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    I was asking around for the setlist of this tour,and someone pointed me to this.



    James Taylor setlist 8 February, 2017, Melbourne

    Wandering (from Gorilla, 1975)
    Secret O’ Life (from JT, 1977)
    Everyday (from That’s Why I’m Here, 1985)
    Walking Man (from Walking Man, 1974)
    Today Today Today (from Before This World, 2015)
    Copperline (from New Moon Shine, 1991)
    Carolina On My Mind (from James Taylor, 1968)
    Country Road (from Sweet Baby James, 1970)
    (I’ve Got To) Stop Thin’ Bout That (from New Moon Shine, 1991)
    Shed A Little Light (from New Moon Shine, 1991)

    Yellow and Rose (from Hourglass, 1997)
    Up On The Roof (from Flag, 1979)
    You’ve Got A Friend (from Mud Slim Slime and the Blue Horizon, 1971)
    Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (from One Man Dog, 1972)
    Sweet Baby James (from Sweet Baby James, 1970)
    Streamroller (from Sweet Baby James, 1970)
    Mexico (from Gorilla, 1975)
    Fire and Rain (from Sweet Baby James, 1970)
    Your Smiling Face (from JT, 1977)

    Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd cover)
    How Sweet It Is (from Gorilla, 1975)
    You And I Again (from Before This World, 2015)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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