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:37pm PT
Vicki - and have you been in other movies?
arno - The song could be the whole verse or just 10 seconds. But I know it's in the script.
Rick W - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:38pm PT
helen - Have you talked to Beth, Arnold? Is she recovering well? Any chance you'll be on her next CD?
Houdini - thank-you, it brings tears to my eye's everytime I hear it.
jojo - arnold, please let me take this oppunity to tell you what "shower the people" has meant to me i have loved it since the first time i ever heard it ( i told my kids i want it to be my funeral song) but when i heard your voice along with James, i thought i had died and went to heaven !! thank you!
arno - I expect the movie next summer, but Christmas could be cool since it takes place around the time of super bowl
jonytumbles - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:39pm PT
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Is there any song on this tour where you sing solo. A song that you have not done on JT's tour before?
Vicki - Any cahnce of Ben and/or Sally making an appearance during the tour?
shof - What's your favorite song to do in a JT concert? Which song do you look the most forward to each night?
jonytumbles ARNO how old were you when you started singing professionally?
arno - you are welcome. Thank you too for saying that stuff, I get goose bumps.
willow - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 6:40pm PT
willow - arnold, so nice to see you here again, :o)
pip - Arnold.... Michael Murphy asked me to pass along a BIG hello!
Rick W - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:41pm PT
D18S - I took my 19 year old son to the last JT tour show when Ben was there,,,,very cool experience.
arno - I look forward to Raised up Family and the other new songs. Don't you love Caroline I see You!
LYR - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:41pm PT
helen - Arnold, are you playing yourself in the movie? As in: Ladies and Gentlemen, here to sing the National Anthem is Arnold McCuller!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> For example "Shower The People" you have a solo part. Is there another song on this tour where you do a solo part?
harpguitar - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:41pm PT
arno - Hi Big Mike! Thanks for the Dat
silversun - arnold - i saw you at madison square garden in nyc - bravo
LYR - Good to see you again!!
arno - Knock on wood is a duet with James
helen - I can't get over how intimate Caroline I See You is -- are you guys doing it on this tour?
pip - Yur Welcome! ; )
shof - yes I do, very much. JT is amazing in the way he can write and perform in so many different styles
jojo - its true arnold!!! i have loved jts music since im 13 (im 44 now) and your have been such a wonderful complement to his music, love you on your own as well!!
milwaukeebob - did you choose the songs for "Back to Front" I listened to the First of May clip from your web-site and it was fantastic!!
arno - My favorite line in Caroline is the melt like Chocolate thing. That kills me.
Bat ^o^ - Arno> How long had you been singing pro when you hooked up with JT? How did you hook up with him?
arno - My favorite line in Caroline is the melt like Chocolate thing. That kills me.
shof - absolutly
pip - Goose bumps!!! I know the feeling.... it was a constant state listening to you at the Neighborhood Theater! ; )!!!
Tmg - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:44pm PT
arno - I had been sing foor 9 years before meeting JT
helen - Are you singing on any of the tracks on JT's next release, Arnold?
harpguitar - arnold, I really enjoyed the Virginia Beach show this time I have attended all of them...whose idea was the wonderful set background and whats it like to have mist blown on you all night?
Tmg - is arnold still here?
arno - I have not been invited to record as of yet but expect to be asked
Lisa - Arnold have you ever performed the song "No easy way to break somebody's heart". I would give anything short of the pick of my litter to hear you do it!
helen - TMG -- arno=arnold
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Is Bridget Bryant gonna do any work on your CD's?
jojo - hes here tmg
Houdini - Arnold you may not know the answer to this, but does James still drive his green truck to Boston area shows?
helen - I should hope so!
LYR - I wish you'd come to Dayton Ohio to the Fraze Pavillion again--that was the best show out of the 3 I've seen
jojo - ha ha lisa!
libby - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:46pm PT
FM - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:46pm PT
MarkinChi - Arnold, just wondering if you're in touch with any of the members of what was "Full Swing", and how they're doing?
Robyn - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:47pm PT
helen - Arnold, any word on when you guys will be going to Europe again?
legitimus - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:47pm PT
Robyn - Arnold where are you. This is me
arno - How wierd you would mention Bridgette. I love her but I'm out of touch
silversun - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:47pm PT
shof - arnold, I should tell you that I've seen JT 54 times and wife thinks I'm nuts.
Bon-Fam - logged off.
arno - I see Charlotte Crosley fro Full Swing from time to time, but I hear nothing from Loraine. She is a great writer and I'd love to know what she's up to
jojo - no shof , youre smart!!
willow - arnold, do you know if James has any plans to do any symphonic concerts here on the west coast like he did last year back east?
MarkinChi - Great....thanks for the info!
shof - do you ever write?
Bon-Fam - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:49pm PT
Tahri - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:49pm PT
harpguitar - Arnold, please tell
shof - songs, I mean
Bat ^o^ - Arno> When you tour, how many musicians and/or singers perform with you, usually?
