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    Hello JTO folks – its been ages since I’ve posted here. I miss those old days – but that’s beside the point.
    I was part of the Tanglewood Fan Presale fiasco this year. Never ever ever happened that we couldn’t get presale tickets for the Tanglewood shows ever – well it happened to me this year – totally locked out for me. I ended up buying lawn tickets for the 4th of July and I’m ok with that. But I got to thinking – I’m coming from half way around the world for these shows and in case it rains I should look for Shed seats… right now the only ones available are resellers and their exhorbitant prices and not sure I can trust them. So before I’m tempted to buy from resellers I’m here asking, if any JTO fan/member who find they can’t use 2 or more Shed tickets for the 4th July Tanglewood, to please let me know here and we can see if its possible to work it out so I can purchase them from you legally. Be well all you fine people in JT Love…Tee

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