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    I always love it when James comes to Kansas City. Easy to get there, no hotel room to pay for, just simpler. But it happens often enough, I just hope. Starlight Theatre here is so much more romantic than the Sprint Center, but I take what I get.

    But what are some towns he never comes to, or places you love to hear him perform at that might not be on the tour,if there’s one in 2020?

    This is just a DREAM post….

    Martin gardner

    I can just about guarantee there will be one as I love going too – I’ve been seven times and would like to get more in before he’s through – maybe twelve total.
    I bet the standards album will come out in early 2020 – bet that’s DONE.
    Film of 2010 arena tour – Kootch has posted lots of pics of the tour over the last several months SO!!! – maybe Late this year or else next spring (with edited PBS airing during either December or March sweeps)
    Tickets on sale January 31.
    Back to Basics in 2020 – 2 sets + break.
    Start- Late May.
    LOTS of amphitheatres with some arenas just like many years.
    Start in the south (a la 2001, 2018)
    Tampa – Amalie Arena (1 night for sure, maybe 2 if there’s a demand – last played there May 2018)
    Atlanta – Lakewood Amphitheatre (2 nights by default – third in the event of demand)
    Charlotte – PNC Pavilion
    Raleigh – Walnut Creek
    Nashville – Bridgestone Arena
    Hollywoood Bowl
    San Francisco’s new Chase Center
    One week off.
    St. Louis – Riverport this year.
    Omaha – Arena show.
    Rapid City
    Sioux Falls – Last visit was summer 2016.
    Minneapolis/St. Paul – either X as usual or Target Center/Xcel back to back. (Where his Guitar was built)
    Summerfest – Friday June 26 (mainstage headliner 8:00PM)
    Detroit – Saturday June 27.
    Head East the next day
    leading up to Tanglewood (Monday-Thursday) is spent perfecting the show for Tanglewood (I’ve got a feeling maybe the orchestra will show up at Tanglewood)
    Tanglewood!!!!!!!! – Friday & Saturday July 3-4. Those dates will come before ANY others. On sale Sunday February 9.
    Break. Time for any studio projects there maybe.
    then – 2nd leg from week around July 15-August.
    Washington DC – Capital One Arena for a change.
    Hershey, PA – Outdoors at HersheyPark.
    Camden, NJ
    New York City area
    upstate NY (Syracuse followed by Buffalo, followed by Rochester?)
    Portland, ME
    wrap it up at
    Boston – One night at HarborLights then a night indoors at the sports arena.
    Any ideas for state fairs? I don’t think he’s done ANY state fairs since around ’06.
    Then maybe a la Bob Dylan/JT in 2002 – a fall tour of college cities, tour like the one where he recorded LIVE.
    Recording: Instead of just doing single songs on video/anything else he’s done lately – sell all shows online in audio recording (Gave nugs.net his name) we NEED more of him on full length live recording (especially with the funk How Sweet It Is has these days) – When he announces dates, release past visits to the exact venues.
    Band: Kevin Hays – Keys (whole tour), Larry Goldings/Jeff Babko (depending on schedules) – Electric Keyboards (Receive a spotlight during Steamroller a la how Arnold/Dorian receives a solo during Shower the People), Mike Landau – Guitar, Jimmy Johnson – Bass, Steve Gadd – Drums until show immediately preceding Tanglewood, Chad Wackerman takes over on drums from Tanglewood until penultimate week then Steve Gadd concludes tour, Horns: Walt & “Blue” Lou (OF COURSE!!!!!!!!), Luis Conte – Percussion (whole tour). Singers: Arnold McCuller (Of course, all depends on Phil Collins)/Dorian Holley (There may be SOME shows, more than Tanglewood where they are together – how would they do the Shower the People solo? – I’d think use the Musicares lyrics with a guitar solo at the end), Kate Markowitz (Of COURSE!!!!!), Andrea Zonn (Vocals/Fiddle of course) – 2020 will mark SEVENTEEN years of her with JT, Of course Kim Taylor making the occasional appearance.
    Set 1
    1. Carolina in My Mind
    2. Country Road
    3. It’s Growin’
    4. Never Die Young
    5. Line ‘Em Up
    6. Today Today Today
    7. Sadie (Arnold & Dorian sing the It’s a Mean world part together)
    8. Only One
    9. Ananas
    10. Shower the People
    says they’ll play next song & then take a break, makes Intermission joke before playing
    11. Little More Time with You (Bet that’s not been played in YEARS!!!!!!)
    Set 2
    1. Hound Dog
    2. Stretch of the Highway
    3. Copperline
    4. Something in the Way She Moves
    5. Mean Old Man interwoven with track from Standards album (different standard nightly).
    6. Handy Man
    7. Raised Up Family
    8. Fire & Rain/Mona (Solo Acoustic – somewhat a la Wandering/Secret O’Life)
    9. Up on the Roof
    10. Your Smiling Face
    11. How Sweet It Is/Not Fade Away medley – end of How Sweet It Is then immediately Luis starts Percussion for Not Fade Away.
    1. Knock on Wood
    2. Steamroller (Original sound – 50 years of that song)
    3. You’ve Got a Friend (Just Him, Singers + minimal band use – similar to the way they did You Can Close Your Eyes in ’98 – Very stripped down/low key).
    Band stuff is cleared after this song – crew starts showing up on stage to take larger equipment/instruments away.
    Encore (Solo Acoustic)
    1. Montana
    2. Sweet Baby James (Remember when he did that ending? At least if people follow setlists when their show comes/having it at this time should HOPEFULLY tell people to STOP CALLING OUT FOR IT)
    Other songs that may show: Angels of Fenway, First of May, That Lonesome Road, Wandering, Secret O’Life, Yellow & Rose (Kate & Andrea have Shawn Colvin’s part similar to how they have his son Henry’s verse in Angels of Fenway), Wild Mountain Thyme, I Was A Fool to Care, I Will Follow, Stop Thinkin’ About That, Lo & Behold (50th anniversary of Sweet Baby James album), Riding on a Railroad.

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