Jsnyder231 - Arnold, who else would you like to sing with?
arno - I'm not sure about the symphony stuff. No talk now.
helen - Arnold, do you play any instruments?
arno - I like working with a trio and a couple of singers only. Maybe even one other singer.
Tahri - Arnold, you all did 2 great shows in NYC. I met you (again) Friday night when I was talking to David at Nick Stef's Steakhouse and you walked up. Don't expect you to remember, just saying I was there..
willow - thanks................tell him we'd love to get the chance to attend too
D18S - logged off.
Rick W - Arnold- where'd you get that voice- did your mom or dad sing???? wow
D18S - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:51pm PT
LYR - does JT show alot of pictures of his babies to everyone..or is he more secretive about them?
arno - I really don't care to join any other bands now. I'm happy doing my solo work far to much
Houdini - good question helen......... I've always wondered that as well
harpguitar - Do you keep up with Rosemary? She was excellent also!
legitimus - a little bonjour of a caraibian frend from paris. May I ask you what do you think relate James with the black music, and what do you think about anther James : Baldwin
Bat ^o^ - Arno> When you do record with JT (or anyone else) do you usually get tapes to rehearse fro a while before everyone gets together?
Tee_ - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:51pm PT
libby - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:52pm PT
silversun - arnold - i sing too
Anna - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:52pm PT
Bon-Fam - Arnold comes from a family of singers
Tee_ - I enjoyed you singing with Marc he singing on your new CD?
Houdini - I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket!
Carly - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:53pm PT
Lisa - Which Marc Cohn recording?
GG - LOL Houdini!
harpguitar - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:53pm PT
Bat ^o^ - Arno> So, when you tour you have one or two singers and do you have several musicians as well? Guitars, percussion, etc...?
arno - No marc loves my version of his tunes though. I played em for him in NY
arno - Paper Walls and Baby King
BK - logged off. - 6/25 at 6:54pm PT
Houdini - logged on. - 6/25 at 6:54pm PT
helen - Arnold, I loved the little bit I heard (off your site) of you singing Nick of Time. It's a great song!
Tee_ - Lisa, I don't rember exactly the name of the CD but it was an older one and Arnold sang a couple of songs on it
Lisa - I must get them NOW!
helen - Someone asked if you write music. Didn't you co-write Little Rose from You Can't Go Back? Love that tune!
Tee_ - I agree with Helen - I've listened to the clips and I am going to like this new did Nick of time live did you not in LA? It was great
arno - Yes i write but I'm lazy!
legitimus - I ask you this because I'm a fan of Taylor and Baldwin, and because they share a great admiration for Ray charles (and they share a love for france too)
Lisa - Aren't we all
helen - With muscles like yours, no way are you lazy!!!!!!!!!
pip - LOL@Helen!!!! Very True!!!
shof - Who are a few of your favorite song writers besides JT?
Lisa - So is it true that there will not be any Back to Front avail. at Tanglewood?
helen - any new tattoos?
Houdini - Arnold what CD is in you CD player right now?
arno - Who is Bon-Fam?
helen - sorry.
jojo - im sure youre not lazy!!! not with that rich sound that you have!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Do you play an instrument besides that great voice of yours?
Robyn - Bon Fam is Chris, Lauren, Helaine & Novella
FM - Just wanted to pop in and say HEY to all the roomies I haven't seen fer a while. Oh, and you too Arno......hee hee.
Jamie - logged off.
Bat ^o^ - Robyn> And who are all of them?
arno - In my player now is India Arie! Buy it!!!!!!!
pip - Hey FM! It has been awhile!
Jamie - Uh HuH LOL
Robyn - Arnold knows
Jamie - Did not I got a red screen.
willow - bye FM............good to see you
arno - One new Tattoo on the left forarm and craving more. Sorry
helen - What's the new tattoo of???
Tahri - Arnold, I have seen JT over 20 times since I started seeing him some
Houdini - thank-you, I will!!! When Arnold McCuller tells you to go buy a CD you do it!!!lol
LYR - I've seen her on VH1--she's quite good (India, that is)
silversun - arnold - is JT as cool as he seems to be?
jojo - how many tatoos do you have arnold?
D18S - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:00pm PT
FM - Hey ya pip. Of f to work now-----yuk. Bye to all.
arno - It is makasian design from Tahiti
Tahri - ...14 years ago and you are really amazing... you have an amazingly moving voice
Lisa - Buh Bye FM
arno - I have over 12 tattoos!
helen - hear that, Tee?
FM - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:00pm PT
jojo - bye fm
helen - ouch!
ArnoldYouRock! - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:01pm PT
jojo - oh wow!!! ouch!
arno - JT is as cool as he seem and sometimes cooler than most would imagine and extremely smart!
Tee_ - You like those South Pacific designs for tatoos!!
ArnoldYouRock! - what a great voice!!
