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Larry Goldings Chat - 3 December 2007

Joel - The chat will begin at 7:30 eastern, which is about 15 minutes from now.
Joel - If you're lurking now, be sure to visit Larry's site (links above) and check out his music.
Joel -
Joel - Links will open in a new window, so you won't lose your chat window
Joel - We'll start our c
Joel - chat with Larry Goldings in about 10 minutes.
Joel - Again, for new arrivals: The chat room is currently moderated and you won't be able to log in quite yet.
Joel - We'll have a short interview portion, then after that you'll be able to log in and talk to Larry yourself.
Joel - We'll start our chat in just a few minutes. Thanks for joining us, everyone.
larry g - logged on. - 12/3 at 7:34pm PT
Joel - Welcome to the chat, Larry
Joel - Thanks so much for coming to talk to us.
larry g - Hi, thanks for having me.
Joel - The first part of our chat will be something like a radio show with an unseen audience, but we'll let them in later to bend your ear.
Joel - Are you ready to start?
larry g - Sounds great.
larry g - Yes.
Joel - 2007 was a big year for you, with a Grammy nomination (congratulations!) and the inaccurately named One Man Band tours with JT. And now you've got a new solo jazz album -- Long Story Short.
Joel - When did you find time to do that?
larry g - Well, Long Story Short has been a long time in the making
larry g - I started recording it several years ago and only recently compiled the music and decided to put it out on my own.
Joel - Did touring intervene?
larry g - Not really.
Joel - For everyone else, the CD is available here:
larry g - James has a schedule that allows me to record and do other projects from time to time
Joel - How would you characterize the album?
larry g - I think of it as a soundtrack to a European film that hasn't been made yet.
larry g - It's very moody and features a lot of solo piano, unlike most of my other records which feature me as an organ player.
Joel - Any plans to make that movie a reality?
larry g - Much of it was improvised in the studio.
larry g - Yes. I'm very interested in writing for film and tv.
Joel - I know you've done some of that in the past.
Joel - How would you compare your career as a jazz musician -- whether solo or in groups -- with the work you've done lately performing with JT?
Joel - For instance, are the audiences on the JT tours different than those you've played for in the past?
larry g - As you may guess, it's a very different experience playing in a jazz context.
larry g - Obviously, jazz gigs are on the whole much more about improvisation, but what I love about playing with James is first of all that it's James Taylor!
Joel - I think everyone here would understand that.
larry g - And, I consider playing with James almost like playing beautiful chamber music.
Joel - When did you first meet James?
larry g - When James was making October Road, Russ Titelman, who produced the album, had me in mind for two songs.
larry g - Mean Old Man and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
larry g - So I met James for the first time at the studio to record those two songs, in NYC, with the full rhythm section, and James.
larry g - It was quite a thrill. That was in 2001.
Joel - Why do you think your playing style works so well for his music?
larry g - Historically, James has had players in his band that come from the jazz world, such as Don Grolnick, Jimmy Johnson, and others.
larry g - James himself has always had a subtle jazz and Brazilian influence to his music.
Joel - Why do you think JT goes that direction in his band choices?
larry g - James has the sensibilities of any great jazz player: high level of musicianship, great sensitivity, tastefulness...
larry g - Just look at a song like Mean Old Man, which Paul McCartney said could have been written by Cole Porter.
Joel - Do you expect to do more with James in the future -- either in the studio or on the road?
larry g - There's talk of going into the studio and of going on the road, both with the One Man Band and the full band.
Joel - That's great news.
Joel - I want to get back to your music without James. I know your trio already has a date scheduled in NYC at the end of January. What else is on tap for next year? Will you do more touring with them?
Joel - You can see Larry's touring plans at his site:
larry g - Yes, my trio with Peter Bernstein on guitar and Bill Stewart on drums will be at the Village Vanguard the last week of January, Jan 29 - Feb 3rd. It's our second time playing there.
larry g - I'm also working on touring more of the States and Europe, with this trio and perhaps with saxophonist Harry Allen (who appears on James X-mas record).
larry g - I'm also doing quite a bit of writing, particularly with Sia Furler, formerly of Zero 7.
larry g - We are making what is turning into a very hip, Beatles-esque children's record.
