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    Sadly I haven’t been here in months because I hang out on FaceBook more and I see JTO friends there. CAme in here on 9/11 because this is where we gathered on that day 15 years ago to comfort and discuss the impact it had on our lives. Hope you are all well and have had the chance to see JT this summer. I did! I got to see Janie and Sunny skies there as well. Wish Barb could have made it but her little truck was tired. If your looking for me on Face Book I’m Edy Wine in DAyton Ohio. Take care all.


    LOL. Barb did PLENTY of traveling this summer!! Chattanooga, 13 hr drive, Peoria, IL, another 6 hrs,then finally Springfield,MO, only 2 hrs away. But it would have been fun. No, I think Ohio will go down as “my only flying over dead deer in Indy” road trips out there.

    I still remember telling James about that one,and he asked,”IS the truck ok?” And I just shrugged my shoulders and said,” I guess so! I kept going!!” haha.


    Present!!! ^o^


    I am also still here. Months fly by. Still missing the old days and past members. Life goes by fast. It is 20 years ago that I came here for the first time in the chat. I was not so much of a forum person.



    Hey bat! Been a long time since we chatted last…hope you are doing well. Take care

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Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)
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