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    Kirk Lorange

    Hi, everyone, I’ve been a JT fan since I first heard him back in 1970 or so, in fact it was his playing that made me go out and buy my first steel string. I had always been a finger style player but only on nylon strings. Hearing his beautiful orchestral style on steel strings was all I needed.

    One om all time favorite pieces of music is his duet with Karla Bonoff on ‘The Water Is Wide’. There is a to-die-for harmony line toward the end that I never get tired of hearing.

    I’ve been a slide player for decades now and below is a link to my self-duet of The Water is Wide on my two Strats, one that I’ve owned since 1973 (The brown one). Hope you like the video!


    All I can say about your playing is wow!

    I know the harmony you are talking about. It’s the line in the song where they sing, “give me a b-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-t, that can carry two.” I have listened to that harmony many times. I think I got goose bumps the first 25 times I heard it.

    I actually met Bonoff around 2000 when she played at the Mucky Duck, an Irish pub in Houston Texas known as a great acoustic guitar venue. She and I talked a bit after the show. We talked about was this song and her recording it with JT.

    I have attached a picture of Karla and myself at the Mucky Duck.

    Again, I greatly enjoyed your performance.


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