Joel - When could we expect to hear that?
larry g - I hope to tour more with Trio Beyond (Jack DeJohnettte and John Scofield).
larry g - It might be a year from now. We still need to finish recording some tracks, although most of the music's been written now.
larry g - I hope to post some of the tracks before that, perhaps on my myspace page:
Joel - I have a 2-year-old myself and we're always on the lookout for music that isn't from Disney et al.
Joel - I'll relink for folks:
larry g - I also collaborate from time to time with Curtis Stigers and produced and/or arranged his last four albums
Joel - You sound quite busy.
larry g - I've also recorded recently with Norah Jones, John Mayer, Jesse Harris, Madeleine Peyroux whose first album, "Careless Love," I was the keyboard player on.
Joel - Your name does pop up on a lot of albums.
larry g - It's funny how that happens. I'm very happy to be on so many different kinds of projects, from jazz to folk to pop. It keeps it interesting.
Joel - I was looking at your web site, which is quite fancy. You make a good effort to stay in touch with music lovers online. Has the online world had any effect on your musical career?
Joel - It seems that a lot has changed since the days when the only way to get your music out there was to sign over your career to a major label.
larry g - I think so. For instance, I find that many JT fans have visited my website and communicate with me through it.
larry g - Yes, that is true. It's a very different world now, even than when I was signed to Warner Bros in the early 90s.
larry g - I am still trying to figure out how to get my music out there, with the absence of record stores and record labels really.
Joel - Sounds challenging and liberating at the same time.
Joel - Let's see if we can't get a little more of that fan communication going right now?
Joel - Are you up for some questions from some other folks who've waited patiently?
larry g - Great, bring it on.
Joel - In the meantime, I want to thank you again for coming to talk with me and the rest of us here at JTO, Larry.
Joel - It's a treat to have you here.
Joel - Okay. We'll open up the room now. Try to hold your questions a bit so he has a chance to respond to as many as possible.
Joel - Here we go.
larry g - This is a lot of fun for me.
Joel - The room is now open.
Ian - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:02pm PT
Ian - Hey Larry
jmcutler88 - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
larry g - Tests my typing skills. How am I doin'?
bill - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
kjn - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Arkie - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Joel - You're doing great -- better than most.
Ian - I got a chance to see you in Vermont
CowgirL - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Carolina - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Ian - you where fantastic
kjn - Welcome Larry
soleil - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Arkie - Welcome to JTO Larry. Thank you for the wonderful music you share with us.
CowgirL - Hi nice to have you here
lla - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Joel - If you're lurking now, just click Refresh in your browser and you'll be able to log in again normally.
bill - larry..what exactly did JT say to you just before copperline on DVD?
larry g - Thank you so much, Ian.
Bridget - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
lla - Hi Larry and JTO
sam from Paris - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:03pm PT
Bridget - Hi Larry thanks so much for joining us!
Carolina - Loved the 'Cole Porter' quote and oh so true!
Jill - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:04pm PT
larry g "Your fly is open."
Carolyne - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:04pm PT
jmcutler88 - Hi Larry, first of all great job representing my hometown of Pittsfield on the DVD. It was a treat to see the Colonial Theater beautified by your and JT's music. My question is, as a child, what keyboard players did you look up to for inspiration?
Tee - logged on - [Member] - 12/3 at 8:04pm PT
choochoo - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:04pm PT
Bridget - LOL Larry!!
Jill - Will you ever play across the border in Toronto,Canada?
Joel - Try to pace yourselves, everyone. He can't answer everything at once.
larry g - Erroll Garner, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Richard T, Billy Preston, Art Tatum, Don Grolnick, too many more to mention..., JM.
Bridget - Larry can you tell us something about how you developed the OMB show with JT please?
