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Keith Carlock Chat at James Taylor Online
30 March 2009

Joel - logged on - [Webmaster] - 3/30 at 5:44pm PT
Joel - The chat room is currently in moderated mode for our Keith Carlock chat, which begins in about 15 minutes.
Joel - You won't be able to log on during this portion of the chat event, but later you'll be invited to log on and ask Keith your questions.
Joel - While we're waiting for our chat to begin, be sure to click the links to Keith's site in the top bar (it will open in a new window)
Joel - Our chat will begin in about 5 minutes. Thanks for your patience, everyone.
Joel - We'll start our chat as soon as Keith logs on.
Joel - Thanks for coming, everyone.
KC - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:00pm PT
Joel - Welcome, Keith.
Joel - Thanks so much for coming to talk with us.
KC - Thanks for the invite. Glad to be here!
Joel - I know everyone will have plenty of questions for you, so I'll keep my portion short.
KC - ok
Joel - I wanted to start by asking about your recent projects.
Joel - It looks like you've got yourself spread pretty thin with multiple tours, studio recordings, and drum workshops.
Joel - How do you split your time among them all?
KC - Which project?
Joel - Is one of the three taking up the bulk of your time lately?
KC - For the most part I am touring with Steely Dan every summer and feel very lucky to be playing with James this coming month.....the other stuff that I do is when I'm home in NYC or Nashville and can experiment with other music I like to play
Joel - The list of bands you've performed with is impressive. What led you to hook up with JT, then? How did it happen?
KC - I do the workshops and clinics are between big chunks of work when I have some free time and can take the time to do that
KC - i
KC - I believe it was word of mouth through my gigs with Sting and Steely Dan that led to playing with James
Joel - Was this circa 2007 or earlier?
KC - I worked with James for the first time in the winter of 2006 if my memory is correct:)
Joel - And that must be ramping up again now with the impending summer US tour. Have rehearsals already begun?
KC - The first show is in Austin in mid-April and we will be rehearsing three days prior to that first show
Joel - We'll look forward to seeing you and the rest of the band on the tour.
Joel - You mentioned experimenting when you're home. What styles of music is that likely to be when you get to call the shots?
KC - I'm VERY much looking forward to it! It's an incredible band as James always has!
KC - When I'm home I do a lot of the instrumental, experimental projects in NYC that I am a part of
Joel - Where can fans come hear you if they're in town?
KC - There are several different clubs that I play in NYC and Nashville but the best way to get the info is at or I keep those updated as much as possible
Joel - Be sure to visit his site when you can, folks. There's lots to read there. The link at the top will open in its own window
Joel - Rather than monopolize you I'd like to let others have a chance to ask their burning questions, Keith.
KC - Bring it on!!!:)
Joel - But before the deluge I want to thank you for being here with us. We really appreciate it.
KC - Thank you. It's a pleasure.
Joel - Okay. I'm opening the room now.
Joel - Be sure to hold your questions so Keith has a chance to ask as many as he can, please.
CowgirL - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:16pm PT
Joel - If you're ready to log in, please press Reload in your browser and you should be able to.
CowgirL - Hi Keith....Welcome :)
CowgirL - ...and thank you Joel for bringing Keith to us :)
Ian - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:16pm PT
Ian - Hi Keith, i play drums too so this is a real treat!
KC - Hi everyone
nia - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:17pm PT
CowgirL - Joel, you asked so many of the questions i wanted to ask Keith...we're thinking alike...i'm not sure if that is a good thing or scarey! :)
GE - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:18pm PT
nia - are you guys coming to cali?
bill - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:18pm PT
Ian - Keith when you play Aja, do you try to copy some of the things Steve Gadd did or do you do your own thing. are you a fan of Steve?
SISTA - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:18pm PT
Ian - Steve is my musical Hero
KC - I don't think there is a california date as this time
SISTA - hello all
GE - Hey Keith! I subscribe to all the JT stuff, and I saw that you would be on. This is Gary Eckert from UNT days. Congrats, and hoping you are well. Touring with JT - beyond cool. Best, Gary
CowgirL - Keith, is there any genre of music you don't care for?
KC - Ian, I am a huge fan of Steve, but when I play Aja I try to do my own thing and hope that it's just as valid
jtfan - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:19pm PT
Carolyne - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:19pm PT
Ian - cool, same thing when i play the song
KC - Hey Gary, good to hear from you
nia - have you ever played the Blues conecttion in Van cover Washington
bill - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:20pm PT
> KC - I like all music that is played well and written well
Ian - when will you and Oz Noy and Anton Fig doing the double drummer thing again?
Carolyne - Thanks for being here, Keith. And to Joel, too
bill - hi all,,,KC..favorite JT. album or song?
Tee - logged on - [Member] - 3/30 at 6:21pm PT
KC - Bill, it's impossible to have a favorite but I really enjoyed playing Country Road on the last tour.
Puppydog - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:22pm PT
CowgirL - What is your favorite/worst thing about touring?
