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    JT’s Guitar Center session premiered on Directv on Friday. PBS began showing his Austin City Limits episode on Saturday. Both shows are currently up on youtube.

    ACL (including web-only extras):

    Guitar Center:

    ACL was recorded on 10/1/15. Set list:
    01) Me & My Guitar
    02) Today Today Today
    03) Wandering
    04) Country Road
    05) Angels Of Fenway
    06) You’ve Got A Friend
    07) Steamroller
    08) Carolina In My Mind
    09) Mexico
    10) You Can Close Your Eyes (with Shawn Colvin)
    11) Your Smiling Face
    12) How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
    13) Sweet Baby James (web-only)

    GC was recorded 9/24/15 at the store in Hollywood. There were interview segments in between the songs. Set list:
    01) Fire & Rain
    02) Today Today Today
    03) Carolina In My Mind
    04) Shower The People
    05) Something In The Way She Moves
    06) Country Road
    07) Angels Of Fenway

    The band members are listed in the closing credits of the programs.

    Lastly, the Sirius/XM Apollo Theater concert can be streamed here:


    Many thanks for this, Mike, I’ve been hoping those of us not in the US would be able to watch these shows. (I should say that I really hope we will, I haven’t checked yet!)


    Update: Can watch both. Hooray!!


    And here’s one I almost overlooked, an extra song from the Guitar Center Session, How Sweet It Is…


    Thanks Mike. You can also watch ACL on the website http://video.klru.tv/video/2365592496/.


    AustinCityLimitsTV channel on youtube has posted another web-only performance. Enjoy this latest version of Copperline:


    Stephen Colbert’s Late Show youtube channel has posted videos from JT’s appearance last night.


    mikelly, thank you so much for posting these vids! Tho I didn’t see the program when JT was on it, I’ve seen the vids scattered around on the web, its good and right for them to be in JTO. As I clicked Colbert & JT singing YCCYE I grumbled to myself assuming I wouldn’t like it but in all honesty I love this version of my favorite JT song! Stephen seemed to be genuinely thrilled to be singing w JT, and his vocals were quite nice. I love Montana-love seeing JT sing it, it feels like such an honest song for him to do. Fire & Rain was hilarious!

    I know JT stays so busy, and I’m tickled to see him on tv especially on ACL but I so hope he squeezes out a 2016 tour that would cruise thru here!


    The Colbert stuff was fantastic.

    Also I believe his appearance on Oprah’s Master Class is this coming Sunday.



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