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    There is a great transcription of

    Up Er Mei

    in the static archive of the forum. I believe it was posted by rkiel512.

    In the comments section, rkiel512 posted roughly 6 images of short and long charts.

    Does anyone have copies of these?

    I really appreciate it.

    Maybe we can upload any older images posted like this to the Gallery section?

    Thank you,

    This is a link to that static page: Up Er Mei Chords – Archived


    Thanks for remembering me Michael. I don’t give out any information even remotely related to the Man. I say anything and the old fart has another reason to be mad at me. The Italian Fan Club in Milan has access to all that old stuff. Talk to Marco; he’s the Man. I hope you see this before it’s deleted.


    Hello, rkiel512!
    Pleasure! Thank you so much for the guidance. I am just a huge fan that also likes to jam. I really appreciate all the Man’s work and your’s. Thank you.

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