Carolyne - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:05pm PT
sam from Paris - salut Larry. here in paris it's 5:00 am but i'm so pleased to be there with you
soleil - Nice to "see" you Larry and to hear more about your touring/recording plans
CowgirL - *sits back & watches* :)
bill - when did you 1st realize your considerable talents
larry g - Nothing on the books for Canada right now, but I'm sure we will, Jill.
tom - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:05pm PT
Gecko/20071127 Firefox/

Ian - Im a HUGE Steve Gadd Fan
Arkie - Welcome to JTO, Larry. This is a large 'worldwide community' of all who love music, especially JT... and now we love yours, as well.
Ian - he is my insperation
Ian - what was it like to play with the gadd gang and play with him
Tee - (((((((((((((((((Larry -eeeeee))))))))))))) Love ya!
Jill - Thanks Larry. In the meantime, I'll continue to travel to Buffalo and Lenox (where I saw the amazing OMB show).
papapilar - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:06pm PT
bill - you referenced the Beatles twice w Joel..Their influence on you..met them?
larry g - Hi Bridget. Yes, he had the music and the concept, and he basicaly left it up to me as to how to "orchestrate" the tunes for whatever keyboards I chose to use.
larry g - Steve Gadd is a monster. Another great perk of working with James.
CowgirL - Larry, love the title of your cd "Long Story Short", i think we all can relate
lla - Saw OMB show twice inat Tanglewood and Baltimore--fantastic!
kjn - bravo...OMB!!
tom - Your CD "Quartet" is a fave all-time! Have you written anything for JT's band?
larry g - Beatles...Huge influence. It's still what I turn to for inspiration for my own songs. Have met Paul.
Tee - The very well written Liner notes JT wrote for the OMB DVD/CD spoke very highly of you Larry - makes you proud, Hey? And I must add you deserve every bit of it. You were fantastic on those OMB tours
Ian - yes he can grove like knowone else and i wish i was half as good as him
papapilar - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:08pm PT
Ian - thans larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bridget - Thanks Larry - you did a simply wonderful job. Great that School Song is included
choochoo - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:08pm PT
Carolina - That was after Hammersmith Odeon show last Spring - yes? meeting Paul I mean!
Carolyne - Welcome Larry! Do you have a favorite arrangement from OMB?
sam from Paris - my other hero is also a James ( James Baldwin) and I heard you collaborated on a
choochoo - James gave you quite the tribute on the OMB DVD
larry g - Tom, thanks. I do play a song of mine on the OMB show called SCHOOL SONG, which appear on the OMB cd/dvd and on my album, LONG STORY SHORT.
Joel - You're making a valiant effort to keep up with the avalance of questions, Larry. Don't worry -- everyone knows you can't catch all of them.
CowgirL - Larry....when you you think piano or organ?
Arkie - School Song was incredible. Larry g... please come to Little Rock ! (Arkansas)
Jill - Is Long Story Short available now in major record stores such as HMV?
larry g - Choo choo, I was so moved by what James said about me on the cd/dvd.
soleil - Can you talk a bit more about your most recent recording with John Mayer and Norah Jones?
Oh Susannah - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:10pm PT
larry g - Jill, you have to go either to iTunes or to purchase it.
bill - sorry to overload..but did JT write "Mean Old" on piano?
sam from Paris - CD CALLED "Going To Meet The Man" is it stil! available? ( we try to celebrate here in paris the twentieth anniversary of his passing
larry g - Soleil, I'm on the album CONTINUUM and also on his single GRAVITY. I first met John Mayer when I recorded a Ray Charles tribute album for John Scofield
Bridget - You sound to have a very busy life - how do you find time to write in view of all your various other commitments?
larry g - I'm on several tracks of Norah's latest album.
Jill - I'm trying to figure out what you do in your spare time - she says half jolking?!
larry g - Bill, no. He wrote it on guitar.
