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    Hi everyone,

    I think I posted here about James Taylor’s cover of the song “Games People Play” several years ago, and I was just reminded of it this evening, so thought I’d check back in.

    The original song is by Joe South, from 1969.

    James Taylor sang his rendition of the song during an episode of “House, M.D.”, and it was PERFECT. It was played and sung just right, and perfectly captured the mood and meaning of the scene.

    Just JT and his guitar. I found Joe South’s version on youtube, and it’s good, but JT nailed it.

    I would REALLY like to have the full song, but it is not available *anywhere* that I have been able to find.

    TV Show: House, M.D.
    Season 6 (2009)
    Episode #9
    Episode Title: Ignorance is Bliss

    If this version of “Games People Play” sung by JT has been published, does anyone know where I could buy a copy?

    If it has NOT been published anywhere, is there anyone in contact with James who could encourage him to do so?

    IMHO, it’s of similar quality to anything on JT’s original Greatest Hits album, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

    It really is THAT good!

    Any replies appreciated, and thank you!



    Hey Scott—I recently saw this episode again and also wondered if there is a full version of it. There is not a whole lot of lyrics in the track as it appears in the show: just the chorus and some “na-na-na”s that seem to be sung by a small ensemble (perhaps JT’s family?). Also, JT’s harmonica is prominent. Too bad if there’s no complete track. It would be nice to have.

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