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Arnold McCuller Chat at James Taylor Online
23 March 2009

Joel - Our chat with Arnold McCuller will begin in just a couple minutes. Thanks for being here, everyone.
arnold - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:06pm PT
arnold - Hey brother Joel!
Joel - And here's our guest of honor.
Joel - Welcome back, Arnold!
Joel - It's great to have you here again after a long absence.
Joel - I checked and our last chat here was way back in 2001.
arnold - I just finished watching world poker tour, so I'm good
arnold - too long man!
Joel - We have a lot to catch up on.
arnold - I just want to make sure anyone asking me questions has Sabor!
Joel - Let's start with your recordings since then. Most recently there's your 2008 release, Sabor.
arnold - If not I may have to give half truths
Joel - Exactly. Tell us about that one. How is it different from what you've done in the past?
arnold - Sabor was written by me and a few co writers all my words and meloduies
Joel - For our lurkers, be sure to click on the links to Arnold's site at the top of the screen. There are links to all his solo albums there with lots of sound clips.
Joel - Previous albums have been mixes of covers and original songs, right?
arnold - Right, Back to front for example was songs I sang BG's on
Joel - What led you to do a latin-flavored album?
arnold - Circa was mostly originals but from 1990 Virgin dropped project
arnold - I was inspired by Dori Cayammi my god father in LA
arnold - he as the best and truest sound in brazilian music
arnold - He is featured on Beija Flor Guitar and vocals
Joel - Does the style of the album lead to airplay on stations where you weren't played before?
arnold - It is also the music I listen to. I could not get airplay on NPR, and I sort of expected it, but it doesn't matter. People seem to like it
arnold - Have you listend and what do you thiunk?
Joel - I have. It's a fun departure from your style over the previous albums.
Joel - What's next for you? Is there another album in the pipeline?
arnold - I want to get down a bit more now, with more old style R&B and Blues
Joel - I know the immediately future is pretty full of JT tours.
Joel - immediate, that is.
arnold - Full for a few months but as soon as I get off the road I'm going in. I have a handful of very good ideas
Joel - Will it be a stardard album, or is that format obsolete now?
arnold - I may do a standard or 2 but I want to continue writing
Joel - standard album, I should say
arnold - Good I'm not the only one!
Joel - I have to ask about these upcoming JT tours. Sailing to Europe with the band on a cruise ship?
Joel - That sounds like a wild experience.
Joel - Will you actually rehearse with the full band on board the Queen Mary 2?
arnold - Yes I know as much as you, but I've learned we will be performing on the ship as well as rehearsing
Joel - How are your sea legs? Have you ever sung on a rolling ship before?
arnold - I just got off the Noregian Dawn wit Lyle, Shawn, Brandi, and a bunch of others for 4 days to Vigin Islands, and DR
Joel - Then this will be easy for you. I was imagining frequent breaks in rehearsals for dramamine.
arnold - John Haitt, Joe Ely, Patti Griffin. The list was endless. Cayamo Festival cruise
Joel - Who else have you been performing with in the past few years?
arnold - The ship is not that bad, when it is moving in calm seas
arnold - The drag is being docked and then pulling up during a performance
arnold - The anchor noise is unbelievable
Joel - Will you rehearse on dry land before setting sail, or are all the European tour rehearsals scheduled on-board?
arnold - Sometimes when we're moving too fast it feels weird. We rehearse while at sea,
Joel - We
Joel - We're expecting more European dates to be announced. Have you been told that more are in the pipeline?
arnold - The tour is on land of course. But to pay for the trip we have to do a couple of shows.
arnold - I am not sure where we're going even now. i will have a better handle after we go out for the down home tour
Joel - I know those of in the States are getting ready for a short but sweet U.S. tour. Are rehearsals for that coming up soon?
arnold - We rehearse in Austin for a few days prior to the show there at Bass Hall
Joel - For everyone else, keep an eye on the Tour page for details:
Joel - I know it will be a great tour.
arnold - If you live in Austin try and sneak into rehearsal!
Joel - I think I've monopolized you long enough, Arnold.
Joel - Should be let in the lurkers now?
Joel - I know they have plenty of questions of their own.