Carolina - Larry I am gettng your pm's to people - managed to cut and paste and forward to Tom but failed with one you wrote to Bridget! sorry!'Carolina' aka Miranda Ward
Bridget - lol @ Jill!
bill - do you wake up every morninhg thanking someone for your amazing talent and life?
larry g - bridget, I write on the road--there's plenty of down time, and I'm writing all the time.
Tee - logged on - [Member] - 12/3 at 8:14pm PT
kjn - is it true JT doesn't read music???
larry g - Bill, that's sweet. I am grateful to be doing what I'm doing.
Tee - Hey again Larry - I keep getting kicked off this computer!
Oh Susannah - What makes a good bus tour personality?
sam from Paris - Larry Did I dreamed or I heard cello on the ONe man Band album - but there 's no cellist credited ( or is it you on keyboards)
Bridget - Gosh Larry, that's amazing you can do make good use of all those hours on the bus?!
soleil - I was so fortunate to see OMB three times and the most recent at Tanglewood.....
bill - your musical genius speaks for itself
Bridget - Hi Tee
Tee - So how come your cds are available from different vendors? Is there just one place where we can get all of them at once?
larry g - Sam, the piano triggers some subtle string sounds, such as the low cellos on "Fire and Rain" Good ear.
Carolyne - wb Tee
sam from Paris - ouaoohhh
soleil - My seat at Tanglewood was third row right in front of you.....amazing evening and in awe of your talent!
Tee - Yeah Larry, what is a "Bus riding fool"?
larry g - Tee, if you go to my website, there are links to buy all of my albums and many audio clips from all my albums
jmcutler88 - Ditto, Tanglewood was absolutely beautiful
Arkie - Larry g., Have you or JT been aware of this Online community...Joel does a masterful job of maintaining this site.
Bridget - Yes Larry......tell us about the bus
larry g - Tee, it's just what it sounds like. Aren't we all fools to be riding on a bus?
CowgirL - Larry...i understand you had to wait over an hour on a bus after the leicester UK show....did you write anything?
sam from Paris - what about your "Going To meet the Man" cd? is it still available?
tom - logged off.
Jill - I was also sitting right up front for the Tanglewood show, and was mesmerized by your talent and contribution to that over the top, amazing show.
bill - when you mentioned "the studio" were you implying that JT will be recording soon, or no comment?
Tee - Hi Bridget nice to see you and Sam and Carolina from across the pond stay up to come say hello to Larry!
tom - logged off.
Bridget - Your website looks great Larry - you have some lovely new photos
Ian - For the ADAA honoring Steve Gadd how much rehersal was involved
larry g - The jacuzzi on the bus is lame, Bridget. We watch a lot of movies and listen to music, or sleep.
Ian - cuz you guys sounded tight
Bridget - Thanks Tee - it's 4.15am here in the UK...see how much I love you Larry!
Carolina - it is 4:16 am in England now!
tom - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:17pm PT
sam from Paris - hi Tee, Hi Bill
larry g - Ian, not enough. There was a soundcheck.
Bridget - LOL @ jacuzzi!
sam from Paris - hi bridget
Ian - cool thanks
larry g - Bridget, go to sleep for goodness sake!
bill - hi JT?
tom - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:18pm PT
Jill - Sleep is sometimes over rated!
Bridget - Hear hear Jill!
larry g - Bill, not sure about the exact recording plans.
lla - Always wondered-took piano lessons for a long time--but left had so much trouble with left hand--does it help to be ambidextrous
bill - she can sleep in the hereafter
CowgirL - larry, saw you with JT in Richmond, Va back in October....does JT do a lot of charity gigs?
Arkie - Larry, you are a good sport to come in here, and then to actually put up with us!
Carolyne - Larry,
larry g - james does some charity work, yes.
larry g - And always interesting ones.
Bridget - Hi Sam - sorry is hard to keep up. Good to see you at this ungodly hour!
kjn - Larry, were you at the Troubador?
Ian - was it hard playing with 3 diffrent drummers with the same band
Carolyne - do you know if Johnny Bowtie will ever tour??