GG - Is Jt aware of this site and all his loyal fans here?
LYR - you must have much patience to endure that much pain for a tattoo
Houdini - I second that Arnold!!
helen - Smart is pretty obvious!
GG - And I do mean loyal!! :)
Jsnyder231 - Arnold, do you ever talk with Rosemary Butler?
babs - logged on - 6/25 at 7:02pm PT
arno - I have patience but not enough money
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Does the same person do the tattoos? Do you get them on the road?
Vicki - Does James mind having his picture taken during shows? How about the rest of you??
jojo - i knew it arnold!!
Tahri - wow that's a name from the past... I'd love to hear the answer to that
Houdini - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:03pm PT
arno - Rosemary and I speak fairly frequently and she is doing great with her teaching
helen - Does Rosemary miss touring with you guys?
GG - JT aware of this site and all his loyal fans here?
Tee_ - time we see you Arnold - we are going to have to take a closer look at those admirable tatoos
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Is Rosemary a voice trainer?
Houdini - Arnold I saw Liv in Charlotte a couple of days ago, what a funny guy!
arno - I have always gotten my work done in LA but often by different artist. The road is hard enough without the healing proccess getting in the way!
Bon-Fam - logged off.
babs - hi bat
GG - I'm really touched by how kind JT is to spend so much time with his fans after a show.
arno - I don't think Jame has been in touch with JTO but He knows it exsist.
jojo - haha ill be looking for them tee!
silver tear - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:04pm PT
GG - Is it possible to see you guys after Jones Beach or do you all high tail it outta there!!
arno - We left note all over the theater for Liv!
Bat ^o^ - {{{ Babs }}} Ummmmm sorry Arno... Bat had to hug Babs.
helen - does he think it's weird?
Bon-Fam - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:05pm PT
GG - Good, I'm glad to hear that Arnold. Thanks
Lisa - Hey Arnold,did you read about that wierd guy that went to see his psychologist with no clothes on? He showed up totally wrapped in cellophane
Bon-Fam - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:05pm PT
BLUESinMONTREAL - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:05pm PT
shof - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:05pm PT
jojo - how great would that be if he ever snuck in here? but then wed never know anyway
pip - I've heard aloIndia Arie
arno - Weird? Why would he. He's an artist and a public figure. It come with the territory
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Do you ever read the FORUM here in JTO?
Houdini - Liv is very cool! I never laughed so hard in my life..
LYR - nor would we believe him--we've had imposters (?) before
jojo - hey bat what about me?? boo hoo!!
arno - Isn't Idia great!
Lisa - His shrink said "SIR I can clearly see your nuts!!"
Robyn - logged off.
pip - I've heard alot of great things about India Arie on the David Wilcox mailing list..... in a recent interview she mentioned JT as one the influences
jojo - haha lisa!
ArnoldYouRock! - Arnold - Who are your musical influences?
arno - I read my forum regular but I check out JT when I'm bored on the road.
Tee_ - Lisa!!!!!
pip - on her music
Lisa - Sorry couldn't control meself
Bat ^o^ - Doh!!!! (Bat slaps his forehead at Lisa's joke)
LYR - India is very good--I like her stuff
arno - She seems to have a great respect for good talent from all genres
pip - sheeeesh my posts go to the room before I finish!
D18S - JTO is a nice cyber-family feeling.
Bat ^o^ - Arno> So, that is good about you reading your forum. Bat was just curious.
Joel - logged on - [Webmaster] - 6/25 at 7:07pm PT
jojo - come on in anytime arnold!! this has been wonderful!!
Tee_ - you suppose you could bring just a few of your new CD to Tanglewood...PLEASE?
Robyn - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:08pm PT
jojo - hey joel, thanks a bunch for aranging this chat!! Its been great!!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> What genre is India Arie's music?
helen - Will you be going to Europe with JT next time. When will that be?
Houdini - pip did you get my pm?
arno - What more have you guys tought about the new material? Jimmy and I laugh about some of the interpetations we read
Lisa - ditto from me too Joel
arno - I will be in Europe if he books it for next year I hope!
GG - Jimmy?
GG - Is that what you call JT?
LYR - India is funky jazzy folk--does that make sense?
pip - no Dini.... I missed it! I stepped away from the puter for a moment (Baby Pip out of bed for the fifth time.... it was for a drink of water this time!) Sneaky Lil' Guy! I wonder what the NEXT excuse will be! ; )
arno - Jimmy Johnson, the bass player dude!
Houdini - Arnold why didn't Jimmy and Russ join you for your Neighborhood Theatre show?
Bat ^o^ - GG> Jimmy Johnson.
Shoey - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:10pm PT
helen - How's ((((((((Clifford)))))))))))?
Shoey - o.k...hi...
arno - Jimmy Johnson checks you guys out regularly too.
Tee_ - Well the only ones we have heard so far is $th July and like esp. like Caroline I see you!
