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James Taylor Database
<p><strong>What is this?</strong> The James Taylor Database is a user-created and modified reference work hosted by James Taylor Online. The goal is to create the most complete and accurate collection of JT-related information anywhere on the net. The software we use is a type of Wiki, which allows a group of people to collectively create and edit online documents.</p>
<p><strong>What kind of information does the database contain?</strong> Detailed discographies, exhaustive historical concert listings, set lists, biographical information, band member information, etc. Just about anything JT-related is fair game.</p>
<p><strong>Want to help?</strong> To get started be sure you’ve <a href="/register/">registered</a> for the site and <a href="/wp-login.php">logged in</a>. After that you’ll be able to create new content, expand existing content, and generally help the database grow. Even if you don’t have new content to add you can still help proof-read and fact-check. Nearly every page in the database is instantly editable by anyone, so don’t hesitate to join in.</p>

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