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    Doug Graves

    Anyhow, my first reason for coming here is to share with all of you a wonderful but as yet unreleased album by a friend of mine named Roy Burkett called “Hidden Tracks” (2004).

    A few years ago I was living in Boulder, Colorado & during one of my visits up to the mountain town of Nederland, I checked out The Alpaca Store & More. It’s a lovely, cozy place & I met Roy there. He’s the owner & proprietor. We started to talk about cinema & art & he told me about his music & his album. He gave me a free copy of the CD & when I listened to it at home I enjoyed it immensely. It’s extremely pleasurable & gorgeous music with world class musicianship with Great musicians such as Scott Boyer, Bonnie Bramlett, Larry Byrom, Kelvin Holly, & More.

    It’s a sparkling, beautiful sounding recording made at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

    For some reason I still don’t understand Roy never distributed it & he stopped playing live years ago. He’s in his early 60s & keeps to himself in Nederland but I’d love to share his lovely, wonderful music with other fans of Adult Contemporary, Folk Rock, Country and Western, & Gospel Music like us in this fan group community.

    I think you’ll love it. I just released it on YouTube & Roy would love to hear what you think!

    Please write me anytime here or at dgtolstoy@yahoo.

    You can write Roy at royburkett54@hotmail.com or call him at his Alpaca Shop at +303-258-1400

    Talk to all of you soon,
    Doug Graves



    Hey Doug.
    What a good album this is. I rarely listen to a CD someone made all the way through. Doc Schneider and Glenn Brace are among the few that had me listening to the whole thing. Tell Roy that his CD is appreciated.

    Brian (aka Bat)


    Doug Graves

    Hi Brian,

    Wow. Wonderful to hear you listened to all of it & enjoyed it so much. Please, again, feel to write Roy at his email royburkett54@hotmail.com or even call him at his shop, 303 258 1400.

    In the meantime, I’ll forward your remarks to him today. And I was confused, who are those 2 names you mentioned?

    Thanks again,

    PS What do you think of Roy’s cover of “Yellow and Rose”?


    Doug Graves

    Also, Brian, I can’t find my 1st post to this forum group on here. Was it deleted?

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