GG - oh, excuse me, I'm sorry (blushing from embarresment)
Shoey - I'm REALLY sorry to ask this....i'm SURE its been asked JT going to play in Canada at all this year??
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Do you play any instruments?
helen - Jimmy Johnson reads JTO?
arno - I couldn't take the whole band and I wanted it to sound different than JT's music
Tee_ - Yeah...we like Jimmy Johnson a lot!!!!
jojo - what does he think of us arnild?
arno - No Canadian tour sorry, I play piano like a child!
ArnoldYouRock! - I was hear once when Jimmy cam ein to the chat room but no one believed it was him...
helen - Shoey -- he's not playing any dates in Canada. I wish someone would tell me why that is -- he almost never does!
D18S - As a bass player, I like Jimmy's work.
pip - What is the title of the song she does.... it's about self-image.... a really great message for women! I read the lyrics once.
Shoey - ack!!....o.k.....thanks....i'll leave you all to your fun....seeya
Shoey - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:12pm PT
Houdini - we were glad to see some local guys on drums and bass.
OAHassell - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:12pm PT
arno - Clifford is great. He saved my ass on the Charlotte solo show
helen - Arnold came into the chat room once, didn't you?
LYR - me too Arno--I play by ear but can read some music
GG - If I were on my death last wish would be to have JT and the band serenade me out....:)
Tee_ - I don't think Jimmy chats with us but he lurks, hey?
OAHassell - Hey Arnold!
helen - Please tell Clifford we said hi, Arnold.
BooBoo - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:13pm PT
helen - hey, how'd he save your ass?
ArnoldYouRock! - Arnold ---> thanks for coming on JTO!!! Thanks Joel!!!!!
arno - I don't know it's a booking issue. He loves Canada and we love playing there and he loves the great outdoor there too
Tee_ - Tell the whole Band we said HI and that we love you all!!!
milwaukeebob - How do you prepare before going on stage?
reynolds - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:13pm PT
ArnoldYouRock! - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:13pm PT
arno - Lurks right!
BooBoo - Hello roomies!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetness - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:13pm PT
arno - I'll pass the word to the Cats!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> The one thing I really like about Jimmy's playing is that he does not "over do" it. He is so smooth, great finese...
reynolds - hey pal, sorry I had to miss you in Raleigh. You doin' OK?
helen - Well, please tell JT if it ever comes up that Canada MISSES him.
arno - I vocalize everyday for 10 to 20 minutes
helen - and y'all!
BooBoo - Boy is it crouded in here tonight!!
Sweetness - Hey babs, LYR, Houdini,Bat,Willow
arno - Canadians I will do my best to get some booking up there but I'm only me!
Tee_ - So what is your work out routine on the Road arnold...muscle wise?
Houdini - Arnold there is a great picture of you and David on - go to the photo's page
LYR - hi Sweetness
OAHassell - I saw you at the Virginia Beach, Virginia JT concert. Do you believe it was one of the band's best performances of the tour?
helen - Well, we'd LOVE just you too!
Sweetness - HI to the whole dang gang here tonight
Bat ^o^ - Arno> You planning on performing in Houston Texas?
jojo - this has been soo great!! thanks again arnold!! tell jt we lov
Tee_ - ((((((((Sweetness)))))))) hi to you too!
milwaukeebob - Arnold...among all of the amphitheatres and halls and arena's..where is your favorite place to play
LYR - is JT a vegetarian?
D18S -
jojo - thanks joel!!
Bat ^o^ - {{{ Tee }}} It's me... Bat!!!!
Houdini - pippy, pictured and parently only heading up north July 5th-11th - no room for Houdini
Sweetness - hey ((((BooBoo)))
Tee_ - (((((((((Hugs for Bat)))))))))
arno - i do some Yoga nad run when I can i then do light weight traing just to try and keep the fat away. I love to eat and it's alway too late. when I ge hungry!
BooBoo - Hello (((((((((((((((sweetness)))))))))))))))
arno - JT loves Meat!
Houdini - parently = parents
LYR - thank you!! I always wondered about that
Bobby - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:18pm PT
helen - That road schedule must be tough on a person! Are you all pumped up after a show?
Tee_ - Well it is paying off Arnold...keep it look great in all the pics
Lisa - We always see JT at Jiminy Peak any outings planned for fun?
Bat ^o^ - Arno> You planning on performing in Houston Texas?
Carly - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:18pm PT
arno - I enjoy the sheds outdoors with James suits me fine. But I love theater shows for myself, or Lyle, and Arenas for Phil Collins
Bobby - Arnold, is James Taylor coming to New Orleans on Aug. 22nd?
STEAM - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:18pm PT
pip - Awwwwww !! Dini, I was looking forward to your visit! : (
Tahri - and you look great in person :o)
Vicki - What do you do when you get some free time "on the road"?
Tee_ - In Italy Arnold, they eat really when you go back there next'll fit right in with the schedule
arno - Houston, yes, NO, yes
pip - Hey STEAMSTER!