Oh Susannah - Are you as goofy as JT is? I've never heard him goofier than on OMB DVD! Precious!
larry g - Ah Carolyne! Glad you mentioned Johnny Bowtie Barstow.
sam from Paris - as virtuoso, How do you qualify the guitar playing of Jt
Bridget - Excellent question Carolyne
bill - On Nora you play organ?
larry g - I doubt he'll tour, but he may if you buy his record that I produced and played on, A BOWTIE CHRISTMAS. Go to, if you want a serious holiday laugh.
Tee - Johnny Bowtie sounds fun - I must get that. But I'm also very interested for my grandkids in your new children's rec
larry g - BIll, I play organ with Norah.
Carolyne - oh, he's a favorite! Everyone needs to hear his Christmas tracks
larry g - JT is a virtuoso on the guitar. There's no one who can get the feeling out of that instrument that he can. Not to mention his totally original harmonic approach and masterful accompaniment skills.
bill - I'm gettin the vapors
Tee - So is the Organ your fav instrument, Larry?
larry g - Tee, I'm excited about my project with Sia. It is unlike anything out there. She is a great artist, and we write well together.
tom - Just saying thanks for capturing JT's
Jill - Do you expect that you'll be at Tanglewood again this coming July, or is it too soon to know
larry g - Tee, I love both piano and organ. It all depends on what is called for at the moment.
kjn - What did you hear of the Troubador gigs with Ms. King?
Arkie - lol @ vaporizing bill!
Ian - As a Drummer how much do you vaule Reading skills
Ian - like reading music charts
larry g - Jill, don't know yet.
Tee - Great Larry, so you and sia hurry up with it then!
Bridget - Who were/are your musical influences?
larry g - Kjn, I went with my wife, and it was a truly memorable experience. JT and Carole were in great form, and the band was stellar. It was nice to hear it so raw and real.
Tee - I loved that Madeleine Peyroux album you did with her.
sam from Paris - Larry do you know if some parisian dates are booked ( with Jt
larry g - Ian, reading has helped me a lot, but I would say your ear and your taste meter are just as important.
sam from Paris - T or with your band)
kjn - I know it was something to remember...thank you...glad you were there!
Carolina - I would so loved to have seen that show! but I was lucky enough to see back in 71 - Jo Mama!
Jill - Do you happen to know if the Troubadour concert(s) were taped for public consumption? hope so.
kjn - you go Carolina!!!!!!
Ian - yes thanks
bill - larry, when you play a JT song, am I correct in thinking that probably no other piano player would play iy quite the same?
kjn - dittto Jill..
larry g - Everyone from Gabriel Faure to Joao Gilberto to Miles Davis to Art Tatum to the Bulgarian Women's Choir, Bridget.
Tee - You mentioned touring more with your trio...where?
Carolina - Nite Joel and thank you very much for setting this up!
larry g - Bill, depending on the song I can add more or less of my own interpretation.
sam from Paris - I'm curious what do you think of Joni's piano playing on her last Cd ( I'm a great fan)
kjn - nite Carolina
Arkie - Thank you for sharing your music Larry. I'm gonna tiptoe out so someone else can have my seat...... again, thanks Joel.
CowgirL - goodnight Carolina....take care & keep in touch!
bill - what do you think of "Modrn Times" or "Memory Almost Full"?
larry g - For instance, UP ON THE ROOF requires a pretty set piano approach, whereas MEAN OLD MAN is my arrangement and STEAMROLLER you can really let loose.
kjn - (((arkie)))
Carolina - Nite Larry G! Good to see you again - at least cyberly!
Bridget - Goodnight Arkie and Carolina
sam from Paris - do you sing yourself ( i remembered you made some background vocals with Jt on tour)
Ian - yes larry!!!!
Carolyne - good night Arkie, Carolina
bill - *modern times
soleil - So enjoyed Mean Old Man Larry! Brilliant!
Ian - the organ on Steamroller was Kller
larry g - Sam, I haven't heard Joni's album, but I'm a big fan of her playing.