Joel - In the meantime, thanks so much for being here with us, Arnold.
arnold - OK My question to you guys is where on any of these dates would you like me to bring my solo work
Joel - And everyone be sure to visit Arnold's site and read about Sabor, especially
Joel - We'll let them answer right now.
arnold - Or buy it on itunes or CD baby
Joel - Okay. I'm opening the room now. Thanks again, Arnold. And everyone try to hold your questions a bit so Arnold can attempt to keep up.
arnold - be patient
Houdini - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:31pm PT
CowgirL - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:31pm PT
Joel - Here they come.
Houdini - hi Arnold, love your work!
CowgirL - Hi arnold!....& welcome
Georgia - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:31pm PT
arnold - Hey girl
CowgirL - Joel....thanks so much for bringing arnold to us ! :)
Bridget - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
arnold - I recognize some of these names
Bridget - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
LYR - logged on - [Member] - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
Arkie - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
Georgia - Hi Arnold! Loved seeing you at the Inauguration concert - was it just amazing?
arnold - Bridget come back I love you!
LYR - Hi (((((((((((((((Arnold)))))))))))))))))))))))
Bridget - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
Bridget - Hi Arnold!
Doc aka Steve - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
STEAM - logged on - [Member] - 3/23 at 6:32pm PT
CowgirL - there a song that drew you to that rocked your soul to its core...that made yu realize you would have to be a part of the music industry?
Arkie - Thanks for all you do Arno. Hoping you have great success w/your music. cant wait to hear the R&B & Blues ones!! Maybe will see you all at the Memphis show
LYR - bridget changed her dress
arnold - That's sweet ((((((((((((metoo)))))))))))))))
Houdini - (((((((((((((steam)))))))))))))
Bridget - Great to see youin JTO and really looking forward to seeing you on the UK portion of the upcoming JT tour
arnold - Memphis is the real deal!
STEAM - Hey Ho Taylorites and greetings Mr McCuller , thanks for dropping in!
Doc aka Steve - Arnold - I've been listening to you sing with James now for about 25 years. You are the absolute BEST! I LOVE your voice!
arnold - I know you've been coming to us for a long time. You deserve a trip to the UK
Arkie - will the concert be very long in Memphis? a reg. concert ?
Joel - For any lurkers who're confused, press Reload in your browser and you'll be able to log in normally.
arnold - Thans STeam we spoke earlier
LYR - arkie wants you and JT in Little Rock- ASAP!!!
arnold - We're playing there? I don't evenknow the cities
Bridget - Thank you, Arnold...can't wait! Please bring your solo work with you to the uK
Houdini - Arnold when are you going to do some solo shows?
Doc aka Steve - I've seen you perform with hm about 23 times now and I'd love to see you solo. Are you planning a tour?
LYR - just hit F5
STEAM - Congrats on the Lincoln Memorial performance with JT
arnold - All concerts will be the same length
AustinWxGirl - Thanks Joel for arranging all this. Very good chat. Arnold, I'm curious about the Austin rehearsals! I'll be at the Bass Hall show. Would love to get into a rehearsal!
arnold - Thanks I am looking at my Obama collage awe speak!
Arkie - thats what the tour list says, arno, but it is during a Beale Street Music Festival... a 3 day event, so I'm wondering if it will be a short jig or a long jog?
LYR - no Arnold you aren't playing Little Rock. That's the problem!
Arkie - you got that right LYR!!!!! o please come to Little Rock
arnold - Just act like you know where you're going and come on in!
STEAM - you re the best Joel, thanks for the commitment to JTO
arnold - I'll come to Lil Rock but where should I play?
Arkie - ALTELL arena! my living room? who cares... JUST COME please
CowgirL - come to Virginia arnold....& you can play at my house :)
arnold - Trust me I have nother to do with were James plays. I'm just a hired hand!
LYR - I have been listening to Sabor and I gotta ask: HAve you considered hooking up with Carlos Santana?
Arkie - lol arnold. seriously, we arent deranged.... quite.
LYR - Play at Arkies House!!!
arnold - House concerts are the new black!
Houdini - great advice Arnold, thats how I do it, just act like I am supposed to be there, lol
Doc aka Steve - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:37pm PT
Doc - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:37pm PT
arnold - Sure you're Houdini!
Bridget - LOL @ Arnold and Houdini!