Houdini - no room for me pip, they are even taking my truck!! I will be so depressed till it comes back home
STEAM - Hello Arnold, my kids loved meeting you on New Years Eve...their favorite song is Shower The People....thanks for being Arnold!!!!!
BooBoo - BRB, I have to step out for a few minutes. I'll bbl.
arno - I like to go to some small clubs and see bands I go to movies and I rest a lot
helen - don't you get bothered by mosquitos at those outdoor shows? They eat me alive!
jojo - how did you like sining in the movie duets?
Houdini - the Kilt ay New Years Eve was GREAT!
LYR - yeah..I always wonder how many moths get eaten per show
BooBoo - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:21pm PT
arno - I try to ignore the insects but they alway fly in our mouths when singing.
Bat ^o^ - Arno> In Houston, check out The Mucky Duck. They book folks like Carla Bonoff, Nickel Creek, Shake Russell.
jojo - oh yuck!!lyr!
STEAM - Arnold, we missed your solo on Shower the People in Raleigh on New Years Eve.....and Houdini is right, the kilt was Killer!!!!
arno - uets was fun and Gwenyth said i was the Bomb!
helen - Must be hard to hold a note with a moth heading for your larynx!
Tee_ - Insects are good protein....but yuck!!!
LYR - it's a good thing Jt and you guys aren't vegans!!
jojo - gee never thought about that!!
willow - bye ((((((((((you)))))))))))
OAHassell - Arnold, what were some of your best performances on the tour this summer?
arno - Mucky Duck? Where street and address on my site plese! Thanks I need those.
jane smith - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:22pm PT
jojo - arnold!! you are the bomb!!!!
willow - oops, sorry
arno - Clifford is a Vegan but he keeps his mouth closed
Tolk - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 7:23pm PT
helen - lol!
LYR - heehee!!!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Speaking of mosquitos... Have you ever been on stage and inhaled one and gagged and coughed?
willow - hey (((tefman))), ltns
Houdini - ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Tolk))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Jamomie - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:23pm PT
arno - Charlotte was one of the best and the second night in NY by far my best shower solo!
Tolk - Hello JT fans, Hello Arnold
Carly - ((((((((((Tolk))))))))))))
Bat ^o^ - tOLK !!!
Tolk - {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Dini}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Tolk - {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Dini}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Jamomie - Hey Arnold...saw you at MSG in NYC
Tolk - bAT!!!!!!!!
sky - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:24pm PT
pip - tee heeeeee!
hollyleia - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 7:24pm PT
arno - Yes but it's never stopped me. Usuall we are able to turn around and get it up or down!
STEAM - Excellent...Arnold, will u be touring with Lyle Lovett soon as well?
Lisa - What does ((((( ))))) mean?
helen - Save a good solo for us at Tanglewood, Arnold!
arno - ((((((hugs)))))
hollyleia - hey Everybody!
Carly - Hugs Lisa
pip - it's a cyber hug, Lisa
OAHassell - Arnold, what about the Virginia Beach, VA show? I can't help but to ask since I was in attendance.
LYR - it's a hug Lisa
Tolk - Arnold, were you one of the guys "doo wap" singin' in thet movie American Hot Wax?
jojo - that means hugs ((((((lisa))))))!! hi holly!
Tee_ - OMG...Hi Tolk!
helen - see, (((((((Arnold))))))))) is computer savvy!
Sweetness - welcome Tolk Sky
Carly - H i(((((Holy)))))))
Lisa - Don't mind me.. First time in a chat room
Carly - H i(((((Holy)))))))
Houdini - Arnold, what kind of car do you drive when you are home, or what was your first car?
LYR - oh I saw that last night Tolk!
Tolk - Hew Howdy Tee and all my Dear Friends
Jamomie - you go guy!
Tee_ - Do you still like Pistachios Arnold?
Bobby - Hey Arnold, my wife is having a fit. Is the band coming to New Orleans on Aug. 22nd?
jojo - hey tolk!!
Vicki - Arnold, where do you call home?
Jamomie - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:26pm PT
helen - Tee! No food baskets this time!
arno - My first car was a 66 Boneville coverable and I drive a 2000 Toyota 4 runner ltd.
Tee_ - Helen, we've got to do something for these hard working Band members!!!
arno - Lakefront Arena Bobby
Tolk - Love them Boneville's
sky - arnold, can you talk a bit about the song 'love junkyard'? who wrote it, and why did you decide to record it? i noticed it's on rickie lee jones' 'pop pop' cd as well.
LYR - brother had a baby blu Bonneville convertable--not sure of the year--but it was cool
pip - brb
Houdini - coool!!!! good choice. I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra!
OAHassell - Pontiac Bonneville, very nice.
arno - I sang back up for Rickie on that song and fell in love with it
Bat ^o^ - Arno> How about Bat brings you guys some chicken and beef fajitas for after the show in Houston, huh?
