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    It’s amazing how time flies. I remember the old chat room and lurking to see who was going to logon next. Very fond memories of this site as we met many wonderful people and thanks to Joel and the creation of this webpage, I met my wonderful Canadian wife initially here in the JTO Chatroom and then at a JTO organized get together at a JT concert in Mansfield Mass in 1998. We have never looked back. It’s been a long and wild ride and a blast at the same time. I wish that the chat room could come back or there was a better way to reconnect with some of the original JTOer’s. If there are any of the old timers still out there, comment on this post so that we know you’re out there. Hoping all are doing well and we miss y’all. JusTom & Roo


    Hey JusTom and Roo. I was there with (a very excited and somewhat nervous) Roo when you first met – SWEET and honored to have witnessed the beginnings and blooming of your love!! Then you both disappeared for awhile and it was a great delight to run into you again at the first JT and Bonnie Raitt concert (Fenway) several years ago and you both look not a day older than when I first met you. Keep up whatever good living/loving you doing.
    BTW all – I got horror shivers everytime I signed on and there was my mug shot – in your face kinda thing – even though it was a lovely picture with James Taylor! So I changed it to a more gentle non type of image. phew!


    Hi JUsTom and Roo, this is ratty, somehow a few years ago I became nanny, lol good to hear from you too, miss the old days 🙂


    Many many moons ago I found JTO and signed up – probably as Dibbler or Dibblersan. On many an evening or even on some late nights here in the UK, I would log on to the chatroom and speak to the many JTO members.
    The result of those chats were many laughs and a few sad memories of folks like Fish and others for whom depression took its toll. Sad to remember, but I DO remember them.
    Quite a few of those lovely people I now see on Facebook, and quite a few of them I met at Concerts – The Royal Albert Hall – Tanglewood – The Odeon, Hammersmith – Brighton.
    The Hammersmith one was superb – I was standing up waiting for the concert to start (the seats were rather tight even for a shorthouse like me). From the back of the theater I heard “DIBBLER” – in a lovely New England accent – I turned and there was Echo, my oh my, what a pleasure.
    The Tenglewood Concert was special of course, being on the 4th July – someone (and I am sorry to say I can’t recall who) got the tickets for me and Miss Susie – we spent quite a few days around Lenox, staying in a B and B run by some music lovers (classical music). The best was that at the end of the concert closing with Fire and Rain, it did pour with rain and thunder and lightening as well as the fireworks. We found a very large Toad or Frog.. enjoying the downpour – great fun!!!!
    So the JTO chatroom was great fun until the sad folks who liked to cause trouble started logging in – the chatroom lost quite a few people as a result.
    However, so many years on, those fine folks I met from JTO are still FINE FOLKS and Online Friends.

    A special thank you to Joel whose Birthday was last weekend as my online calendar reminded me!! Belated greeting Joel – (((((Manly Hugs to you)))))



    Hi All from D18,

    Just stopped in randomly and noticed this nostalgic topic. Yes, fond memories.



    Great to see your name and Roo’s again. I take a peek in here every few months. So many years ago 😬 good to see some of the old chat room names


    I left JTO when it started not being the friendly place I stumbled across in 2000. To be honest I didn’t think it existed anymore until I saw Barbs post on Facebook.

    I miss JTO very much. I was ‘Ali’ my dad was ‘Bflat’ and my brother was ‘coops’. I had to use a different user name to log back in as I forgot my password after all this time and my recovery email I don’t use anymore.

    I have met some wonderful folks through JTO, some of which I am still friends with. A lot of things have happened since those days chatting on my computer. I am now married with two kids and ‘close your eyes’ became their lullaby to fall asleep to. I would love to see who else is still out there from the old days.


    Great that some of us are still here, for me it started more then 20 years ago at the JTO site. Met a few of you in Maine in 1998. Back then I was in my 30ties now I am old …lol
    I also do wish there still was a old fashion chat box here.I miss that chat box and the people. I have no contact anymore with other JTOers. Once in a while I visit here. Sorry to say thais place is also more dead then alive compared to the old days.
    Here starting to get ready for winter and winter camping, living alone so I can go out camping any time my work lets me.



    Good memories indeed.


    I doubt anyone remembers me. I also used the name “Lyrical” but rarely anyone used the whole thing and so I shortened it to LYR. I’ve been here since like 1997 or so but don’t get in here much. So sad trolls spoil things in such a beautiful place. I see many familiar names in the forum so it’s nice and comforting. I’m fairly well…just old folk issues. Hope you all are well and happy.

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