Bridget - The Mean Old Man arrangement is just lovely Larry - never tire of it
CowgirL - Larry, what type of music do you listen for enjoyment?
Arkie - (((((((((((((( friends & roomies )))))))))))))))))
larry g - Thanks, Ian and Soleil.
tom - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:29pm PT
Arkie - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:29pm PT
Tee - Aloha, Arkie and Carolina
Ian - what kind of organ was mounted on the top of the Grand Piano
bill - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:29pm PT
Ian - and is it safe for the Piano
bill - Dylan, Paul???
Jill - Joni is a Canadian icon. I was at the concert in her honour for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, at which JT performed Woodstock for her. What a great treat.
Carolina - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:30pm PT
Ian - and what is that accordian looking thing
larry g - Right now, I'm listening to old George Jones, Bob Dylan, Prokofieff Bjork, a band called Joan as Police Woman. Everything under the sun.
kjn - quite eclectic!
larry g - Ian, it was a Korg CX-3 plugged into a Leslie speaker.
Bridget - Cowgirl - visit Larry's website regularly and he tells you what he's listening to
Bridget - Cowgirl - visit Larry's website regularly and he tells you what he's listening to
jmcutler88 - Do you listen to any John Medeski?
sam from Paris - I was memserizes when i asked JT to play some tribute to Ray at The Olympia of Paris in 2004 and you two have played "you Don't Know me" on the spot
Bridget - ooops, sorry!
bill - not that my opinion matters , but I consider Dylan to be the finest poet of our generationm
CowgirL - thank you bridget
larry g - Ian, that's an Indian harmonium, made by DMS. My keyboard tech fashioned a bass drum pedal to the bellows so that I can pump it with my foot, which leaves my other hand free. That was James and Mark Konrad's idea.
bill - *generation
Oh Susannah - I love James' doing country western! (George Jones)
Ian - cool
bill - harmonium was GREAT
larry g - JM, I'm friends with Medeski. He and I have both played with Scofield. I admire what he does.
Jill - Does James play on your Long Story Short album, by chance?
lilolme - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:32pm PT
bill - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:32pm PT
kjn - hey lil
larry g - Sam, as a seasoned jazz player, I know a lot of standards. So it was fun when James spontaneously called that tune.
Ian - larry, did you and JT tour with a full grand piano or did the venue supply one like the Flynn Theater in Vermont
lilolme - hi
bill - really Sam and Larry...You don't know me on the spot!!!!
larry g - Jill, James is not on any of my albums, but maybe one day.
Tory - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:33pm PT
larry g - Ian, we've been travelling with James' Yamaha for a while now, which is a great pleasure for me to play.
Tory - wow, what a beautiful room!!!
Tory - hello everybody
kjn - we just need Larry here to bring everyone in!!!
Tee - Yes, Bill, at the Olympia in Paris - Sam requested the song and JT said why was a real treat!
kjn - hi Tory
bill - what kind of axe did JT play on "1 Man??
larry g - Susannah, James is a huge George Jones fan. One night on the bus, we stayed up listening to George.
Tory - hi larry g
tom - As intro to your jazz CDs, what would you recommend?
bill - tee..that's a trip
Oh Susannah - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:35pm PT
larry g - James plays an Olsen guitar, Bill, who is a contemporary luthier and a really nice guy.
Ian - did you find it diffrent keeping up with the Gaddmatic (drum machine)
larry g - Tom, if you can find it, check out BIG STUFF. Also, AS ONE, QUARTET.
bill - larry did you read about the guy who wrote "Walkin In Memphis (great song) how he was shot by a bus -jacker?
sam from Paris - I adored your work with maceo parker live "Life on the planet groove"
kjn - love the drum machine....!
larry g - And on piano, AWARENESS and LONG STORY SHORT.
sweet tater - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:36pm PT
larry g - Also, check out John Scofield's albums, HAND JIVE and GROOVE ELATION on Blue Note. Also Jim Halls' SUBSEQUENTLY, which has one of my tunes on it as well.
sweet tater - I heard the old Let The Good Times Roll the other day - -
Tee - Yes, I've listened to some of AWARENESS and now will get it!
sweet tater - has James ever played that?
bill - mark Chon??? a piano player *shot in the head (very unfortunately)
Carolyne - Larry, will you d
soleil - You have just finished a
Bridget - Any idea where in Europe you might be touring with Trio, Larry? UK???
larry g - Sam, thanks for mentioning Maceo. That was a great experience and I'm proud to be the organ. bass player on that album with the authentic funk masters.