Bobby - Thanks Arnold, BIG FANS of yours. See you in N.O.
sky - i did, too. thanks for doing it.
Lisa - I too drive a 2000 4Runner
arno - Toyota still seems to be the best buy for the money. Parts and labor and such comparitively
Houdini - Arnold does James occasionaly drive his green truck to his hometown shows?
Jamie - I buy & drive only American.
arno - Lisa is really cool!
LYR - I love Rickie!!!Chuck E's in Love cracks me up since it is my oldest son's name and middle initial--needless to say he didn't like it much
Jamie - I like that song too LYR
arno - The truck is up for sale. Want to buy it. Fire and rain was just on TV
Tolk - I uesed to buy Americans, but they take too many breaks
Vicki - on what show on tv?...or a commercial?
Houdini - YES absolutley how do I get in touch with someone to make an offer?
LYR - if I wim lotto Wednesday it's mine!!
Sweetness - I've got the LiVE CD on right now playing any requests out there ?????
OAHassell - Arnold, Is the truck really for sale?
Tolk - my dyslexia is acting up again
pip - --- drives a Toyota Camry ; ) a lil' over 90,000 miles and still goin' strong! ; )
arno - Commercial
hollyleia - Im bored LOL...I just have nothi
LYR - ko
jojo - mmmmmmm.......let me think sweetness how about shower the people?
arno - Go PIP!
Tolk - {{{{{{{{{{{holly}}}}}}}}
arno - One of those oldies commercials
Sweetness - coming up jojo
Lisa - My bro has 300,000 on his Camry
Jamie - Better yet Shower the Purple !! Lol
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Do you like the "molded ear" monitors better than the floor monitors?
sky - arnold -- vocally, what's the most difficult song to sing in the JT repertoire?
helen - Arnold, we've been reading a lot in the forum about noisy folks at some of the shows. Is it noticeable on stage?
arno - Go bro!
Houdini - Arnold, Is the truck really for sale?
willow - ahhhhhhhhh, the singer/songwriter CD commercial!!!!
jojo - thank you sweetness
pip - Tee Hee! It's all those roadtrips I take to NC!
Truk - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:34pm PT
jojo - make it rain love
Bobby - How can I get a copy of JT version of "The Way You Look Tonight" sung with the Boston Pops?
jojo - sunshune
arno - Of course it's noticable. And tell you fellow audience members that we can read their lips often and it's not polite to point. At anything.
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Bat would love to hear you, JT, and crew sing "There We Are" and "Don't Be Sad Cause Your Sun Is Down" THAT would be COOL!
helen - Any chance you could have a few copies of Back to Front at Tanglewood for Tee and me?????
willow - LOL@arnold
Lisa - and Me too!
Tolk -
arno - Don't be sad is the bomb
helen - well, I don't think it's polite to talk when people on stage are trying to sing. In fact, it's downright rude.
Tee_ - Keep begging Helen! Please...
jojo - i agree!!! my mom taught me that arnold
GG - Arnold...that's really interesting that you can
Houdini - Arnold do I have your permission to beat the heck out of somebody who won't shut up? lol
arno - Back to Front is available
helen - at TANGLEWOOD?
GG - erstand what audience members might be saying. Any other pointers for us you can pass along?
Bat ^o^ - Arno> JT planning on ever doind Dont Be Sad on tour?
arno - Thanks Houdini! Your the man I think?
Tee_ - One time in Great Woods we shussshed some people and thought they would come punch us out!!!
LYR - I could never see the audience when I was on stage--the lights obliter
sky helen people have blurred the line between 'performance' and 'product'.. no excuse for impoliteness in a live format, though
LYR - e everything
Tolk - pointing at me?? I'm hard to miss, Hey Arnold, I did enjoy the only time I saw/heard you. Thanks for the chance
Jill - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:36pm PT
arno - I believe in telling the ushers to do the work for you
Houdini - No your the MAN, I am the woman!
Tolk - Dini is a fine woman
arno - I actually believe people think they are at home watching TV
Lisa - What if you can't control yourself because your having so much fun you just have to sing along?
Truk - What's the best way to get presents to you and James at the shows?
kramette - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:37pm PT
> pip - LOL@Dini!!! heheheeeeeeeee!
LYR - but I hate it when you're trying to sing a new song and some drunk keeps hollering "Fire and Rain"
jojo - haha houdini!!
OAHassell - Arnold, does JT ever play "Highway Song" during the summer tour? I think that is a good touring song.
jojo - me too lyr
arno - Sing is fine. Pointing and laughing is not.
helen - I think you are right, Arnold. Some folks act like they are in their living rooms.
kramette - Can't wait to hear that sweet voice again at Tanglewood, Arnold :)
GG - Hey Arnold...:) Tomorrow's my bday! How's about a private rendition of "Shower...."?