Tee - Aloha all...thought I'd pop in for a second to pay my respects to great musicians KC included
Joel - You're doing a valiant job keeping up, Keith.
bill - Having played w such a diverse bands and sounds, do you change styes deoending on band? Do you, for example, play more of a bakroud musicain for a mellow person like JT?
burger - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:23pm PT
Tee - I have heard you do country road with JT and band - you were fantastic on that tour in 2007
Bart - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:24pm PT
SISTA - Country Road is one boss song indeed
KC - I play what I feel is appropriate and mature for the music I'm hired to do. Playing with JT is a huge responsibility that I don't take lightly whatsoever.
nia - we would really like to see a show here in N cali. when do you think that might happen?
bill - Love "Country Band" Not to impose on you, but we'd all like to know what J.T. is like off-stage?
Tee - As a matter of fact we attended almost a dozen of those shows and each time country road brought the house down!!
Carolyne - Apologies if this is a repeat of the moderated chat which i missed..
bill - *Country Road oops
Carolyne - .Keith, will you have band rehearsal time before the kickoff in Austin?
nia - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:25pm PT
SISTA - I would imagine musicians that play with JT are as versatile as he is!
bill - KC..It seems like only 3 days is a really short time
KC - Bill, JT is one of the most humble, down to earth bosses that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm a huge fan and am very inspired by his humanity as well as his genius.
Star - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:26pm PT
bill - thanks KC..that's what I've always thought. Great to hear it from you.
Ian - What is it like playing with Anton Fig
CowgirL - Keith, do you come from a musical family?
KC - Bill, I would love more time to rehearse, but what's on my side, is the band has been playing a lot together, and I'm basically filling in for Steve because he's not available. So, things should come together rather quickly.
bill - KC...favorite 3-5 albums?
Tee - Ciao everyone - gotta run. Keith hello again - met you through Larry Goldings on that 2007 tour - hello again and good luck
KC - No, I do not come from a musical family. I was the odd ball that somehow knew this is what I wanted to do with my life.
Carolyne - Bye (((((Tee))))) Nice to see you here!
CowgirL - so, you were one of those little boys beating on everything??? :) ... so happy for you that you followed your passion :)
Tee - Say hi to the JT gang from me when you see them again in Austin....
Tee - Bye all....
bill - what drummer would you most closely identify with: Keith Moon/Ginger Baker/oe Ringo?
bill - *or Ringo
Tee - Tee
SISTA - Im hoping to catch JT in New York or St Louis
KC - Anton is a great drummer that plays MUSIC on the drums. It's a lot of fun playing duo with him along with Oz Noy and Will Lee when we can in NYC.
suzyq - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:33pm PT
KC - Thanks Tee for hangin"
bill - I'n assuming you play drums w jazz groups..which type;Jazz or Pop/rock?
bill - do you prefer?
Ian - Keith do you know when the next time the double drummer gig will happen
Carolyne - Keith, great to read you hail from Clinton, Mississippi. Do you ever get back to there?
hailraiser - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:35pm PT
KC - Bill, I identify with Moon for his aggressiveness and his energy, Ginger for his unique style, and Ringo for making the most mature choices for a song. I am a fan of all of them and respect them greatly.
Tee - Joel - Mahalo for all you do for us on JTO...thanks especially for ticket and info sale dates in Italy! ((((((YOU))))))
bill - thak you KC
Tee - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:36pm PT
CowgirL - I saw moon back in 74! ... totally amazing!
Joel - Gathering that info is much less of a challenge thanks to the web, Tee.
KC - Carolyne, I haven't been back much since high school and all of my family has relocated to Nashville so I have no reason to go back there. It was a great place to grow up and I absorbed a lot from that region musically.
Joel - I just wanted to break in and thank Keith again for being here with us. We'll plan on wrapping it up soon if that's okay with Keith.
Joel - And for those who may have missed part of it, we'll make sure there's a log of the chat online by tomorrow.
Joel - And thank you all for being here, too.
Carolyne - Thanks, Keith. Hopefully, they can catch you with JT in Nashville.
KC - Thanks Joel for having me. Hope to see you all at a JT show soon!
CowgirL - Keith...what are you listening to?...what's in your ipod?
Joel - I know everyone here at JTO will be looking for you on stage now that they've had a chance to virtually meet you, Keith.
Ian - thanks Keith, you contiue to be a insperation on my playing
SISTA - I would like to say that I know that JT only works with THE BEST, looking forward to hearing more of your work KC!
CowgirL - wish you were coming to Virginia Keith.....turn JT around will ya?
Carolyne - Thanks, Joel. As usual, a wonderful opportunity. And, Keith best of luck next month and with Steely Dan this summer!
Carolyne - Good to see everyone. Goodnight to all!
nia - logged on. - 3/30 at 6:40pm PT
KC - Thanks Ian and also i'm listening to a lot of the music from my childhood like the Beatles, Al Green, Parliament, The Meters, and Miles Davis.
bill - logged off.
Carolyne - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:40pm PT
nia - thanks to you Kieth and blessings from all us humboldt babes here in cali
CowgirL - gotta love the beatles & al green :)
nia - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:41pm PT
KC - Goodnight everyone!!
Star - Thanks again, Keith. Goodnight.
SISTA - night night and thank you
SISTA - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:41pm PT
Star - Thanks for coming, folks.
CowgirL - thanks for dropping by Keith !
suzyq - night KC!
CowgirL - & thank you are the man!
hailraiser - night Keith
KC - logged off. - 3/30 at 6:42pm PT