Georgia - Austin - make sure you visit the local haunts - it's a great town.
STEAM - Mr McCuller has committed to appearing in Toronto!!!!! on his his own!!!!!
Arkie - again, thanks for all you do, and for sharing your talent, Arno. and Joel, thanks for putting up with us in here.... and for continuing to carry on with Jto
arnold - I don't know Carlos Santana
CowgirL - that you on the intro to "Sadie?"
Arkie - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:38pm PT
Doc - Any plans to gig solo in Philly?
arnold - Steam is absolutely right!!!!!!!
Spring - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:38pm PT
Bridget - Fantastic news for all in Toronto, Steam..well done arnold!
Spring - hi arnold, welcome!
STEAM - Nite nite Taylorites!!!!!!!
CowgirL - night steam
STEAM - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:39pm PT
Bridget - Night arkie and Steam
LYR - He should know you then. He is an amazing guitarist and he lets other artists do their thing
Houdini - one question Arnold ....... do you use a Mac or a PC?
arnold back - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:40pm PT
arnold back - Mac
arnold back - Always I love apple
Bridget - wb arnold
Houdini - you're a good man!!!
LYR - awww. the boot meister got Arnold.
arnold back - He should know me, maybe he does but we haven't met
Doc - Any plans to gig solo in Philly?
Spring - that makes two of us...only two though!
arnold back - Philly rocks where should I book?
LYR - He is more Mexican but your stuff is more brazilan- it would meet in the middle.
Doc - Electric Factory
Doc - ...or very big venue: Spectrum
arnold back - Cool I beg them to let me play
Houdini - The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC would love to have you back
arnold back - too large
Doc - Who is your booking agent?
LYR - what artists do you like ? I love the color of the Sabor cover
Bridget - Will we ever get to see you tour solo in the UK?
arnold back - A.C.T.S. Agency for now
CowgirL - Come to the Suffolk, Virginia Cultural Arts Center....Livingston Taylor played there
Doc - cool
arnold back - they are based in Tampa
arnold back - Suffolk? Really?
Doc - tnx. I'll make calls - see what we can hook up
CowgirL - Yes, Suffolk ... the peanut capitol of the world!
LYR - colors I should say
arnold back - I love Lizz Wright, Adele, Brandi Carlilie and Anthony Hamilton to name a few
arnold back - Thanks the cover is a mural in SF Mission district
arnold back - Is the neighborhood Theatre still there?
choolic@aolcom - logged on. - 3/23 at 6:46pm PT
LYR - I guess I should have said Painters
arnold back - right, Back to front for example was songs I sang BG's on
CowgirL - Arnold...after much discussion, we want to that you on the intro to "Sadie?"
Houdini - yes Arnold, still there, still see a lot of good shows there
LYR - Wow! Is that a mural or just grafitti?
arnold back - great
Georgia - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:47pm PT
Doc - Have you ever had occasion to sing with Stuart Ingram?
arnold back - mural, there were tons of them in the area, and I had never visited the district before. It took a full day
LYR - OOOH I wanna go there!
arnold back - It's worth seeing if you are in San Francisco
LYR - someday! :o)
arnold back - Sturat Ingram, No. Phillip yes!
Doc - cool
arnold back - Phil is James' brother
Doc - Right! I bet it was killer!
LYR - OH!! Who does your and JT caps??
arnold back - Store bought. Brixton for me!
LYR - We notice he's been wearing alot of knit caps and berets lately.
Bridget - Love all those photos on your website Arnold
arnold back - Yeah we both check out hat shops from town to town
choolic@aolcom - and what happened to his eye @ the inauguration?
Houdini - Arnold who is in your CD player right now?
LYR - Ah! There's something to go on then. MAny people on here want the caps as well. JT and you could open a store
arnold back - I shot all the photos from my home and yard
Doc - Arnold - I know you probalvly hear this a lot, but I have to say: Your voice is a gift. I, fo r one, thank you immensely ::::bowing:::
arnold back - James fell in the middle of the night and bruised his eye before leaving for DC freak accident
Bridget - Hear, hear Doc........echo those sentiments 100%
LYR - what's your favorite camera? My husband- a fotog- uses Canon - a 30D and a 1D
CowgirL - If you didn't sing, what profession would you see yourself in Arnold?
arnold back - I'd love to sell or design, and so would he. He has an amazing since of style and design. especially for the home
LYR - You too would do well at that.
arnold back - I like Canon as well!