Carolyne - Sorry...Larry, will you and Chad Fischer do more?
sam from Paris - when I said to my friend the keyboardist Pierre de bethmann ( who touredwith JT with his band Trio in 98) that you were his keyboard player he said: there's no better organist on earth!!
larry g - Bridget, I don't know yet where we'll be in Europe. Check my website for updates.
bill - you guys will all be happy to know I'm gonna shut up for a while and just listen (about time)
jmcutler88 - Larry, who is your favorite drummer(s) to jam with???
Bridget - Thanks Larry - love those new pics you've got on there btw
larry g - Carolyne, Chad is really busy scoring a tv show right now. We will do more GOLDFISCH ( For those of you who don't know this, it's a very cool electronic type of project that I do with my friend, Chad.
soleil - For the Today show segment....I couldn't believe that the drum machine made that trip!
sam from Paris - bill it was Marc Cohn
bill - right sam...Great player!
Jill - Speaking of the Today show segment, it seemed mighty cold out there that day...was it as frigid as it seemed?
Carolyne - Thanks, Larry I really love those pieces
Tee - What? Marc Cohn - shot in the head...Sam?
kjn - looked quite chilly....
larry g - JM, drummers. I've had the pleasure to play with some of the greatest drummers. Between Steve Gadd, Bill Stewart, Bernard Purdie, Idris Muhammad, Elvin Jones, Brian Blade. I can't say who is the best, but the Elvin experience (on Mike Brecker's TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE) was unreal.
Ian - when you did the OMB tour how did you and james keep in sync with the members of the Tanglewood chours one Traveling Star and Shower?
sweet tater - Come on baby let the good times roll.....can't you just hear
choochoo - The drum machine made it downstairs to the Starbucks @ Rockefeller Center after the Today show segment
sweet tater - ....jt sing that one
sam from Paris - yes, Tee. two years ago - i think you can find articles on google - but he is fine now his new album he's really a treat
larry g - Ian, we listen to a click track on those songs with prerecorded choir.
choochoo - JT did a DVD signing that afternoon & he was delightful, as always
bill - he was shot in the head in a band bus jacking..has new album out now..has recovered
Ian - i love how JT once refered to the Drum Machine as the "Gaddmatic" or Steve
Ian - *for Steve
bill Sam.."livin Out The Days" you know of him? (walkin In Memphis)
CowgirL - Larry....have you ever performed with Livingston Taylor?....i'm going to see him this saturday night
larry g - Cowgirl, I've never played with Liv, but would love to.
sam from Paris - larry have you ever recorded with french singers or musicians,
kjn - is Liv better?
larry g - Sam, I have some very French like songs that I would love to have lyricized and sung by a great French singer.
Ann - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:45pm PT
kjn - as in....has he recovered from his illness?
jmcutler88 - Larry, ever do sessions with JT's vaunted rhythm players of the 70's, Russ Kunkel and/or Lee Sklar?
larry g - I do love Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco.
CowgirL - i adore Liv nice & have met him twice & had lovely chats with him....have front row center this saturday...can't wait :)
Tee - Maybe for that European Film you want to make - Larry
Carolyne - kjn..yes, i think he performed last weekend
Ann - Cowgirl...have fun THIS Fri...!
lla - Larry, have you had a chance to hear Ben Taylor's stuff?
sweet tater - larry
bill - Do you have a favorite JT (like "Frozen" or 2) 1 to play
larry g - JM, I didn't do a session with Lee, but I overdubbed on an album he was on (Jesse Baylin), and it was great even tho' he wasn't there.
