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    Martin gardner

    I think he’s going to announce his eighteenth studio album. THIS week. third for his current record label.
    Bet it’s that standards album he’s talked about. Touring taking place in the new year.
    What’s a guess for a release date.
    *November 1
    *November 15
    *November 22
    *November 29
    *December sometime
    *January sometime
    *January 10 – same amount of time from announce to release for the last album.
    *February 7
    Before this World was announced April 7, 2015 for a June 16 release. 10 weeks out. Released Today Today Today that same day.
    Next I’m ready for live downloads of many shows + that film of the 2010 tour he mentioned when he was opening up in Vegas.


    They have been teasing this new standars album for a while now, so I expect some more specific announcement soonish. But I’m guessing for a release in early 2020.

    Hope the announcment will also include some audio clips or a single …


    Touring against this album in 2020 sounds great, but doesn’t jive with the sense that people have gotten from James (directly or indirectly) that he will be taking a time-out for the next year/two.


    Touring in 2020 – is this fact or fantasy? UK tour? Can we dare to hope? Fingers crossed in Bonnie Scotland …

    Martin gardner

    Any word as to why he did his 2019 tour in the WINTER instead of summer?


    Well, it was more convenient for him in one way or another, I’d say?
    And I’m all for a 2020 European tour as well! I’m often moving between Russia, Belgium and Czechia, so I should be able to attend many potential concert locations.


    Because his sons were home for the summer? (that’s my guess, only)


    Makes sense as well.

    Anyways, I just hope I’ll be able to catch a concert date if there’s a 2020 Europe tour, as I’ve got to go a couple times to Germany and check out a significant part of this property in Germany as to establish insurance quotes…


    Despite the rumors, there WILL BE a 2020 Tour,and dates are to be announced in the next few months. I asked on James’s facebook page,and that is what I got from those who know.
    Have your money ready!!

    Martin gardner

    Did anyone see the photo yesterday?
    In addition to standards I am ready for more live stuff – since all he’s been doing for the last 5.5 years is releasing snippets I think he should release shows soon after they happen (Springsteen, Knopfler, Dead) – release ones that video has emerged from + others. While he’s off the road there could be some stuff from the period around Before this World (May ’14-August ’17) + other recent ones (May ’18-March ’19)

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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