Houdini - thank-you Tolk
Tolk - did I miss the answer to my American Hot Wax question, or did you?
Carly - I agree ith Tolk about Dini
Jsnyder231 - Or conversing at a dinner party, like Chastain!
Vicki - how much does the setlist change during the tour?
pip - Happy B-day GG!
jojo - back on the highway, yeah,yeah , yeah, back on the road again
LYR - too bad there's no voice feature here
arno - Tanglewood is Tuesday and maybe the boys will show up who knows, Happy Birthday GG
OAHassell - I had a little woman in Memphis, she wanted to be my bride....
Houdini - thank-you Carly!
Tolk - LOL LYR.. good point
arno - I'd love to sing it to you!!!
kramette - there must be a harmony part they can sing
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Perhaps I will fire a "tazer" gun at one of those pointing idiots. heh heh
GG - Awwww shucks, thanks pip!!
FloridaResident - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:39pm PT
Truk - Is New Orleans a go?
Tee_ - I like Looking for Love on you do much singing on that in Live shows?
sky - has valerie carter joined us for a live chat here, before? would be great to see her. my copy of 'just a stone's throw away' is 'wore plumb out'.. smile
FloridaResident - Hey Arnold...Florida loves ya, man...tell Henry and Logan hello
MarkinChi - Happy Birthday GG!!!!
GG - Ah yes, I can dream, can't I!! Thanks, Arnold...:)
jojo - hey arnold can you tell jt i think the song hey mister thats me up on the juke box is so wonderful , telling and stirring and i never get tired of hearing it?
arno - I love Florida in small doses. It's too darn hot! but the humidity is great for the chords
jojo - an oldie but greatie!
OAHassell - good one jojo
sky - what do you do for vocal prep before a show?
FloridaResident - ROFL Arnold...we were in the 2nd row in Tampa bowing to had a cheering section!
arno - Valerie is selling on this tour and so is David Lasley! Buy!
Houdini - Arnold at the Charlotte show I gave JT's assistant a present that I made for the twins, do you know if he actually got ot?
Lisa - The kiddies say Hi(Caroline and Laura)
kat - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:42pm PT
Tolk - Arno, try Deep South texas... further south than the San Antonio gig in August
arno - I remember Tampa. You guys were great!
Vicki - How many rows back can you see into the audience, Arnold?
sky - absolutely, david's stuff, valerie's stuff, arnold's stuff.. come get some..
Carly - Arnold I just want to say hey and Good luck with all you your future plans....another Florida resident
Bat ^o^ - Arno> You guys gonna do Mighty Storm on this tour (in Houston)
FloridaResident - Thanks man...loved the guys keep it up...there are a few of us going to try and make Red Rocks in Colorado...worth the trip
D18S - Anybody >>> Is the tour set list posted anywhere?
arno - He get everything that is given to him. What he does with it is another story. It stays on the bus a long time I know!
Lisa - I must bring a bag of money
Houdini - I was a native american art piece with lots of feathers, to bring luck, health and happiness to them
kat - I was in Tampa too, Arnold. I called your name before the show when you were left of the stage.
hollyleia - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 7:43pm PT
OAHassell - it's on the JT website
FloridaResident - BTW...Arnold...can I ask did you and David feel taking the young lady off stage in Tampa? ;)
Tolk - {{{{{{{{{{{Holly}}}}}}}}}
OAHassell - this one, that is, go to news archives
arno - Mighty Storm is out but Might make it in for some shows, depending on the weather!
Joel - logged on - [Webmaster] - 6/25 at 7:44pm PT
helen - Hey, Arnold, are you guys travellling with the Fish this year?
kevin - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:44pm PT
arno - I loved taking the l;ady off stage. She was a little drunk!
Houdini - Arnold I originally made that native american piece for Carlos Vega, but was unable to get it to him, it is special to me.
arno - No Fish. It's history!
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Mighty Storm is a very appropriate song when in Texas.
FloridaResident - hahaha...yeah...everyone loved it up front...we were wondering if JT was gonna say that was another long-lost cousin :)
Tolk - arno...seats at the Verison amphitheater are saved for filming... are youz guys gonna do another video?
helen - how'd she get On Stage?
GG - LOL Poor lady.....wonder if she remembers who took her off stage!!
OAHassell - I must admit, I've never seen so many old drunk people than at the JT concert this summer. :) hehe
jojo - i love that song bat!!
Tolk - opps, the Selma Verison
kat - any stuff like that happen at the other shows?
helen - poor fish!
Tahri - arnold... I have to go... thanks for taking the time to talk to us tonight!
kramette - Thanks for spending some time with us, arnold, see you on the 3rd!!!
Lisa - Hi ((((((((JOEL))))).I learned how to hug tonight!
MarkinChi - Hey Joel...thanks for arranging this chat
OAHassell - Other than their kids, I was probably one of the youngest JT fans in VA Beach.
Tee_ - Well I'd best get back to work...thanks for chatting once again Arnold...See you in Tanglewood.
