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    Martin gardner

    Tour announcement could be imminent.
    What’s your VISION? (Get the pun?) for the song selection this year.
    I think there might be some rarities that could be due. 80’s has a huge amount of songs that could be played again.
    Me – year in parentheses is year song was last played.
    Set 1
    1. Carolina in my Mind (always played)
    2. Country Road (always)
    Welcome banter. Maybe this will be one to have some jokes (i.e. being glad the audience could be there, something silly about a previous visit to the city)
    3. That’s Why I’m here (2012)
    4. Sunny Skies (2019)
    5. Never Die Young (2018)
    6. Line Em Up (2011)
    7. Lo & Behold (2015)
    8. Something from the new album.
    9. Mean Old Man (2009)
    10. Shower the People (another annual – new verse for Arnold and/or Dorian – maybe the musicares version. guitar percussion part that was on Live CD as lead into solo)
    Some kind of funny joke about how Arnold/Dorian sure can sing and that the next song will spotlight the women vocalists.
    11. Yellow & Rose female backup singers have Shawn Colvin’s part.
    Intermission joke.
    12. Either Everybody has the Blues, Shed A Little Light, Millworker, New Hymn or I Will Follow (2015)
    Set Two
    Groove that the band plays while he still talks to fans (a la Before this World era). Funky bass solo. Horns are spotlighted.
    1. Raised Up Family (2014) or It’s Growing or Stretch of the Highway
    2. Mescalito/Steamroller medley (steamroller would have the sit down stand up go home verse, the jam that he’s had for probably 15 years,
    3. Promised Land (2016)
    4. Fire & Rain
    5. On the 4th of July
    6. Up on the Roof (new ending)
    7. Angels of Fenway
    8. Track from new album
    9. Fire & Rain
    10. Mexico
    Percussion ending of Mexico into funky beginning of (depending on drummer could have count off a la Steve Jordan)
    11. Your Smiling Face
    12. How Sweet It Is (annual) – funky
    Summertime Blues
    Not Fade Away
    In the Midnight Hour
    Knock on Wood
    You’ve Got a Friend (stripped down – singers, percussion, keyboards)
    Sweet Baby James

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