Ann - Oops again..Sat.!
kjn - I will take it then he is feeling better...thanks Carolyne....give him a shout out from California!
soleil - logged on. - 12/3 at 8:47pm PT
Carolyne - A European film? Tell us more Larry
sam from Paris - is it possible to get in touch with you in a near future? ( i got some ideas for you)
larry g - Russ Kunkel, I've played one gig with, with James.
CowgirL - thanks ann...i will
soleil - hey CG! have fun seeing Liv
sweet tater - good night
sweet tater - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:47pm PT
larry g - Sam, contact me through my myspace page.
bill - see you tater
sam from Paris - cool...
CowgirL - thanks soleil...seats still available....come on down to virginia!
bill - larry favorite JT?
larry g - Carolyne, I'm still waiting to score a feature-length film. Some of my songs are in films, but I haven't scored a film yet.
Tee - OK got to go roomies Larry thank you and hugs to you (((((((((((((((((((Larry))))))))))))))))))))
Ian - did you play on the JT full band tour last month and was the drummer Steve Gadd or i hear i was Keith Carlock
Ian - both are great though
Bridget - Night (((((((((((Tee)))))))))))))
larry g - Ian, yes I did. It was Keith Carlock who did a fantastic job.
Carolyne - (((((Tee))))) good night sweetie!
Tee - Thank you too ((((((((((((((((((JOEL))))))))))))))) you're the man. Hugs to Sandra too....
sam from Paris - bye Tee and keep the faith
Ian - sweet!!!
kjn - bye Tee
Ian - his is a great drummer
soleil - Larry....I am hoping to get to another OMB show....this time with my CD/DVD in hand ...... would love for you to sign my copy! Will be looking for you......thanks so much for spending time with us tonight!
bill - larry I know this was overwhelming for you , but it was unforgettable for us..and thanks Joel...PEACE
larry g - Well, I think I have to sign off now. Got to put the kids to bed. Thanks for this opportunity, Joel and everyone. Hope to see you at future JT or LG shows. Ciao.
Joel - Thanks again for coming, Larry. Come back anytime.
sam from Paris - larry, can you tell to Jt that his french friends are waitning for him since 2004
bill - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:51pm PT
lla - Thanka Larry and Jo
lla - el
Jill - Thanks a bunch Larry, from Toronto.
CowgirL - thanks for saying that soleil....I'd also like you to sign a cd larry.....any chance of catching up with you?
bill - logged off.
lla - joel
kjn - thank you Larry...been a pleasure!
Carolyne - Thank you so much Larry and Joel!!
Joel - And thanks to everyone for joining in.
Bridget - Thank you Larry - has been a wonderful opportunity to chat with you.
jmcutler88 - Thanks so much Larry, and thanks for coming to Pittsfield. I appreciate the time and keep making beautiful music!!!
Ian - Thanks Larry
Ian - Peace and love
choochoo - Thanks, :Larry & Joel. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!
lla - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:51pm PT
kjn - (((((((Joel)))))thank you so much
Bridget - Worth the loss of sleep! Thanks very much too, Joel and all other chatters
larry g - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:52pm PT
jmcutler88 - Salame!!!
Ian - thanks for coming to the Flynn in Vermont and doing a great job
jmcutler88 - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:52pm PT
kjn - ((((Larry)))))
CowgirL - Many thanks was a real pleasure :)
sam from Paris - thanks joel
CowgirL - and thank you Joel!
Jill - Thank you Joel. What a treat.
soleil - thanks!!! Great conversation!
Tee - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:52pm PT
sam from Paris - bonsoir everybody
Carolyne - Goodnight all (((((Bridget)))) sleep well
Carolyne - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:53pm PT
soleil - logged off. - 12/3 at 8:53pm PT
Jill - Good night.
Joel - Goodnight, everyone. Look for a log of the chat by tomorrow sometime.

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