MarkinChi - Arnold...I must be going as well...thanks so much for taking time to be here....have a great tour, and I hope to see you, JT and the rest in August!
kramette - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:46pm PT
arno - Bye Tahri!
jojo - joel thanks again for tonight you are the best!!! nite all great meeting you arnold!!
Jsnyder231 - Joel and Arnold... this was great... thank you both!
FloridaResident - hmmm...I feel like asking a profound question, despite the feeling I might be a bit redundant in my inquisitions...but...Arnold, who were your inspirations growing up as a singer? who's voices gave you motivation and influenced your style?
arno - Good chat folks You kept it clean and sane!
FloridaResident - who's = whose
willow - bye ((((((((arnold))))))))))))) thanks for coming
Joel - We appreciate it as always, Arnold. Thanks for coming by.
Tolk - {{{{{{{{{{JTO'ers}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} luv ya..see you on Yahoo
Jamie - See you Twice in July Arnold....thanks fer the chat !! :-)
helen - Best wishes for the release of Back to Front and for the rest of the tour, ((((((Arnold))))))
LYR - this is sanity??
Tolk - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:47pm PT
Joel - And keep an eye on his site for news of the new CD's release, folks:
kevin - hows the tour going Arnold and how is James?
arno - My main influence is Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. And Sam Cooke
Tahri - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:47pm PT
Bat ^o^ - See ya Arnold!
Joel - We'll post a news item about it on JTO once it's released, too.
jojo - what did you expect arnold we are JT fans!!
helen - thanks, Joel!
pip - LOL@Lisa ((((((((((((((Lisa)))))))))))))
Carly - bye (((((((((((((Arnold))))))))))))))))))) thank you
Lisa - We LOVE Sam Cooke
Houdini - Arnold please keep an eye out for the native american art n the bus, It is for Henry and Logan
FloridaResident - Great...all of them...thanks for answering that, Arnold...peace and love to all of you on the journeys
Carly - good ones arno
arno - Good Kevin all Good!
LYR - if you are off Arno--it's been great--thanks
Tee_ - Thanks a million ...again...Joel. Great pleasure you give us!
Lisa - Thanks PIP I feel soooo LOVED
LYR - but do stick around
STEAM - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:48pm PT
Bruhman - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:48pm PT
pip - Thanky Muchly ((((((((((((((Arnold))))))))))))))) and thanks for taking the time to autograph my CD to my son at your Charlotte show... I really appreciate it and so will he when he is a bit older! ; )
MarkinChi - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:49pm PT
STEAM - Great chat....thanks Arnold and Joel!!!!!!
GG - (((((((Lisa))))))))
arno - I'll appreciate it when I'm older too!
Bobby - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:50pm PT
GG - (((((((Lisa))))))))
GG - (((((((Lisa))))))))
Houdini - Thank-you Arnold, thanks Joel for setting this up!
Jsnyder231 - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:50pm PT
GG - (((((((Lisa))))))))
Gunky - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:50pm PT
arno - Goodnight Joel!
OAHassell - Another good song for the tour would be "Woman's Gotta Have It." ARNOLD, Have you ever done that song solo with JT doing the background vocals?
kevin - Cant tell you how much Ive enjoyed your singing it would *make it rain"
GG - (((((((Lisa))))))))
Bat ^o^ - Arno> Do alot of people send you tapes of their music?
Gunky - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:51pm PT
pip - uh oh WHITE OUT!!!
arno - Goodnight Joel! Goodnight friendly Beast! I love Ya'll!
Sweetness - This has been a real treat
Joel - Thanks for coming, everyone. We'll have the log of the chat posted sometime before tomorrow.
Gunky - Tah Dah!!!
kat - you remember your first Vermont concert?
Joel - Night, Arnold. Thanks again.
Billy - logged on - [Member] - 6/25 at 7:51pm PT
GG - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:51pm PT
Lisa - (((((((((HUGS TO ALL
FloridaResident - nite Arnold. God Bless
pip - Oh... it wasn't a white out... it was just the BRIGHT SMILE of Gunky entering the room! ; )
sky - thank you, arnold!
Vicki - Thanks, Joel and Arnold!!
Gunky - Hi Y' of the impeccable timing!
Houdini - (((((((((((((((((((((((((Gunky))))))))))))))))))))))))
Truk - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:51pm PT
pip - Thanks Joel!
jw - logged on. - 6/25 at 7:52pm PT
Bat ^o^ - Ahhhh look! Did Arnold just call Bat "Friendly Beast?" heh heh
D18S - logged off.
Jamie - Lisa I guess U didnt quite learn how to hugg LOL
Tee_ - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:52pm PT
Bruhman - story of my life. missed out again. tell me..what did i miss?
jw - arnold ill see you in kc in august
Sweetness - Thanh you Arnold so much
arno - logged off. - 6/25 at 7:52pm PT