LYR - good!!
arnold back - I've been told I could do interiors
Doc - no doubt!
arnold back - by the way David said hello to you all earlier
Bridget - My house could do with a any free time during your UK visit?!
arnold back - He Kate and I work together on a session next week.
LYR - come do my house Arnold. It's a disaster!!
CowgirL - Arnold, do you have a favorite JT song?
choolic@aolcom - Arnold, will there be a Q&A @ Tanglewood this summer @ the conversations w the band?
Doc - lol
arnold back - Sure I'll give it a look see!
LYR - I tried to paint it like the desert and it looks like a circus!!
Houdini - hi David, miss ya tonight
arnold back - Yes there will be a drum cliicand a vocal clinic
Bridget - Please say hello back to David and to Kate too
arnold back - And of course a period to address anything and any band member at Ozowa hall
choolic@aolcom - can't wait
arnold back - that clinic
arnold back - the circus is nice if you're 12!
Doc - Take care, Arnold! I'll give yoiur agent a call and see what we can hook up. Thanks for all you do!
Doc - gotta run
LYR - 45 years ago. Not good!
CowgirL - night doc
arnold back - We love the James Taylor fan base and feel a real kindship to you guys! It is something very special to all of us!
arnold back - We love the James Taylor fan base and feel a real kindship to you guys! It is something very special to all of us!
Bridget - night Doc
Doc - nite all!
Joel - Now would probably be a good time to wrap things up.
LYR - we love you too Arnold.
CowgirL - I asked JT once if he ever peeked in here....he looked at me like i was nuts!
Joel - Thanks so much for being here with us, Arnold.
LYR - awwww
Doc - logged off. - 3/23 at 6:59pm PT
arnold back - hat must have been a double space!
Joel - We love having you here.
Houdini - thank you Arnold
arnold back - I loved it as well it's been long overdue!
Bridget - Yes, we love you all too Arnold. Has been great to see you in here tonight......almost 2am my time!
CowgirL - Thanks for spending some time with us Arnold :)
LYR - don't wait so long- lets do it agin next week?
arnold back - my pleasure
CowgirL - well, you know you can drop in anytime...!
Joel - Look for many of us at shows in the near future, Arnold.
LYR - and bring JT?
arnold back - ok lyr
Bridget - Please come back soon to see us here. Thank you Joel for arranging it.
choolic@aolcom - Thanks for being you, Arnold. Shower the People wouln't be the same w/o you
arnold back - Bring who?
Joel - Thanks for coming, everyone. And be sure to be here again next week at the same time for our first chat with drummer Keith Carlock.
Houdini - Thanks Joel, for all you do!
CowgirL - Merci Joel....!
LYR - oh just bring you. Thanks for puttoing up with us
arnold back - I've tried dropping in and floks didn't believe it was me
LYR - er- putting
Bridget - Loving Sabor Arnold - great success in our house
LYR - We need a code
CowgirL - really?
Joel - That's the trouble with fame, Arnold. Nobody expects it to really be you.
Bridget - lol @ should have a special password to let us know!
arnold back - Yeah it was funny. They were sure i was an imposter
LYR - and we've been burnt a few times
arnold back - what should that be?
Houdini - chatters think it is too good to be true
Joel - We can make you an account with a password, Arnold.
CowgirL - well arnold, even if i thought you were an imposter, i'd chat with you :)
Joel - I'll email you a password.
LYR - Semper Fi!
choolic@aolcom - what'sour social security #?
arnold back - Password. let's make one up now
Houdini - your first pets name?
arnold back - OK I'll wait for Joel
Bridget - Great idea Joel....then there'd be no question it was really Arnold
choolic@aolcom - jtpal
arnold back - Night Night children sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!@
CowgirL - thanks again arnold...& come to Virginia!
LYR - love you Arnold!
Bridget - Night night Arnold and thanks so much once again. See you in the summer!
LYR - bed bugs- there's a password!
arnold back - LOL all ya'll!!!!!!!! HAHA! bedbugs
arnold back - I'm out peace!
arnold back - logged off. - 3/23 at 7:04pm PT